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  1. I had dreamed to be a professional artist when I was teen. But this never be come true XD

    After I gave up this, I still cannot find my dream job.


    I learn library and information science in an university. But now, I don't really want to be a librarian. And sadly, it's too late to change my major.

    (I think it was wrong decision to myself.)

  2. I decided to quit the game. And no more vent about it.

    This species is beautiful and I like the concept. However, I realized I'm clearly failed in this game.

  3. Not for now... I feel like I'm going to leave one of ARPGs I'm currently in. Because I failed to get along with this group.

    I like this species and concept. But I'd like to leave just for personal reason.

    I may leave other ARPGs if I failed to get along with that groups too or for other reasons.


    First, I have something to do with that ARPG.

  4. Specific thinks = Sin



    TBH... I added some people on my ignored member list. If you wonder, do someting.

    If I response to you, that means you're not added.


    I may your eyesore. But it doesn't mean I'll leave sorry


  5. I do not enjoy debating. And english isn't my native language sorry. - to the person on Instagram.


    I didn't respond to the person.


    Some user in Instagram keeps reply on my comment on the photos in specific account. Yes, your opinion may different then me I understand. But your attitude is suck. One day, you did argue with another user via reply on my comment and it made my inbox rushing. Which was annoying to me. Although I didn't join the **** debating. And today, you added that **** reply on my comment again. So I blocked you because I don't want be annoyed by you anymore. You may call me coward, **** , **** , or something else. But I don't care it.


    If that person come to me with their other anaccount... Ha... ****


    **** off. You're my eyesore.