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  1. And I'll be back to here when next christmas season.
  2. I'd like to be a dragon rather then keep being a human.
  3. Beware of x7 nightmare monsters. πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘ΎπŸ‘ΎπŸ‘ΎπŸ‘ΎπŸ‘ΎπŸ‘Ύ
  4. I had dreamed to be a professional artist when I was teen. But this never be come true After I gave up this, I still cannot find my dream job. I learn library and information science in an university. But now, I don't really want to be a librarian. And sadly, it's too late to change my major. (I think it was wrong decision to myself.)
  5. Welp, ARPG kidnapped me from DC. And I have to do 3 unpleasant real life things.
  6. I forgot to save my drawing before my laptop battery is ran out and turned off ****. Luckly I didn't touch so much from the last save. Just want to rest until I get motivation.
  7. I probably graduate next year. My univ life is . *sigh* Just I hope myself do not choose worst way after this finished.
  8. I decided to quit the game. And no more vent about it. This species is beautiful and I like the concept. However, I realized I'm clearly failed in this game.
  9. Not for now... I feel like I'm going to leave one of ARPGs I'm currently in. Because I failed to get along with this group. I like this species and concept. But I'd like to leave just for personal reason. I may leave other ARPGs if I failed to get along with that groups too or for other reasons. First, I have something to do with that ARPG.
  10. 74.Join viewbomber squad. Or hack DC site and put any inappropriate contents. From just over PG-13 stuffs to illegal activities.
  11. 72.Murder people as many you can. Not only you kicked form DC. Also, you will be go to jail 72.Hack DC site and remove all dragon, egg, creature sprites. Then put your OC's images You can put any other character images if you don't have any OC.
  12. False. Personally, Someone being vegetarian is no metter to me. It's their belief and I respect it. But pushing onto me or others become vegetarian is inappropriate. TPBM doesn't really like sweet food in general.
  13. I'm going to add my recent drawings on my avatar rotator.
  14. I do not enjoy debating. And english isn't my native language sorry. - to the person on Instagram. I didn't respond to the person. Some user in Instagram keeps reply on my comment on the photos in specific account. Yes, your opinion may different then me I understand. But your attitude is suck. One day, you did argue with another user via reply on my comment and it made my inbox rushing. Which was annoying to me. Although I didn't join the debating. And today, you added that reply on my comment again. So I blocked you because I don't want be annoyed by you anymore. You may call me coward, , , or something else. But I don't care it. If that person come to me with their other anaccount... Ha... off. You're my eyesore.