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  1. HAH-HAH, this was my stance on the topic exactly four years ago. How our minds diverge and evolve over short periods of time will never cease to amaze me. This entire site is a museum of my mindset and personality which otherwise would not have been recorded. This is why I am back here. I'm sure I innocently expressed some horrendously offensive thoughts I toyed with at some point. Looking back through my post history will be a trip.
  2. I've got a router which runs about 3.2 GBs per second, and if that's not enough for both of us, I'm trashing it ha-ha. You down for some matches? If so, when are you free? I'm good at pretty much any time before Wednesday.
  3. Alright fair enough. I can agree to disagree. I didn't mean to offend or annoy, I was trying to be funny, ha-ha. That's my fault, as this a place for Discussion, not jokes. I have no intention to try and "win" this discussion. As I said, we were only exchanging ideas.
  4. Does anyone consider themselves skillful at the game that is willing to compete against another who considers himself to be so as well? I'm looking for the toughest this Forum has to offer.
  5. I'm all out of writing energy. If I tried to go any further, I would devolve into writing: "XD ur wrong so just accept it take the LLLL" Lol I'll surely get back to you all when the opportunity presents itself. Though- if you feel like doing so- care to elaborate further as to why you disagree?
  6. I agree. Animals and Humans both abide by nature's rules. That said, often the reality of nature is made out to be generic and is fantasized. Being chained by terms which we forged ourselves, unable to morph. We assume nature consists of materials and ecology in a basic state, yet this is far from the case. Cruelty, pain, violence, domination, death, destruction. These are all facets of nature itself. To pick the appealing aspects of nature out for ourselves is akin to a child picking the marshmallows from his cereal. You may do so, but you only starve yourself from the necessary nutrients to survive. Humans are fulfilling nature itself. If we were to mass exterminate a species to expand our territory, we would be operating as model denizens of nature. Nature is not a kind mother with cruel methods, nature is an idea. I believe intertwining our humanity with this idea has caused us to lose sight of what it truly is. We call it Mother-Nature. This in itself shows how arrogant we truly are. We are microscopic organisms inhabiting a grain of sand in an endless desert. If our existence were to cease, the flow of nature, time, and existence itself would not stop. We do not matter, nor do any animals. Any sense of meaning is an instinct programmed deep within us. With this in mind, it is only natural for us to behave the way we do. Whether it be the moral hunting for survival, torture, protesting the torture, or writing about it on a Forum. I do want to briefly touch up upon: Dolphins are well aware of what they do. They exhibit socio-sexual behavior towards defenseless humans, attempt rape, and bite fish heads off for masturbation rather than for consumption. They also do not care. This does little to disprove your argument, nor does it add much to mine, but I found it interesting. I do want to briefly touch up upon: Many behaviors humans exhibit are due to the fact that we do not function as one whole. This discussion may make it seem to be the case- as we are looking at a greater picture- but allow me to put it bluntly. Humans over-breed because Jeff personally: Doesn't give a about your lives. He may dawdle with the idea, but in the end, his needs come far before any of ours. This is natural. Humans function together, but only for our individual needs and wants. Jeff buys fish from the market, not to complete the cycle of the economy, not to keep the fish market alive, not to support the fishers, but to feed his family. The others benefit from his personal desire, but are not the focus. Finding ways to circumvent this process is within nature's guidelines. If it were not, it wouldn't be possible. Many restrict nature to this one speck of dust we live on. Look at it this way: You may find it is completely natural for humans to migrate from Africa to other areas- as they once did. If you open your mind to larger prospects, you'll find that humans prolonging their existence and moving to another planet is exactly the same. We are well within nature's balance, so long as you understand nature's restrictions- or rather the lack thereof. I do want to briefly touch up upon: I do not believe humans will last forever. In terms of the Universe's scale, we have existed within mere seconds and can cease to in the same amount of time. I'd like to add: Hah, falling off cliffs. I guess the human equivalent would be warring ourselves to death, We do not deserve any punishment for our actions, as these are actions which have been instigated by nature itself. Extreme weather is less a facet of nature than what survives it. Therein lies nature's true... Nature. Many seem to count natural phenomena as nature in it's entirety, where nature is more so an equilibrium which test, perfects, and begs for its subjects to cheat. I do want to briefly touch up upon: If we were to consider nature as an entity- a mother- as many do, I believe she would be proud. Proud, yet constantly pushing us to become more powerful beings through cruel and fair means. "Oh you can manipulate the weather, generate food sources, and select which genes your children will have?" "Fair enough, let's see how you fair against a disease which targets those specific genes you tampered with. Usually this disease wouldn't get too far, but since you all are so similar, it'll run rampant. (Similar to the potato disaster) Get past this and you'll be tougher than before, let's see what you can do." This sentiment would be held for all creatures. I want to elude to: A massive point we have not touched on and I will not touch too deeply on at the moment, is that nature extends far beyond what we've discussed. There are many types of evolution. Societal evolution, Technological Evolution, Evolution of the ecosystem in relation to humans. Everything evolves. Everything. This is all very interesting, I await for further replies, so I can dig into this more. Trust me, it gets good. A sneak-peak: Recent Politics, Social Media Behavior and Pseudo-Societies, and war all fit within some type of evolution. Thus making these things natural. PS: This means Nuking Each Other Would Be Natural As Well. I would like to add that this is nothing but an exchange of ideas. Any possible offense should be cast aside, as I don't mean to do so. Maybe it's just me, but directly quoting someone and picking their message apart feels personal. If you share this feeling, I assure you I have no ill will.
  7. This is an interesting topic, one with multiple objective and subjective answers. Let's try to look at it from a few differing perspectives. We'll get to that in a bit, but first to address the initial post: The reason the girl in question reacted in such a way was not solely due to your contrary ideology, but your delivery. It more than likely seemed to her that you- apparently having a history of disliking her- were only trying to take away from something she was excited for. This very well may have bolstered what would have been a slight annoyance into an outrage. By her logic, preserving humans is less of a priority due to their abundance on Earth. This is an understandable perspective. Now, to answer the question at hand: To argue whether or not animals should be held above humans is a philosophical question which precedes any basic survival based forms of thought. This prompts me to look at this through a philosophical lens firstly. What brings value to a life? Whether that life be Animal or Human? The amount of change brought to the world? The experiences one feels? Pain, Love, Hatred, Joy? Humans are far more conscious than any other living earth creature, we experience pain to greater degrees than many, and have manipulated the world in extraordinary ways. A single human may save thousands of lives- human and animal. Our lives are far more diverse, and we travel this world to a degree which animals will never achieve- mentally and physically. We enrich the lives of animals which we call our own. Human lives hold far more weight than an animal's life might. Or is there something else? Perhaps humans have hoarded this world for far too long. Perhaps they have grown greedy, and are no longer fit to rule over this world. Perhaps one should not be held above the rest. I'll leave this open for you to conclude subjectively yourself. Let's look at this from a natural perspective. It should be said that Humans are animals. We are from the same, and operate along the same rules as the rest. To handicap ourselves would only point towards our arrogance. Naturally, Humans have every right to play God and eradicate what they so choose. We have fought tooth and nail to rule this world as we do. Technology, Cloning, Genetic Code Editing. These may seem to be the furthest human creations from nature, yet they fit within Nature's rules well. Technology is but tools we have created from nature. It is the same as a Rock which a Monkey may use to crack open a nut. A tool to reach a means. Humans are Nature's perfect creation. We rule this world because we were selected to do so. The weak die, leaving the strong to pass their genes. Every natural animal is perfectly fit to exist as it does. This is natural selection. We are not above other animals. To put them above ourselves is to put them beneath us. There's a standard which must be followed if you truly respect nature, otherwise, you become the very thing you detest. You play God. But of course, you have every right to do so. I won't delve into any other mind-sets at this time, as I am far too lazy to do so. However I will lightly touch upon something here. Humans are animals. To separate them causes issues. Regardless, for the survival of Humans and the Earth's Ecosystem of a whole, Animals may be considered more important. This isn't truly an even match, but I digress. PS: Hello everyone, it's been years! I don't plan to come back in full swing, but expect to see me give my two-cents from time to time.
  8. DerpKami. Fuse with... Antidisestablishmentarianism
  9. Banned for making me feel empty.
  10. Ugh, spamware.. *Reset Laptop* (I don't have friends, so I can't get texts :/ ) WHAT IF, someone was bragging and making fun of you, for like a year, saying that his drawings are monumentally better than yours (If you don't draw, then you started like a year ago), and then when he finally showed you his to brag. It was so bad, that you thought it was supposed to be abstract, but it wasn't, and he was like, "Ha! See? My art it WAY better than your disgusting trash!"
  11. Hmm.... Hmm... ! HMMM.. ! I guess if I have four, in which they are. 1: Care about more things, instead of cutting myself off. (Meh, this one's kind of forced, just to make myself seem edgy.) 2: Finish those Astronomy books, and get into college. (Already was planning to do so, but.. Meh) 3: Watch less Dank Memes. (Please, for both of our sakes DON'T look that up. They can BE HIGHLY offensive, in everyway possible. If I had to rate them, It'd be rated R for everything conceivable. However, I somehow find them hilarious, even though I lose brain cells every time I watch one. They're just a bunch of inside jokes really...) BUT THE POINT IS, I shall refrain from watching those hilarious masterpieces. 4: Expend less mercy for those who deserve to be crushed beneath my feet like the maggots they are. (Too harsh? I dun wanna be warned Q Q )
  12. Banned for a hilarious avatar.
  13. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/e0TlaHaqZ2g/maxresdefault.jpg ~Linked for size~ If you know who this is, then you need to rethink some things.... (Which is where I'm off to right now.)
  14. Every time I think of my favorite food, my mouth waters and I long for it so badly, but alas, it's only affordable when in season, and even then, it's pretty expensive... My Life Is Pure Agony...
  15. Well, considering I don't know you, I'd probably just take a video for future use. Just kidding, I'd call the ambulance and try to help you out myself. What if, you recently started living alone, (Assuming you don't already) and then one day, I was just in your house, and I was acting as if YOU were a stranger in MY house.
  16. Made new draws :I I didn't bother posting anything I've been drawing, because I didn't want to constantly bore you with the same thing. (It's up there ^ by the way)
  17. Now, if you are okay with your friends making jokes that like, it's perfectly fine! It's your life, and that's your choice. But me not being able to tell jokes baked up by decades of racism doesn't hurt me. And it's about the least amount of effort I can put in to not support racist institutions. ^^ Yea, I don't exactly agree with it you know. I was just using something that I know that people detest. That way I could try to get my point across easier. I do get what you are saying though. Actually I was mainly focusing on the whole Police Officer thing, then I got I little side tracked, and the point you make is true, however, I think you misunderstood me. I wasn't trying to say that the oppressors have t just as bad, or all that. I was merely saying the both sides take damage, based on the context, one side can hurt more than the other. When I used the word, Persecuted, I meant that in any way possible, those Officers may not have got any justice served to them, but that stirred up emotions in people causing the to fire upon Officers, (Even if those individuals didn't do anything wrong.) Okay, okay.. I'll admit defeat here, that may not have been a good example. It may have been a really bad one. Yu made some really good points here, and I won't shamelessly try to deny it. (Dang, like I thought, there were a lot of holes in my argument, and you sure showed me that, as I thought you would. To be honest, I just wanted to get all of that and really get some opinion on it, because I was thinking about it on a thirteen day vacation we just had.) (I'll come back here when I'm not sick and tired with a scrambled brain.)
  18. Well, yea, that's what I mean. Doesn't the notion of something like bestiality just disgust you? It seems totally irrational and improbable. That's pretty much what people thought and said about people being gay back then. I personally think that using bestiality is kind of a good example, because it's something that we all can agree is messed up. However, each generation gets more and more accepting of things, for better or for worse. I have to agree with you, the convenience store example really was a embarrassingly faulty example. It's good to know that you caught what a was pitching.
  19. I bit off ten faces and wore them on my arm. (Gummy snack faces that is.)
  20. Racism hurts both sides, the oppressed and the oppressor. Recent cases in America would seem to fill the variables as, African Americans (The Oppressed), and White Police Officers (The Oppressor), in which they wouldn’t be wrong, to an extent. Let’s go back in time. Many people assume that because we have started to see police brutality more frequently, that it has just started or at least just picked up substantially, however, that is not the case. Police brutality has always occurred in America, but it wasn’t always a problem. Not that many people cared about it anyway, so even if someone was caught in the act it wouldn’t matter, on top of that, we didn’t have any way of proving these claims. Nowadays, with almost everyone having a high definition camera in their pockets (Phones) at all times, it makes it easier to capture this kind of stuff. However, if not for the New Generation trying to make a change, we would still be where we were before. Let me serve it to you on a silver platter. Since all this police shooting stuff started happening, and the black lives matter group kicked in, there had been videos of unjust police brutality surfacing from earlier dates, like 2014. This there all of this time, but no one really made a fuss about this so it never really came to light until recently. Millennials may mostly consist of people who stay on their phones all the times and don’t even know what the stock market is, but we have to all agree that they have really made some big differences. I’m talking about women’s rights, LGBT rights, and all that good stuff! The older generations called frowned upon things like that, but as the world grows it becomes more and more understanding. Here’s what I mean, Bestiality is frowned upon and disgusting now, but maybe in the future, people will have their rights, and you may not like it. It sounds bizarre, but I hope you see what I’m trying to paint on the board here. Now let me get back into something I only touch up on, in my first sentence. “Racism hurts both sides, the oppressed and the oppressor” We already know what hurts the oppressed, but what about the oppressor? (Just because you are a part of the “Oppressing Group” it does not mean you actually did anything wrong it just means that a small percentage of that group gave the all who fall into that category to be labeled that way, since there is no way of telling” Well, it goes like this. You’re more likely to get persecuted. Let’s look at it from the police officer’s side. Some other Officers have unjustly killed, giving all of you a bad name. Okay, now you are just as bad as them in most people’s eyes, you’re a oppressor. Okay, it’s not so bad just do your job, and everything should go smoothly. Oh, now people are starting to unjustly kill Officers. Now you have to watch your back 24/7 great. (I don’t that did my point justice, I kind of lost my train of thought there..) Let me put it this way instead. This is something that isn’t exactly fair. I was at a store where my brother works, and there was a African American guy who happened to have watermelon and baked chicken in his shopping cart, and there was a white guy who was waiting in line with that person. He made a joke about the items in the man’s cart, and everyone gave him a hard glare. Okay, that’s fine, but then I decided to do a little bit of experimenting, I wondered what would happen if I tried that myself.. So I did, I waited until the right moment. My brother was buying me something from the store, and he had to do whatever with restocking (I don’t know), and I noticed he had some of that baked chicken. So I grabbed a watermelon to set the scene. While we were walking past a few people including one person from the incident last time. So I made the same joke as the guy from last time (I don’t remember what it was) and some people laughed and the others just kind of kept going about their business, not looking insulted at all. It was then I confirmed that if you are white, you get persecuted easier than if you’re not. (I’m African American by the way) Just about anyone can say “Mah *!” without being seen as racist, besides white people. And hell! The whole Fried Chicken, Watermelon, Grape Juice, thing isn’t even racist, it’s a stereotype. (I really think I missed a lot of stuff here, and there may be some grammar mistakes here and there, but I getting tired, and I’m way to lazy to fix them. Just call me out viciously and tear me apart like a pack of wolves about it later.) (I also feel weird about calling people, White people, it feels weird.) ~ D-Kami
  21. Yea Raptor, I'd have to agree with you on that, Louisiana does really, suck. If possible, I recommend that you bide your time, get a steady income, and move from there, to somewhere close, but far away, like Texas. I know this may sound dumb, but it just may help you. Have you heard about that knew app that everyone is in a craze about? Pokemon GO, You don't need to drive to play it and it would help you get out and make new friends.
  22. Granted, but you are shoved into a bottle. I wish I could melt.
  23. Granted, but your new friend is.. Too friendly. I wish I could understand existence.
  24. Oops, my bad! I guess I just forgot all the details. Granted, you figure out how to do it, but you can't execute it. I wish I caught on fire.
  25. Granted, but that's all you eat now. I wish I control time, and time could control me.