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  1. this has probably already been mentioned before but omg, is that box the colors of the asexual flag!? it's so cool to see some representation. love ya, dc. got my 2 eggs and sending tons of boxes out at random. <3
  2. third day in a row i haven't gotten a raffle entry because the game doesn't work on mobile and work prevents me from being on dc often enough to collect individual mana crystals. a break every 15 minutes and a 30-minute lunch allows me to get AT MOST four crystals at work, and there's only so many i can collect at home before i pass out at night. awesome. i'm gonna be a scrooge about this one, this no-game-for mobile thing is way too much of an imbalance for my liking and i'm moderately upset. :U edit: i spoke too soon, it's playable now apparently. which is not to say i'm not still sore about three lost entries.
  3. so the game isn't playable on mobile? unless i'm doing something wrong it's not working for me. edit: looked at some of the previous comments and am assuming yes. hate to be the one to ruin christmas, but that's a moderately big bummer to me. some people (ayyyyyy raises hands) are exclusively on mobile because of things like money and available connection that are beyond our control, and picking up shards is tedious and not as quick or fun as just playing the game once or twice for the daily quota. i wouldn't care at all if it didn't directly affect entries into the raffle, but... nerts, dude. that's kind of a big deal to me. /:
  4. my first year! 3/4 turned, one adult of each gender. say hello to Lady Necrosis, Lord Euthanasia, and Comrade Quietus. congrats to everyone who got some lovely zombies this year!
  5. my very first year trying for zombies. zero hatchlings turned, but 3/4 of my adults did! one male, one female, one ungendered. <3
  6. my first halloween and i managed to get adult zombies of ALL THREE GENDERS. i'm a happy camper. now to catch some of those fancy new eggs! o: thanks teej and everyone who helped!
  7. i'm on mobile so that might be my problem, but i keep getting the same lil clickable treat popping up multiple times, and when i click the duplicate it doesn't do anything.
  8. \o/ GET HYPE MOTHERS this is my first halloween, i'm excited as anything. gotta hunt those ap checkerssssss
  9. Baphomet

    Influence for Me

    Influence Report! Baphomet influenced a Vine to be male for Leafdapple1! So glad this thread got revived! c:
  10. Egg/hatchling breed: Silver Egg/hatchling code: iKkGL Giftee: Baphomet Gifter: Tecca Status: Graciously accepted! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
  11. Nothing for me! Wonder if the E-mails have been sent out yet.
  12. Signed up yesterday! I had this insane dream last night that this thread was actually about the name-stealing feature, not the encyclopedia. I had signed up to be a beta tester and won, but I didn't see the notification until like an hour in and missed the name I had been [and am in real life] stalking. It was horrifying.
  13. Crossing my fingers for the name-stealing feature. Since the plans for the feature were announced I've been compiling a bookmark folder with 50+ inactive names to grab and it would feel sooooo good to cross some off the list. o u o
  14. This is a really cool idea! I'd love to be a breeder.
  15. I want to request an Avatar! Forum name: Baphomet Scroll Name(Make scroll link): gol-goroth PM link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=4&MID=205184 What Avatar do you want? Change Any desired mates? CB Trihorn, please! Any other comments? Chaoz + Thank you so much! c: Added scroll link, sorry about that!
  16. Bumping for breeding help since there hasn't been a list in a few pages. <3
  17. Aww, thank you so much! <333 And so are you, omg. I love your hair. ; o ;
  18. Updated the list of needed data! <3
  19. Ashes - Here's a list of the ones whose Avatar offspring have been found so far!
  20. Should be sunny, but there's smoke from forest fires in neighboring towns blocking it out completely.
  21. Reminder that data is needed for these pairs!
  22. Somebody posted earlier in the thread that their Frill and GoN rejected each other, so I think it's assumed right now that they won't produce offspring. That does remain to be confirmed, though! I know of somebody who has plans to ask TJ if possible.
  23. Since the breeding lists are being bumped, here's one for the list of breeds data is still needed for! c:
  24. Aw, I've never ventured into the General Discussion forum but what a cool thread. Me with my corn snake, Baby. He likes to burrow into sleeves and poop in them. This one's a bit older, just me and a guitar I'm planning on selling.