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  1. I use Safari on a Mac, dunno if that makes a difference somewhere.
  2. Okay, so all you people talking about opening things in other tabs… just… how? Whenever I've tried, it's given me a "This page can only be viewed from within the site" error.
  3. Since when has Internet Explorer ever been better than Firefox at anything? o__o I swear that browser crashes just by being opened. I'd recommend Opera or Safari. Not just for new releases, or even in regards to Dragon Cave, but just in general.
  4. Hourly drops are always much larger, yes.
  5. I caught one CB pair in the release. And they rejected each other. :^D *How to fake a smile panel three* I like gifting to people, so I want CB pairs. It took me ages to get my Copper pairs, and was a huge source of stress. I don't want to repeat that.
  6. x___< Oh gee, I hope this won't be a repeat of the Copper incident. It took me over three months following the release to see Coppers in the cave again after their midnight drop. :c
  7. @___@ *Gaaaaaasps* These eggs are gorgeous! *Dives into the pile to grab one*
  8. Shimmers and Tinsels with Holiday mates are very pretty, but for the most part I can't continue the lineages. I see no reason to trade for something I can't continue the lineage of, unless the offer is very, very nice. It makes more sense to me to use my resources on lineages I can continue. I'm guessing a lot of people feel the same way. :B This will be my first year of actually being around for the Halloween release, so I'm looking forward to it. I don't want to miss out on any future lineage projects requiring this year's release.
  9. When someone offers what I've actually asked for, I usually accept that offer very quickly. It just happens so rarely that I have to note "This trade will likely be open for a few days to allow offers to accumulate". Meaning valid offers. Sometimes I'll take other fair offers if what I've asked for isn't forthcoming, but I like to at least wait and see if I can get what I've actually asked for. I've had cases where waiting one or two days resulted in someone actually giving me a valid offer. Which, given I'm working on completion right now, is important to me. —T.
  10. It really helps me when people with nice offers also PM me, that way I can let them know I am considering it. I do turn down offers I am definitely not interested in. But yeah, seeing if there are going to be better/actually valid offers (I get a LOT of "well this is nice but not what I asked for" offers on my trades) is generally the main idea of keeping a trade open. :/ Most people I know will say up front if they're going to do that, though. —T.
  11. I'm fine with freezing hatchlings. Right now I'm still working on my collection of Adult dragons, but after that I'll continue my Hatchling collection. I prefer to gift my bred eggs rather than freeze the hatchlings, though, since I can get a lot of things for freezing off the AP or in a Trade. I freeze inbreds, and I also freeze most very messy lineages unless they are Rares (and sometimes then, too).
  12. I had fun with the names for the new dragons. I managed to catch a Blue Opal for a good friend of mine. The Green Opals definitely remind me of these wonderful babies. I even named one of mine after them.
  13. Blusangs remind me of sea salt and ice. Like for cooking pasta. The Opals kind of remind me of Mutant Hissis, though.
  14. Heh heh. Blusangs I've seen, I've actually had the great fortune to accumulate a number of them. I wasn't there for the original release. They are such pretty creatures, though; it's a shame there are so few that drop in the Cave. I collect them for their sprites, not for their rarity. The colors are so vibrant. I've noticed that with the Undecideds, the colors in the Hatchling stages are present on the egg itself. I wonder if the Adult stage will feature all four colors?
  15. You owe someone 24 Caveborn Coppers? That's insane. I've only seen one since the release, and I traded that for a 3rd Gen Gold Shimmerscale.
  16. Except for the fact that they drop in different Biomes. The Green Opals drop primarily in the Forest, and the Blue Opals drop primarily in the Mountains.
  17. I'm happy to see more 2-headed dragons. It'll be interesting to see what sort of lineage patterns crop up with this: there are more choices now. Yes, catching the new releases can be tough, but it's only been a day. For people having trouble with connections—maybe try a different browser? I had a lot of trouble catching eggs in FireFox, but on the same system I've had much better luck using Safari. (I know that won't help /everyone/, but maybe it will help someone.)
  18. Well this certainly has been an interesting release! I'm always curious to see what sort of eggs are turned up when the biomes are actually cleared out. This time I saw a couple of Cheese eggs, a Paper, several Gold Wyverns, a few of each kind of Trio, and even a Silver. It'll be nice to have some more 2-Headed dragons. I look forward to seeing the adult stages of this batch.
  19. I have a blue opal and that colorful red one that cannot make up its mind. I eagerly look forward to catching more of them.
  20. The idea of an Origami BSA is very cute to me. Given we have a BSA related specifically to interaction with Zombie dragons, a BSA specifically for interacting with Paper dragons wouldn't be a stretch.