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  1. Woah. This is a gorgeous lineage. Imma keep.
  2. I understand that. It was just starting to sound like that was being offered up instead of/in replacement of having Hatchies show first in the AP.
  3. *Scratches head* I'm not sure how to word this… If nothing was able to grow on the AP, the backlog would only have one way of getting smaller: people picking things up. There's already a backlong big enough to get to the point where everything displayed is ER. I am a little concerned that it would reach the point where there are just so many ER eggs (due to none of them hatching) that even with people picking up dozens of ER eggs, there are still too many to save, and it overwhelms the AP to the point where the eggs get super ER and die shortly after getting onto a scroll. Kind of an opposite version of some of the hatchlings now, where they grow up immediately: instead, you end up with eggs that die since you can't get enough views to hatch them in time.
  4. Personally I love a lot of the Coastal breeds. >w> I'd be more than happy to collect Deep Sea Dragons from the Coast, but there are a couple of problems. The main one is space. Being egglocked (especially with brand new eggs) makes Trading hard. If you're trying to trade for something that involves a 1: multiple ratio, you won't be able to accept any egg offers while egglocked. That's why I've taken to asking for Hatchlings, really. I need to keep as much eggspace on my scroll as possible. Another problem is that I seem to always see the shiniest things in the Cave shortly after I've been egglocked, and they taunt me so. >__> I then regret picking up a brand new egg and remind myself not to do that "next time". It won't matter to me as much after I finish my adult collection, because at that point I won't be trading as much, and it will be okay to have eggs sit on my scroll taking up space for days at a time.
  5. I'd rather have a lot of pages of non-crashing scroll than a crashing scroll. I like it the way it is now, and I'm sure there's more than one reason why the limit was set at 500.
  6. Honestly, now I'm just confused. This is what I know: —Eggs that go to the AP can still get views. —Hatchlings that go to the AP can still get views. —I've had some cases where AP hatchlings grow up the second they hit my scroll. I've had MORE cases of AP hatchlings needing to be put in multiple ERs for several hours before they grow up. Not every AP hatchling will turn to adult right away. —And yet, there are way more eggs than hatchlings. I can only assume that the majority of the backlog that is receiving views somehow—especially if the donator wanted to make sure it didn't die—are hatching, gendering, and growing up without ever, ever being seen. Which is a shame. :B
  7. I hunt in the AP when I have space and don't care about lineage. It's great for getting low-time eggs (and occasionally even lucky hatchlings). Whenever I've needed BSA eggs in the past few months, I've gone to the AP, not the Biomes. I just don't have the space to wait an extra three days for something like that. If I want something specific, though, I either go to the Biomes or trade for it myself. It's more efficient that way.
  8. No, I'm afraid not. You might be able to get a CB Blusang for multiple CB Black hatchlings, I guess? It's not really a trade I would make, though. :/ …Mostly because Blusangs are so gorgeous that I want to keep them all, and I've only been trading mine because I'm pretty desperate to complete my scroll. ;
  9. In all honesty, the first CB I actually caught was in 2010. I didn't start catching CBs reliably until after The Change. Before that, I couldn't even catch Commons as CBs: I had to get everything from the AP. As slow as they are, I prefer the current Biome system. Back then the AP was a terrible nuciance, because if it was full, nothing dropped. And it didn't have the mostly ok lineages of the AP today: back then nearly everything was Inbred. And if it wasn't Inbred, it tended to be very messy. I didn't like only being able to pick up people's leftovers, as it were. I do greatly appreciate the ability to use Influence, Incubate, Fertility, and Teleport. So even if I could rewind, I wouldn't want to stay in the past for long.
  10. It's nice to get offers including what I actually asked for on my trades.
  11. That's a good idea. I'll try that, thank you.
  12. I wouldn't have gone on my hiatuses. Sure, I never had luck at catching eggs, but at least I would have the chance to say "I tried". I missed several years of Holiday dragons, and when I came back, I learned Bright Pinks and Frills had been discontinued. I was particularly distressed about this, because I adore both sprites and wanted to collect them. Frills especially. I also regret the fact I was not around for all the little holiday celebrations, particularly the Easter ones. My scroll feels kind of pitiful next to the ones who have been around as long as I have, but were active the entire time. :B
  13. No. In that context, I would use the word "demanded". EDIT: To help clarify what I am trying to get at: in this particular situation, the village children claim that they are being left gifts by a dragon. No one believes them because they are just children; they keep telling the children not to tell lies/make up stories. And yet, the children do not retract their statements, but repeat them with more emphasis.
  14. One of the comments I got back was as follows: I now refer to the dictionary for the most direct correction to this misunderstanding. In this context, "insist" is meant in the way "I swear I saw something just now". I wasn't sure if the word "swear" would be understood in the fashion of "insisting something to be true", which is why I used the word "insist" instead. Should I change it to something else?
  15. This is one of my many descriptions pending approval. One of the reviewers replied with this comment: I'm glad someone else got the reference for her name.
  16. But… we already have a Bite BSA.
  17. I used to work on my scroll at my own pace, mostly from the AP since I had a very hard time catching eggs. Then I took a hiatus for a few years and came back to find that Frills and Bright Pinks had been discontinued. I was devastated. I really, REALLY like the Frills and I wanted to collect them. But I never got the chance. Ever since then I have been frantic to get at least one CB pair for everything (excluding Prizes and missed Holidays of course), so that I'm never left in such a position again. It's been absolutely awful. I'm grateful I got the chance to at least get one of each, even if I didn't get as many as I wanted—some people don't have any. I really like a lot of the breeds. I honestly just don't have room for them right now. I'm still working on scroll completion, and I probably will be for a good while. I want to do that first, to help put my mind at rest from the Frill-induced fear of something vanishing from the cave forever. After that is over, there are plenty of Common dragons I would like to collect. Especially the water ones.
  18. Both of my 3rd Gen Shimmers bred true for the first time today.
  19. I always thought that he already had the eggs for a few days before each release, but since we can't see his scroll we don't know about it until he posts the official announcement. :B
  20. So pretty! The Desert one looks like it might be nice with UVs and Spitfires. Not sure what I'd pair the Coastal one with, yet.
  21. *Too wound up to fall asleep just yet* Well, rapid refresh-clicking is how I got mine. One at a time and I didn't get to see the BBC code page for each of them, but it worked out in the end.
  22. *Pops in briefly* I will be, but I don't Incubate until the egg is ≤6 Days. Just a personal preference to help offset softshell. *Vanishes again* —T.
  23. Leggo my yEGLO! :U Catchy. *Brick'd*
  24. Nice! I love it when eggs have cool codes like that. My personal favorite is (Rumen).
  25. Lawl, I use Firefox for everything but DC, because it's insanely slow—I actually switched from FF to Safari for egg hunting. I guess I'll give it a shot the drop after next if I have no luck in the next drop.