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  1. Furthest thing from vegetarian, here. Sometimes I crave meat so bad that I eat deli meat straight from the package, plain, with nothing else to go with it. I have no problems with Biting, but once I went to the Wiki page to see exactly what the Kill messages were. The one with the egg produced such a horribly averse reaction that I left the page immediately. The adult one was just depressing, but I did learn something from it. Vampire dragons are already undead and they do not suffer the living, so there is no way (to me) ICly that the "betrayal" message would hold, thus I could safely ignore it. Same with Cheese and Paper. |D I'm not so worried anymore.
  2. I have IOUs on two 3rd Gen Tinsels and a 3rd Gen Shimmer. The lineage project I am working on is inching ever closer to reality.
  3. Regarding 4th Gen Shimmers: I'd trade my 4th Gen Shimmers for CB Coppers. :U The Gold one probably only for Green Coppers though. @Ayelldee: I believe the Adult Sprites are the same regardless of whether the Hatchie was curled or sitting, so yeah, only as frozen hatchlings.
  4. Okay. Found a Gold in the AP. Thought, "Cool! Something for freezing." Influenced as such. Just now, found another Gold in the AP. Checked the lineages, and did a double take. Guess I won't be freezing these guys after all. 8D
  5. By my calculations, I've donated 41 gifts to Take an Egg, Leave an Egg over the span of ~44 days. That's almost a gift a day. Aw yeah.
  6. I think a couple of BSA Hatchies would do the trick. :B They look pretty, but they're more of an Uncommon than a Rare.
  7. Well, it's not me. :B I sign my stuff with "—T." It's amusing there's another one floating about, though. There are so many dragons I would enjoy entering into the Description of the Month contest, but unfortunately most of them are Pending.
  8. Huh. Looks like my first "rare" was my CB Vampire, Vengeance Vendetta. (They were much rarer at the time.) My first true Rare was Elessar the King, a gift from a good friend of mine. The first Rare that wasn't gifted to me or picked off the AP was Gluarung the Burninator. After that my luck dramatically improved. I should make a note of that in his description.
  9. GAH! Just saw this one at the Volcano, but missed it due to lag. I groaned aloud at that—it has the most awesome code!
  10. I thought about it for some time when I said "ambivalent at worst". I know that "at best" is usually the phrase that is used, but that phrase suggests that the treatment ranges from very bad to ambivalent. I mean to say that it ranges from ambivalent to very good. He likes the Green Opals better, but he doesn't treat the Blue ones badly. As for the cube cows, well, that's sort of an Easter Egg for my friends. The official IC explanation is that whoever gave the statuettes to the dragons made them cubical so they would not be mistaken for something to eat.
  11. The DC Wiki says that it was confirmed in an IRC chat by TJ that Zombies can only be created on Halloween.
  12. It'd be worth significantly more as a gendered Hatchling. You might be able to get some of the more common 2nd Gens on a 1:1, or a BSA pack.
  13. [At this point, there are many drawings and diagrams, all of which have been crossed out. The next entry seems far more orderly.] [The entry stops there, as if the writer had gotten distracted or bored.]
  14. Wow… now my story seems rather shallow in comparison. It's great you're honoring your friend. My story for the Zombies is going to be that they are the result of experimentations done by my Vampire dragons. I've already specifically described the leader of my Vampire dragons as such, though I don't know if the description will be looked at by a mod by Halloween.
  15. Personally speaking? I'd probably be willing to trade multiple 2nd Gen Coppers and/or 2nd Gen Trios for one (up to 3:1 for Coppers, more for Trios). I see them going for higher on the Trading threads, though. A lot of people ask for CB Metallics or low-gen Prizes.
  16. I'd be surprised if anyone asked for a 2nd Gen Shimmer for a CB Copper. 3rd Gen Shimmers and Tinsels seem reasonable to me, though, especially if you offer to add more. Generally speaking, I'm willing to add 2nd Gen Metallics to my CB Copper trades for a 3rd Gen Shimmer. At this point I wouldn't accept Blusangs for Coppers, no matter how many someone offered. Sorry to those who offer, but I can catch my own just fine, so I'm not interested in trading for them. And, well, yes, there have been times where I don't get the offers I want. So I do just as I say I will: I keep the Coppers. And I'm fine with that. It happens about half the time in my trades: I don't get the offer I want, so I end up keeping what I had put up. When you start Trading regularly, that's just something you have to learn to be okay with.
  17. [ The entry stops there, as if the writer got distracted. ]
  18. I'd like to try for Zombies this year, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to. I want to catch eggs on Halloween, and there are a lot of Halloweens from previous years that I need to get, too. I think if I plan carefully I can pull it off, but it might be difficult to do. ;
  19. I hunt at the top of the hour until the Biomes stop moving, for every hour of my free time (and some of procrastination). From there I move from Biome to Biome, usually until I get locked or the next hourly drop. I can go on like this for hours and hours. I was very happy when I finally got all my Dinos, though—I was SO sick of camping around the Jungle all day for months on end. Generally speaking, I don't like having to stay in one place for too long: I like variety. I also hunt at the AP when I am in need of low-time dragonlings. :3 It's fun.
  20. Maybe if you offered several, as low-time Hatchlings. I don't think one egg is likely to cut it. :B
  21. It's amazing what you can find laying around the AP these days.
  22. Found this shiny in the AP earlier. Was pleasantly surprised to find it such a nice 2nd Gen: I had been thinking of freezing it if it was messy, but now I'm just going to let it grow.
  23. I think this might be a better place to talk about suggestions: Cave Blockers and ways to deal with them.