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  1. Took: This CB Hatchling. Leaving: This CB Hatchling. Please PM me for the link.
  2. Wellllll, this may take some getting used to. :'D;
  3. Probably my best actual cave luck was last year in the spring and summer, when I was starting to pick up CB metals (Coppers and Silvers) like nobody's business. I traded almost all of them off for 3rd Gen stairsteps for my lineage project. Sure wish I could have that luck again, I sorely need it. :/
  4. Every so often I've tried to review since I know it's needed, but I often find myself at a loss for what to say that will be constructive… and/or I abstain because I'm not sure whether I really am feeling the "Approve" vibe. <__>
  5. I've been trading for some 2nd Gen Avatars with a surprising amount of ease. I would not have expected it to be easier to get ahold of those than to get ahold of 3rd Gen prizes. ?__?
  6. I browsed through some of my old descriptions today that are still pending review since… last year, I believe? :B I fixed a typo for my Vampire dragon's description and his name, thanks to a helpful comment from one of the reviewers. Don't lose hope or faith, reviewers! There are people out there who read and take note of your comments.
  7. Although the entry stops there, as if the writer had gotten distracted, another "entry" is found laying nearby. It's actually composed of cut-outs of dragon descriptions that appear to have been pasted together in a chart somewhat sloppily, showing the following dragon descriptions: It leaves off there, as if—once again—the makers got distracted.
  8. Size: Footlong Bread: Italian Meat: Club (Black Forest Ham, Turkey, and Roast Beef) Cheese: Shredded Monterary Cheddar (double cheese, it's never enough) Vegetables: Pickles, Lettuce, Tomatoes (not much lettuce), Spinach, Onion Sauce: Mayonnaise, Vinegar If I'm thirsty, I'll get the smallest drink, too. Always to go. Because I can never eat the whole thing in one sitting.
  9. I finally, FINALLY caught a mate for Rumen! She's perfect! An eggy who is hurt and would love to be protected.
  10. Taking: Nothing! Left: Another prestigious Thuwed Dorkface egg! In a happy home with Merlot.
  11. Lately I've been using it to try and find CB commons from the releases I missed while on hiatus this year. But as an impulse clicker, I often find myself with loads of hatchies from the AP as well, and sometimes a shiny or two.
  12. I don't really like the idea about retiring/limiting more breeds. I know that for me personally, there is a lot of pressure associated with every new release. I always feel an imposed "need" to get at least a pair of Caveborns—if not two pairs—for breeding purposes, just in case it's ever retired at some point while I'm in the middle of other projects. That happened to me with both Frills and Old Pink, and it was quite distressing.
  13. I'd say this was a really great AP lineage find.
  14. I have 41 treats, and I haven't seen any in quite some time. Ah well, hopefully the last four will show up tomorrow. Today. Whichever. The new day doesn't start until the sun comes up, despite what the clock says. >>
  15. I am really loving the event this year. The art is amazing! Nice job, Mysfytt. Collected a slew of Halloween IOUs, though now I'll have to wait a while before I have breathing room for more eggs. Our breeding project is on hold for the holiday. It's my first Halloween, so I had a lot of things to do. I got my new fortune for the day. It was the same as yesterday. I wonder if that's just my luck, or if it's a cache problem, or what. ?__?
  16. Requester Forum Name: Torkie10 What I Want: A mate for this lovely lady. Oh, won't you give All Shall Turn to Silver Glass a dear to call her own? She'd love any of the following: —6th Gen Stairstep Shadow Walker from a Male Shadow Walker x Female Silver <—Top Priority —6th Gen Stairstep Shadow Walker from Male Shadow Walker x Female Silver Shimmerscale What I Can Offer: PB Coppers and Trios, among others PM Link: Please PM me! Scroll Link My squadrons and egg basket
  17. I'm having a lot of fun with the Set game, actually. It's based off of a real math game by the name of "Set!". It's a great game that supports pattern recognition and critical thinking; it can be played at any level (with some modifications), though it's primarily intended for 5th grade and up. I liked it so much as a kid that I asked for a pack of my own. Having played the game so many times, this Halloween variation was a delightful surprise that came naturally to me.
  18. Two of my planned Males dodged, and I realized that I didn't have enough backup CB Vampire Males for what I wanted. Had to go hunting all over my scroll to find some to spare—too many are pretty-lineaged, BSA useful, the only male of the species, or well named! ; So many dodges across the board, but finally got what I needed. Halloween itself will be for the Cheeses and Papers. I hope the description on one of my Cheeses gets through by then, the one about being covered in mold… it'll make it all the more interesting if there's a successful zombification. The hardest part about this process is the patience of keeping a score of hatchlings fogged, with my scroll locked. Boo. :B
  19. (B0R0K) Borok the Insane <—*Snickers* (MEWOW) (Unbog) (Rumen) <—I love cows! Steak and milk ahoy! (Hiimi) <—Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, anyone? (MAtZH) <—I love math! You Keep Using That Word <—From a great lineage off the AP Neh Joizeh <—Sound it out and you'll get it. I Am the Niiiiiight <—Injoke Forz Hat a Ham Yum Wham a Ham Yum Bam a Ham Yum Slam a Ham Yum (SuLPM) Slump Stripe Portabello Shroom <—Play on words, referencing the song from Bedknobs and Broomsticks and the mushroom (wnbum) Pillowpet Floof Burnination of the Countryside Burnination of the Peasants Pancake Roaster Pancake Toaster (NojKS) No Jokes (GODuB) Go Dub Slamacow's Piggy <—Referencing hilarious animation (JlkyE) (evI1a) (8DCXe) <—Faces. (D8v8S) <— More faces. Philosodragon <—After the Philosoraptor (Mum51) Mum's the Word on 51 (q1AtL) QuickMan I Am the Law <— *Sings* Chocolate Taters <—I forget why I named her this, but I think it's pretty funny. (msZ1T) (Nymoh)
  20. Not yet, but I plan to start mine shortly.