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  1. A lot about trading still banks on supply and demand. If someone doesn't have access to the supply, they may feel it is worth more; people who do have access may value it less. Prize lines can be tricky to work with. I've found that I can no longer really trade 4g Prizes for things I want (I.E., things I can use in my lineage project), so I've stopped breeding them. Sometimes I can trade for 3g Prizes if I try really hard, but it's become harder and harder to do so over time, even for old lines. I haven't been able to find what I consider suitable trades for CB Silvers or Coppers in quite a while, to the point where I've started gifting them to friends instead. :'B —————————————— That being said—what are CB Red Coppers worth these days, anyway? I just caught one and I'm wondering if it's worth the effort of trying to trade it off as opposed to keeping it or gifting it.
  2. I use spreadsheets to keep track of dragons that I'm actively doing something with, like lineage projects. :B Otherwise, I don't really keep track at all to that extent, though some do get backstory.
  3. I've more or less memorized the following words: metallic, reddish, soft, beautiful, and glow. I tend to instinctively click when I see them… which is how I end up with way more Brown Coppers than I ever need. :B It's not that difficult for me to collect Trios if I really try—I once caught 2 sets of each Trio in less than two days for a trade.
  4. I found this in the AP. Poor egg—it had less than two days left! I hope it genders Female.
  5. The Google search method has helped me get the number of ND hatchling views needed down to 44. Getting ever closer to the goal!
  6. I did unlock them, but it took me over 700 adults to do so, and less than 60 of those were Regular Blacks. >.> If it would help, I have a list of 154 adult Black Alts in the Wilderness that you can look through.
  7. I support this. :> It makes sense and would be nice and neat, having that information all in one spot. I'd like it to be all together, though; splitting up the Breed Descriptions into bullet points would be distracting.
  8. I named mine after frustration and anger and what someone who felt mistreated might say.
  9. This made me laugh. Yeah, gall stones are a bad thing. Poor dragons. ~Anyway~ Bullet-point style summary of thoughts: —Rock or Egg?: Definitely rock. It might be fun to find rocks painted at different stages, too, for those special cracking sequences. 8V —Breed limit?: I'd like to be able to collect multiple of each rock, please and thank you. The rolling limit of 15/fortnight is fine with me, as long as it's on a separate counter from the freezing limit. —Date-based Holidays?: I think if we're going to do that, we should do it the way stores do it, where they set up decs for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines WAAAAAAAAAY early and it sticks around forever, because yes, they're painted rocks. It's not like they're eggs that are being bred. Someone's making holiday decorations plenty in advance. —Visible as its breed when viewing the Biome?: Yes please. —Tradeable?: No thanks. —Encyclopedia?: Uhhhh well I'm not sure what to think. I don't particularly care one way or another for most breeds, but… As it is, either the egg requirements for Frills and Bright Pinks need to be rid of, orrrr we might be able to use the rocks instead. (Unless, you know, they get rereleased at some point, one can dream.) —Trophy?: It's not a dragon. :B *Shrug* I'm going to go with "nope" on this one.
  10. While going through the Wilderness out of curiosity for the project, I saw this. I didn't know Leetle Trees could be wild. That's fantastic.
  11. I have completed Encyclopedia entries for: Balloon Black* Copper Red Striped Zombie White Chicken (largely thanks to littleblackdog) *I've seen over 700 adults, and less than 100 of those are regular. Still haven't unlocked the second set though.
  12. Unrestricted reclaiming would gut the Wilderness of pretty things, maybe even entirely. Restricted reclaiming would almost certainly be more trouble than it's worth and would leave a number of people for and against the overall idea dissatisfied. Let's leave the Wilderness as it is.
  13. It's a very lovely new day, my friends. I come bearing lineage links! (Work in Progress) ————————————————— Arsani Azzie the Second (Adult) Naomi the Second (Adult) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Black Alt Air Force Brat (Adult) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Black Marrow -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Bright Pink Lady Celestialtien (Adult) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Cavern Lurker -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Cheese Lil' Parmesan (Adult) Adult 2 (Adult) Panera's Cheesy Goodness (Adult) Cheesy Sacrifice (Adult)<—Potential Zombie Fodder (2015) Pudah (Adult) Snacky Sacrifice (Adult) <—Potential Zombie Fodder (2015) Lil' Mozzarella (Hatchie) Lil' Cheddar (Hatchie) Lil' Swiss (Hatchie) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Copper -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Dark Green Alt Dark Thorned Daffodils (Adult) Dahlia's Daffodils (Adult) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Frill Lonely Mother (Adult) <—One of my dearest. <'3 -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Geode -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Gold -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Grave -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Avatar of Change -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Avatar of Creation -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Avatar of Destruction -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Hearseeker Adult 1 (Adult) Adult 2 (Adult) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Holly Venetian Nativity (Adult) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Yulebuck Caribou Klavier (Adult) Adult 2 (Adult) Hatchie 1 (Hatchie) Hatchie 2 (Hatchie) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Snow Angel: Tri-Color Snowanger (Adult) Golden Snow Herald (Adult) Bringer of the Snowsun (Adult) Adult 5 (Adult) Adult 6 (Adult) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Ribbon Dancer Adult 1 (Adult) Adult 2 (Adult) Adult 3 (Adult) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Winter Magi Adult 1 (Adult) Adult 2 (Adult) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Wrapping Wing Adult 1 (Adult) Adult 2 (Adult) Adult 3 (Adult) Adult 4 (Adult) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Solstice Silent Snowfall Upon the Wind (Adult) Adult 2 (Adult) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Ice -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Magma -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Paper -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Shimmer -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Tinsel -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Pumpkin -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Radiant Angel Compassionate Lee (Adult) Agape Astari (Adult) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Rosebud Shaymin the Dragon (Adult) Chocolate Taters (Adult) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Shadow Walker -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Shallow Water -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Silver -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Sweetling Socatoah (Adult) Zeedaq (Adult) Adult 3 (Adult) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Thunder! Slam a Ham Yum (Adult) A-10 Thunderbolt II (Adult) Midwestern Thunderstorm (Adult) King of Tornado Alley (Adult) Queen of Tornado Alley (Adult) Thunder on High (Adult) Lady of the Twisters (Adult) Liege of the Twisters (Adult) Superbolt Discharge (Adult) Auxiliary Lightning (Adult) Crate of Thunder (Adult) Venetian Paradise (Adult) Too Many Items (Adult) Adult 14 (Adult) Adult 15 (Adult) Ducky Esquire (Adult) Experience Points (Hatchie) Hatchie 2 (Hatchie) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Bluna Shenkuu Sails (Adult) Lemurian Sails (Adult) Anchors Aweigh My Boys (Adult) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Undead Death in the Lamakan Sands (Adult) Lemuria's Watery Graves (Adult) Death on the Vine (Hatchie) Oceans of Fun (Hatchie) Baskin-Robbins (Hatchie) Frozen Mummy Parchment (Hatchie) Rotten Terrain (Hatchie) Deader than Dead (Hatchie) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Valentine 09 Day Four of Sixteen (Adult) Adult 2 (Adult) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Vampire Vengeance Vendetta (Adult) Adult 2 (Adult) Adult 3 (Adult) Adult 4 (Adult) Adult 5 (Adult) Adult 6 (Adult) Queque Emo (Adult) Hatchie 1 (Hatchie) Hatchie 2 (Hatchie) Stillborn CJ (Hatchie) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Chicken Torchic Torkie (Adult) Izvok (Adult) Ibsu (Adult) Auntie Zee (Adult) Kim's Sequel (Adult) Torchic Cheep a Peep (Chick) Torchic Chickadee (Chick) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Dino Yellow Zeekovsky (Adult) Azjup (Hatchie) Yellow Suede Dinorawr (Hatchie) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Dino Green Green Suede Dinorawr (Adult) Green Leather Dino (Hatchie) Lil' Suede CJ (Hatchie) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Dino Purple Purple Suede Dinorawr (Adult) Oi Fig (Hatchie) Lil' Suede Niceties (Hatchie) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Dino Red Luvig (Adult) Red Suede Dinorawr (Hatchie) Lil' Red Suede (Hatchie) -*-*-*- -*-*-*- Dino Blue Blue Suede Dinorawr (Adult) Dino Water (Hatchie) Blue Leather Dino (Hatchie) -*-*-*-
  14. I love this idea. It's so cute. x3 I'd certainly collect the rocks.
  15. *Sigh* I was around when TELE first came around. I spoke with Quis a lot with suggestions and ideas over the year, and have spoken with Pippy a little as well. I still remember how exciting it was to get involved in the project, and how much I liked the idea. I didn't like the Departures thread, for various reasons, and TELE was something different, a game of sorts with a "pay-it-forward" aspect. That's what drew me in and why I stayed. I do not like how it's been being used for trades as of late. The whole two-way transfers was suggested to prevent theft, but I've always used PMs as the alternative. It is more involved on my part, but only slightly more so than two-way transfers would be anyway! It's either checking my PM box or checking my Active Transfers, there really isn't that much of a difference in effort. As far as suggestions go, I agree that the Lineage links and PM system is a good idea. I've used it in the past and it's always worked very well for me. It's enabled me to keep studious records, in fact, which I keep on file. Regarding treatment of the gifts, I refrain from suggestions. As a breeder, I personally liked the idea of being able to ask people not to kill or throw away the eggs. But if people find it that much a hassle, it's certainly worth reconsidering. I'm getting the feeling, though, that people aren't as interested in the actual purpose as they were previously. A number of people browsing treat it like Departures, some people posting treat it like Trading V2, and there are just a lot of complaints that it isn't like some other thread. It's not meant to be like Departures, that was the whole point! Should the thread start up again, I think those running it should have some capacity to enforce things themselves, rather than having to ask a mod for help every single time. It would appear that is a sore point for the mods and has had pretty significant negative repercussions as a result.
  16. {Much later, a new addition revealed some progress.}
  17. Some IOUs a year in the making have been fulfilled! Furthermore, I've encountered some very generous people. We draw ever closer to making the prize E-lines a reality!
  18. Taking: Nothing. Leaving: Yet another Thuwed Dorkface Prizekin egg. Please PM me.
  19. Taking: Nothing. Leaving: 4th Gen Bronze Tinsel, gone to a happy home with F.ury!
  20. Holiday Breeder Forum Name: Torkie10 What I can breed: — x (Lineage) —2nd Gen: Arsani, Grave, Solstice, Radiant Angel —3rd Gen: Pumpkin, Marrow, SW, Lurker, V09, Sweetling, Rosebud, Heartseeker, Yulebuck, Snow Angels (Tri-color), Ribbon Dancer, Winter Magi, Wrapping Wing —4th Gen: Sweetling, Yulebuck I Will Be Gifting, Trading, or Both: Both. :V PM Link: Please PM me here to discuss. Scroll Link My egg basket and squadrons. Careful, some bite. ——————————————————— Requester Forum Name: Torkie10 What I Want: For Scroll Completion (Will be Frozen.) —, — ♂, ♀, ---- — —, ♀ —, ♀ —, ♂ —, ♂ —, ♀ ---- —, ♀ —, ♂ —, ♀ —, ♂ —, ♀ —, ♂ ---- For Lineage Projects: 3rd Gen Stairsteps (Obviously, 2nd Gens also accepted) from the following Spriters' Alts: ---- Other —2nd Gen Shadow Walkers (SW x Fog, SW x Thunder) —————————— What I Can Offer: — —2nd Gen Trios (Both PB and otherwise) —3EG Avatars of Creation —For very nice/bundle offers, 2nd Gen Metals and 4th Gen Prizes PM Link: Please PM me here to discuss. Scroll Link My egg basket and squadrons. Careful, some bite.
  21. Taking: Nothing. Left: Another one of my epic pedigree Thuwed Dorkface arrowhead eggs! Now in a happy home with Dharak.
  22. Personally, I really like 4th Gen arrowheads (Ex.), as that's what I need for our lineage project. But it's much, much easier to find the 3rd Gen stairsteps needed to make them. …Now actually affording those stairsteps is another matter.
  23. There is a delicate and elaborate design done in ink that separates the next entry. Another fancy line break.