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  1. Alas! I didn't have enough time for all the ToT this year. Man, I've just been so busy with work that I missed both Valentine's AND most of Halloween this year as well, not to mention all the releases inbetween. Ah well, I'll try to do better for Christmas.
  2. At first I thought I was imagining things. O.o Guess not. Glad I picked mine up when I did!
  3. Augh! Such a busy and stressful week this year that I completely forgot about the release until it was hours too late! :C I don't even know if I'll be able to AP-fix my mistake. Pretty dragons, though. ;__;
  4. If I'd been paying more attention, I would have set up properly to expand my zombie collection. Maybe next year. At least I was able to get all the costumes I wanted, even if I can't use them all! The dress-up was fun.
  5. See you at the Christmas release then, I guess? Enjoy the rest of your Halloween, though.
  6. Finished all my egg hunting, and got all 50 treats! I'm enjoying the dragon dress-up. 'Tis fun! As for the re-CB release of past dragons, well… There's no pleasing everyone, you know? And we don't know the motives. It's something new and different, and maybe that was the point. We don't know whether this is something that will ever be repeated, so we have to remember to use our words wisely. Personally, I thought it was a nice surprise. I do wish I had known about it in time to take advantage of it, but that's my fault for not being more attentive. I would have loved some CBs of releases I hadn't been privy to in previous years; making pretty lineages is lots of fun.
  7. Ack! If only I had checked in again sooner! I must have missed the announcement by a day or two, but it's a bit too late for me to make use of all the shiny goodies now. Oh dear. Ah well! I hope everyone has been having fun with it. I really like the idea—I was just late to the party.
  8. Codes! Special/Biggest Eyecatchers: 00I00 —first symmetrical code. :3 04525 —my first all numbers code! Rumen — REAL WORD. He's my pride and joy. — … I still can't believe I got this. Sure were a lot of inquiries for it as an egg and a hatchling, that's for sure. Words (uninterrupted, full): w1nCE —Wince ConD0 — Condo sNAcK —Snack cLOGs —Clogs Symmetry: A0VOA —Almost symmetrical! mayaM —MAYA, almost symmetrical Names: 8JiIl —Jill Anded —Looks like a name to me ELsa0 — Let it go :V JOANC — Joan N1CKh — Nick n0ahh —Noah elsIE —Elsie MbJOE — Joe nLeRO —Nero ninaP —Nina/ Niña KegJr — Keg Jr. msZ1T — Ms. Zit References q1AtL —IAtL (abbreviation for a title of a story I've written) Hiimi — Princess Himi xOxAS — Roxas… almost. r0xaS —Roxas, truly. zZELD —Zelda sYm0L — Symol nSawk — Sawk kaSSS — Lord Kass gogoT — Gogoat OFeRB — Hey Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today! dNaN0 —NaNo WriMo Words (Uninterrupted): F33et — Feet. He has four of them. BLuEG —Blue ARKS6 —Those ARKS belong in a museum! B0DEg — Bode BOWtn — BOW before her! And give her bowties! Beeru — Beer CliPM —Roll that clip! CloDB — Like a clod of dirt, this one EdiTv — Edit! Great companion for a writer. FPiLE — Pile on up the codes! G0oN8 — Goon GIeee — So much glee :V GMind — Mind GYMK7 — Gym Gym7t — More Gyms GrabQ — Grab those codes! H00Ko — Hook HONkQ — Honk if you like dragons! HOaX1 — Hoax O0Zee — Ooze with charm T0adp — Toad TAsKB —Task PONye — Pony SHODk — Shod URLuN —URL VL0SE —Lose W0OzE — Woozy/more ooze WaxyW —Waxy bAbyN —Baby bO0OC — Boo! puRev —Pure K1Lll — Kill c0inM — Coin cOGse —Cogs daRn0 — Darn… evI1a —Evil exp0d — Expo'd farmL — Farm g0oAl —Goal mENUl —Menu ssWAY —Sway tRoYN —Troy wHyYy — WHYYY siCKP — Also sick vWiLT —Wilt pRAjA —Raja pinEi —Pine zOoue —Zoo sUedH —Sued htmIZ —HTML omenf —Omen onyxc — Onyx pDVDt —DVD mmmrz —Mmm/murmurs Smo1V —Such a smol. :3 MEWOW — ME WOW! Mewtv — TV for cats! And legendaries. NoFUn — No fun allowed! >:V Atguy — At guy CawTV —TV for ravens DNAm8 — 's just DNA, mate! EATo0 —Eat too OwSob — Ow! -Sob- byPSI —By the pounds per square inch dSbuy — Buy the DS! OdSpy — What an odd spy. boy1X — Boy (only 1x of) bubMI — Bub, Michigan Red1a — See figure Red 1a YEStX — YES! Texas gOMiX —Go mix n0FaX —No fax 30Sun — 30 Suns GODuB — Go dub ODDIf —Odd if Words (Interrupted/Spelling liberties taken) BiOOK — BOOK! BnELT —Belt C1LLK —Silk, Ill, Click, all kind of jumbled possibilities ClTCY — City DlOER — He's not a thinker, he's a doer. EQiPs — Equips Hjvee —Hyvee LAZny — Lazy LOsve — Lose or Love NAjIL — Nail PLuQk — Pluck Scigh —Sigh SiwSs —Swiss Swety —Sweety/sweaty VBUYZ —Buys c7AkE — Cake boxEy — Boxy Y1ARN — Yarn eVlQT — Evict fzaMe —Fame/ faze me gUESM —Guess hAz7e —Haze ni5ps —Nips niipP —More nips obhhh — ohhh, I see… pEzNS —Pez/Pens poaET —Poet rincH —Grinch sCick —Sick safze —Safe w0ezU —Woes w2EBB —Web wAoSh —Wash zapZs —Zaps ziBRa — Zebra abC1q —Abcs SiP2 — Sip Kixen — Vixen nieCT — Niece/ nicety wevEe —Weave/ Eevee WO0xI —Wool MAtZH —Math mENKD —Mend NojKS —No jokes Pudah — Looks like a name to me. Unbog — Opposite of bogging something down. : P ?! :Arrr, mateys Real mature, guys -Braying noises- If you don't know, don't look it up. Other: UwUJ — UwU looks like a face D8v8S — Looks like several faces
  9. I am really enjoying the event this year. Today's session was particularly awesome, as it reminded me of Golden Sun: The Lost Age. <3
  10. Okay, that DOES help me feel better about doing the right thing and giving the dragon their kitty. I just wish I could have kept one of the ones that was NOT Buffy. ): I love cats, and I actually had to think for a minute or so before I (begrudgingly) handed over the cat. ;w; Kitties
  11. Managed to nab a few! I really, really want a Depsis egg, though. The S1 hatchie is all I'm missing for my collection. *Eyes all the eggies*
  12. Alas! Perhaps you can live vicariously through one of the progeny? *Goes around dorping with potions for the time being* This event is very fun.
  13. No Zombies at all this year. Everything turned to dust! |( However, there are a few things that make me very happy. Thanks to this event, I could finally see something I have been wishing to see in a very long, long time. A girl can dream. <'3
  14. Uuuugggghhh… No Zombies this year. Everything turned to dust. |( Bleh!
  15. There's that, and there's also a subconsious paranoia that the moment you start turning your attention to other projects, suddenly that breed you REEEEALLY wanted but were putting off because you had a hard time getting it is suddenly… discontinued! (Which is definitely not the whole story, but there's nothing like that possibility to make you frantic to make SURE that you have some for lineage projects gotta catch 'em all)
  16. Very much looking forward to the Silver drop! I was going to stuff myself entirely with Silver Lunars, but then I saw this lovely Thalassa that just had to be mine. Unfortunately, I might still be at work when the drop starts, but I hope to catch a few after I come home.
  17. No support. This is a bad idea, for reasons already stated multiple, multiple times. Yes, a bad idea—and honestly I think it would be too complicated to work. What exactly would define "rare"? And when would something stop being considered "rare"? Beyond a few of the obvious, it's really all pretty subjective. Definitely shouldn't be enforced in such a way.
  18. Oh, that's a huge relief! :'D I'm so glad to hear it. 45/62. I love the eggs so far.
  19. I didn't see the announcement until yesterday… I really hope I'll be able to collect all the eggs! Right now I'm at 35/62.
  20. The value of prizes do go down over time, true. Though I still haven't been able to find many 3gs on the market for anything other than bloodswaps and multiple CB metals. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places. I understand and agree with Amazon's point—it should be optional. Having multiclutch as a BSA makes it very optional and usable on all dragons, which is useful in its own right.
  21. I have to disagree. Sure, that's part of the appeal, but that's not the only reason. Prize dragons are very pretty, and it can be fun to do lineage projects with them.
  22. I wouldn't mind a BSA for multiclutch. Lineages are fun to make, though particularly difficult with Prize dragons. You almost need a CB Prize yourself to have the leverage to get offspring you need. Iiii'm daydreaming of a Priiiiize dragon~ Just like the ones the Wiki shows~ Whose scaaaales glisten~ And colleeeeeectors listen~ To heeeaaaar If egg was yes or noooo~