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Currently looking for 2-3rd Gen Stairstep prizes for a Lineage project! For 3rd Gens, all mates accepted. For 2nd Gens, no Discontinued, Female GoN, or Holidays prior to January 2013 mates, please. .My squadrons and egg basket--------Curious about our lineage project? (Examples of later Gens: 1, 2) PM me!

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    Military Technology
    Military History


    MegaMan (Classic)
    Golden Sun
    Mighty No. 9


    || Don't Tread On Me || There are some things just worth fighting for. ||


    I am looking to complete my scroll. At this time, I am open to breeding my low-gen Rares for trading! If you would like to offer on something specific off of offspring from my scroll, please PM me.

    NOTE: I may be unavailable for lengths of time. I am a bit busy at the moment.


    LIST A: Caveborn Hatchlings

    —Black Truffle (♂ & ♀)
    —Siyat (Any color) (♂ & ♀ of same color)
    —Aqualis (♂ & ♀)
    —Stratos (♂ & ♀)
    —Alcedine Wyvern (Blue) (♂ & ♀)


    LIST B: 2nd Gen PB Hatchlings (Gendered or Proof of Influence required)

    —Alt Black (♂ & ♀)
    —Alt Undine (♂ & ♀)
    —Alt Spinel (♂ & ♀)


    List C: Special

    —CB Neglecteds (♂ ,♀, & ⚲)

    —2nd Gen Prizes (No Holiday/Discontinued Mates)
    —3rd Gen Stairstep Prizes (especially from ♀ lines)

    —CB Holidays: (List is WIP)


    List D: Specific Mates

    —Mate for Undying Fortune: CB ♀ Xeno Straterae
    —Mate for Zeedaq: 2nd Gen ♀ Alt Black from Male Magi x Female Black pairing
    —Mate for Kepbe: 4th Gen Stairstep ♂ with ABA pattern for females in the lineage
    —Mate for (Iu8IV) : 6th Gen Silver Shimmer from a Male Shimmer x Female Shadow Walker Stairstep