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I Accept IOU's IOU contracts Wishlist Planet Dragons, MagixDaydream Hybrid, Glowback, help on all please

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    Fantasy World full of dragons~
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    I like to Roleplay, I'll do anything as long as there is a love interest within the story at some point, I can't Roleplay with anything that doesn't have a love interest, I'm sorry.

    I'm also a fan of Yaoi Roleplays, or guyxguy as some people might call it. I will also do straight roleplays as well in the forum or through PM either one doesn't matter to me.

    I generally like Fantasy and Paragraph style roleplays, I hate one-liners, and I like a decent reply like Five lines or more.

    I'll do almost any and all races when Rp'ing from Humans all the way to Dragon furries or Dragon anthros. My range on rp'ing has widened^^

    so if you want to RP in the Roleplay forums, PM me if you want to rp with me, and we can discuss a plot or something and we can rp^^ I might start putting some things in the forums myself, I'm not for sure.