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  1. Good news, I can now stream And that means I can focus on work more and you can come watch if you want! So, if you want to drop by and see the picture so far, I'm streaming Justin.tv under the account 69dragonhugs. I will hopefully work a lot faster now! >
  2. Sorry, I haven't been online - not counting my phone - in a while. But, I'm still working on that pic, just trying to do something... *glares at x-split* I DUN UNDERSTAND YOU STREAMING PROGRAM! I'm waiting for a friend to help me. T-T
  3. I'm just terrified that MegaMewtwo is confirmed to have even MORE special attack and the MegaLucario has more attack with the adaptibility ability. Seriously, who wants to come in on a close combat from that!? NO ONE! MegaBlaziken with speed boost and more attack..... *dies* Though, my honest thoughts.... POKEMON AND DIGIMON SHACKED UP AND HAD A BABY!
  4. I'm sorry I couldn't post it today. I had to clean today. It's close, but I don't have the time to finish it up. I didn't expect to have to clean the house today lol. *glances over to the piles of laundry and sighs*
  5. *reads Lady's commit slowly* Holy double trifecta of types Batman! You are a genius. Someone! Quick! Call Nintendo! *is shot* I should have seen that sooner since beside the classic Fire/Water/Grass, Psychic/Fighting/Dark is another trifecta! Obvious thing is obvious and now I feel silly.
  6. Uranus Syar Power Make Up! Type this: In the name of Poptarts!
  7. There is a balance between destruction and creation. Such as some forest trees cannot release their seeds and reproduce UNTIL a forest fire comes through. The temperature tells the trees it is time to reproduce, also giving the seeds better odds with all the old plants/undergrowth gone. Yay, science! But, I kinda doubt they will be completely balanced compared to each other. Not all legendaries are created equal. X3 We won't know for sure till move pools/stats/Fairy type strengths and weaknesses are completely known for us to know. Though, if we are going off design, Yveltal defiantly wins in my books. Xerneaus looks elegant, but I prefer the darker, more wild and powerful image Yveltal presents personally, lol.
  8. Okay! (It's okay, you have in your favor that I love drawing wolves lol)
  9. Yeah, I can give it a go! Would you like any specific pose or something? I can't really work on it Saturday since family stuff, but I can have it done by Sunday, if you want.
  10. Earlier, Sharknado was mentioned. Let's just say horribly obvious CGI sharks are flying around and there are chainsaws involved... It is Scifi movie worthy! *salutes Scifi channel* May you movies be horrible cheesy till the end of time. And then there is Twilight..... *hides under pillow whimpering* Oh, and I heard there is a Sharknado 2 as well. I am slightly afraid to check out if this is true.
  11. Well, it would make sense if they go for the more original interpratation of Fairies and stuff. But, they all look cute-sy so far... I'm not having much hope for that, but who knows. Nintendo is good from pulling off random stuff sometimes. *coughMeleeatEvo2013cough*
  12. Hahahaha, this. This makes me giggle so much! X3 You my friend are amazing for posting this!
  13. This person knows what's up. #MoreCrobatLove
  14. YES PLEASE. May I love forever now for sharing this with me?
  15. Both resisting each other? Now that WOULD be something interesting. I so curious now. Hurry up time!
  16. Sarime school od Anythins does Martual Arts Fubak Attaxk! Type this: Because the Internet told me to!
  17. Wouldn't it honestly depend on which interpretation of Fairies they take? Idk, Nintendo just confuses me sometimes. #SavingMeleeEvo2013
  18. They hinted that? Sweeeet. Poison needs more love man. I agree if this becomes a thing, but who knows.
  19. I don't quite remember the exact explanation on Psychic being weak to Dark. I think it had to do with the tricky, conniving thought process that comes with it, but I don't remember too well. I just remember the explanation sounded pretty cool.
  20. Actually, I heard Dark type literally meant "Dirty Fighting" which is why it is weak to Fighting type, the more "honorable" way to fight, and strong to Psychic types who can't "wrap their mind" around such sneaky tactics. But what do I know? lol
  21. I think "shaking up the game" can be an amazing thing if done correctly. It keeps the games interesting and fresh for newer and older players. If it was exactly the same every time, then it can get stale and kill a good game.
  22. They haven't even given us Fairy types weakness yet. It is still unknown what types can easily take on Fairy types yet. That, and Fairy type could end up being a more frail class, like Psychics tend to be with physical moves. Not all, but some types do have a trend in stats, like Steel being bulky or Fighting being physically strong. Not all, but you never know.
  23. I foresee Yveltal getting much love in the future. X3
  24. Hmm, maybe. That seems like a good idea! I might try that and see if I can get a few of these unfinished pictures I have done. I swear, they stare at me, telling me to finish.
  25. I think it mostly comes from how Dragon resists so many other types in comparison to weaknesses with the average stat ranges they have. I'm excited to see how this changes the meta game! That and the adding of a healing/attacking electric attack (more defensive spreads maybe?) and the kinda U-Turn/Volt Switch for fighting pokemon. That stuff is gonna be interesting to see implemented into meta game teams. *fangirls around like a fool*