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  1. Aw man, I missed the red bar this morning. Oh well, time to go submit some fire puzzles.
  2. Ooooooh, cookies and hot chocolate. If I wasn't sold on this team before I definitely would be now. *munches on a cookie while waiting for the timer to cool down*
  3. Another pyromaniac in training reporting for duty. I've been doing at least a hard puzzle a day and voting fire, but it feels like a neverending grind, my motivation just fades away. Maybe this neat thread will help with that. ^^
  4. @Sunrunner Not sure if you're asking for help, because your last piece fits perfectly. Just rotate it with the short end facing upwards.
  5. Oh man, you guys have got me wanting to do some more puzzles again. Especially since we still haven't had a good look at the fire bar in action. But I always get bored during the 15 minute wait period and end up with zero motivation to come back and do another one. ^^' @Marie19R Ah, that's a shame. We've finally gotten some snow after the holidays were all rainy and cold and just overall unpleasant weather-wise. I hope it stays overnight, I'll build a little fort in your honor! ^^
  6. Absolutely gorgeous dragons! <3 I'm super happy with most of this year's Christmas. Collected my fill of old CBs, a beautiful new dragon release, the Christmas story is cute and interesting. Thanks to everyone involved! The only thing I'm a bit disappointed with is the tetris puzzles. Same issue as with the last Halloween event, it just feels like a huge grind without much in the way of reward, doing the same thing over and over again. I liked the resource gathering and decorating events much better. Snow Wars was my absolute favorite.
  7. Looks like it was either just a glitch or got fixed. I'm seeing eggs again. ^^
  8. No, the problem has been reported by several people in the News thread. It's not that we're missing the drops because they're going fast. I have a fast connection and am refreshing starting ten seconds before the drop times. The eggs are definitely not showing up at all.
  9. Mine just hatched, since I don't have any Incubate on my scroll. My goodness, the hatchies are so cute. And I'm loving the third-stage egg animation! So far easily my favorite Halloween dragons next to the Shadowwalkers.
  10. Whooo, just snagged my first new Halloween egg ^^ Loving the sprite and description.
  11. Tonight and then all through tomorrow.
  12. Looks to be just that one so far. I haven't gotten anything else since and it's been well over an hour.
  13. Same here with another treat. More incentive to log on again, yay. ^^
  14. Those are so cool. Thanks for making them!
  15. I am perfectly capable of playing the game, but I can understand the frustration. Because the way I see it, for the people complaining about it it's not just about getting or missing the badge. If you can't get enjoyment from playing the minigame then this year's event is just very bland. I find myself bored by it as well, getting most of the enjoyment out of helping other people complete their puzzles. It's by far not as intricate, immersive, and imaginative as previous events have been. And while I think that's okay (you can't expect 150% creative output all the time), it should also be okay for people to voice their frustrations with it, as long as they do it in a civil manner, which many people have been doing. After all, it's only with feedback that a site can improve. And now the content creators know which kind of game doesn't do great with a lot of users.
  16. It's site-wide progress, so yeah, it seems like the two sides are about equal at the moment. EDIT: Got all the dragons I wanted, and all the treats. Now it's a few more days of spreading the cure and attempting to help people out with the minigame, and then it's time for new eggs. Can't wait.
  17. The top right square is safe. As should be the one in the bottom row, making the one between the two 3-tiles your last virus.
  18. Ah, yeah, I see it now. I completely overlooked that possibility when I was solving for the 2 in the bottom row. Thanks for figuring it out!
  19. No. Apparently which one you get at the end is supposed to be based on what you did more, but I'm not sure if that's already working as intended. Either way, you'll only have one at the end.
  20. Actually, the lower of the yellow ones must be safe. The upper one has to be a virus because it's the only way the 2-tile above the right 3 is fulfilled. @Zeditha: I'm wondering how you got to your solution of the upper right corner. I couldn't tell anything about that. If you have the time, would you mind shooting me a PM about it? Always eager to learn new tricks.
  21. I'm sorry about that. It's interesting to me, because checking over it again that should have been a possible solution. I suppose that's the luck part of the game. I'll take a crack at your new one in a moment. Hopefully to better success.
  22. It was the other way around in the beginning and people got confused about it, then, too. I think it's intended that the amount of each color of the meter signifies the status of cure vs. illness. Marker to the right = more red = virus is winning Marker to the left = more blue = cure is winning So it's more like they're pushing each other back.
  23. This should do it, I think. Again, red is virus, green is safe.
  24. Ah, sorry. I see how it could be confusing with the goop being green. ^^' It is as Trope says: red is virus, green is safe
  25. That's as much as I can tell right now