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ShadowAzure.png**I'm a Vampire Biter, so dead egg on my scroll, that's why. I don't intentionally kill dragons.

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    Wouldn't you like to know. I'll give you a hint, not on Earth.
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    Uh... where to start this? Okay, roleplaying has become an interest of mine, open for any kind of rp for the most part except I do have a few things I'll draw the line at. Mostly play guys in rps, though I'll play either. Fantasy is a main thing of mine, not much on 'full' reality, though Sci-fi and such is more than fine. I have a fellow rp'er on the site, LunarMoonlite.

    Always been in love with dragons since I was younger, and mostly they find their ways into my art or my stories. I've done art on Adobe, though I mostly have to draw it first cause I feel more at ease on paper.

    ((Not finished really lol, and I do have some of these, but I just love the dragons so much ^^))

    * Gemshard Dragons
    * White Dragon
    * Nocturne Dragon
    * Turpentine Dragon
    * Spitfire Dragon
    * Funny/ Interesting/ Naughty codes (they make me laugh)
    * Dragons with BSA (especially magis and reds)
    * CB Skywings
    * CB Water Dragons
    * CB Hellfires
    * CB Horse Dragons
    * And anything I don't have, though not much on chickens and dinos ( I just trade or gift them to others depending on my mood lol)

    Also, just a warning, don't freak out if I send you a PM with random gifts. I like trying to give people something on their wishlist if I come upon it, or something they need if I can get ahold of it.

    RulenneClarissa- gets first offer of new blusang catch ^Kept^

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