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  1. I'm alive, don't worry. I've just been trapped in the void of pet sites. And I finally got around to naming my unnamed dragons. I'm proud of some of my name gets.
  2. Hey everyone, I've returned from the horrific nether-realm I was previously trapped in, a place called 'I forgot about DC and the forums for a bit'. How has everybody been?
  3. NathanBros died from an incident involving a plate of spaghetti, an antique rocking chair, and a Backstreet Boys CD.
  4. Warning: this is a long list. You're A Kid Now You're A Squid Now Cap'n Cuttlefish Saltspray Rig Carbon Roller Moray Towers Heavy Splatling Krak-On Splat Roller The Mighty Octostomp Tentatek Splattershot Gold Dynamo Roller Lanshi Razmi Narssus Skull Heart Arrythmia ...I have a lot of Splatoon names.
  5. ...I really like these new silvers. I was waiting for the silver update for so long, and it was worth it.
  6. I managed to find a caveborn Thunder Dragon while looking for potion stuff! ;u;
  7. Hey! So, in other news, I've been considering designing my own dragon. Some kinda pygmy dragon crossbreed.
  8. Somehow, I managed to get both 'You're A Kid Now' and 'You're A Squid Now'. I'm quite proud of myself for that.
  9. 'Cats' Alternian Moon' If I'm not mistaken, that's a Homestuck reference.
  10. 'Shadow of Lannister II' I recognize the name Lannister from Game of Thrones, even though I've never watched/read the series.
  12. Still Not Clifford I'm assuming that's referencing the big red dog?
  13. I have quite a few. Bubble Bun(Waterhorse) OC Donut Steel and Marie Sue(Ridgewings) Anna Ciel(Blacktip) Captain Bitsy(Dark Myst Pygmy) Snuffles McFluffle(Sunset) Monty the Minty(Wrapping-wing) Little Jingly Wings(Ribbon Dancer) Cheddar Goldfish(Shallow Water)
  14. Besbaw ..I am mildly jealous of you getting that name.
  15. One does not simply time travel into Mordor.
  16. Ebony Copperspot, just because it's so fun to say.
  17. Whose Vine Is It Anyway You win everything for naming it that.
  18. Banned for banning someone for liking Okami.