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  1. Thank you for the pretty checker! Leaving a 4 days CB Pygmy hatchling
  2. Claimed the bronzie with GW line, thanks a lots Leaving a four days purple baby
  3. Took the pretty pink, thanks a lot. Leaving a 5G PB non-inbred BBW egg
  4. Thank you for the pretty, leaving another baby (an avatar of destruction with magma perfect checker) Offered hehe i will leave something as soon as my other offers are accepted I do love to accept your offer but you're slot-locked now
  5. Got the hatchie just before it matured, YAY!! Still have the Pink egg available... Has Old Pink Mommy and Frill Daddy . Getting ready to go to bed soon, so may not accept offers until morning if I don't get one in the next 15-20 mins HI All!! Just got up and able to get to my computer and found 4-5 offers on my Pink egg... Unfortunately there was only 1 egg at the moment and since the rules are "the first to offer and post a leaving" I took the 1st offer on the list that posted a "leaving" egg/hatchie. With that said... The Pink egg goes to: [bSnelly[/b] Enjoy!!! My thanks goes out to: Tawanda001, Merlot, Shibunari, and Dragon p for your offers! I only wish I had more than one of these to offer If any of you are interested in a sibling of the offered Pink egg, I coud breed another one next week... Just PM me and maybe we can work something out Again, Congrats to Snelly !! Thank you for the pretty, leaving another baby (an avatar of destruction with magma perfect checker) Gone to multicolorfulgirl, enjoy my friend
  6. Offered on the baby too, leaving a 2G PB pink Pyralspite egg
  7. Thank you for the pretty! Leaving a PB Pink Pyralspite egg, parent will be named after.
  8. Offered on the lovely, leaving a CB new release hatchling from volcano, please offer a dummy egg Gone to chella
  9. Congrats to you, and my friend, I am also working on this project http://dragcave.net/lineage/vgNOQ Maybe we could settle down some blood swaps for the project in future
  10. Thank you for the lovely baby, Leaving a 4G EG Avatar of Change with solstice line, please offer a dummy egg Gone to Honigdieb, have fun
  11. Thank you Lescht Offered on your baby and leaving a four days PB Tri-Horn hatchie http://dragcave.net/teleport/83c65506c4635...8557f022293ef72
  12. Can't wait to see what they exactly like in different stage.
  13. Took the second butch of baby, thanks a lot, leaving a PB Magma baby
  14. I afraid that I couldn't accept the offer as you're egg-locked now.
  15. Offered on the lovely shinny, Breed a 2G PB Blusang for someone who like it Gone to hamsterwoman
  16. Offered on this cutie, Will someone like this baby? Thank you for the eggy, will be loved!
  17. Can't resist PB line of any breed, will take good care of it. Leaving a 5G PB white egg, Two way link
  18. The baby is all your now, thanks to give it a good home. PM me if you want me to hold the hatchling that you offered for a while till you free from slot locked. Hatchie for a warm home http://dragcave.net/teleport/df2d7f09d98c7...df1811d7eb09dd6
  19. Thank you for the lovely pairing, will influence and continue the line Leaving a 2G PB ICE
  20. Thanks God http://dragcave.net/lineage/vgNOQ