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  1. A wyrm sounds like a good idea actually...
  2. Congrats that's what I'm trying to do atm. If only there was an incubate for hatchlings...
  3. *applauds* Best idea ever. I might start doing that too.
  4. Hazel360

    John Green

    I have to agree with the Anne Frank house love scene. Definitely disrespectful, and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be praised for doing that in real life.
  5. Make your hatchlings eat only durians until they mature. Are there magical dragon schools with houses like Dragondor, Slithering, Hufflepymgy and Drakeclaw?
  6. That's so Raven freaking awesome ZOMIGOSH I can't breathe! Forget the rest, DC needs to celebrate the epic amazingness of stones! Stone decorating for the win! The Stones could be recoloured to look like Prizes
  7. Yep, I'm also hoping it's tomorrow (hopefully by then I'll get my count to 500)
  8. Read "My Immortal" (the Harry Potter fanfic) 665 times. ALL OF IT >. Immediately, thou shalt receive the Prize of your dreams. Do Papers get burnt?
  9. Hazel360

    John Green

    I'll search that up. Sounds pretty good to me. I guess both are qualifying factors in my dislike for John Green. Looking for Alaska was only enjoyable until a certain point in the story *facepalms* and ikr, what's up with people (mostly adolescents) these days? I kinda wonder if any people who suffered from cancer were bothered or not by it. In real life, I'm pretty sure Gus would have been bullied a lot.
  10. Yay! *grabs balloons and party hats*
  11. *looks at all the lineages* Wow. Such pretty. Much gorgeous. Very amaze.
  12. Because ponies. What are chu doin' here, missy?
  13. It still looks cool though. I can sorta imagine how it'll look once it's finished Off topic: your signature sorta reminds me of the anarchy symbol
  14. Three of them would be truly amazing. *crosses fingers* My scroll is almost ready
  15. I just hope I'll be able to get them in time.
  16. Somehow, I think it'd be cool if there were dragons based on A Christmas Carol because Christmas ghosts
  17. Even though I hate them, Bang Bang and Boom Clap have gotten stuck in my head. And they don't want to leave.
  18. I wouldn't mind breeding one for you either. And same here, I don't want to make the same mistakes I made last year (catching eggs before the breedings and sighing while deciding whether or not to abandon them).
  19. My current avatar is from a rather disturbing music video. aka: Me!Me!Me!. If you haven't watched it, then don't
  20. I also like the idea of sending gifts to fellow members, although the snow forts last year were definitely very fun. Of course, there must be a raffle, and I think it'd be cool to see a new Prize dragon (and a tad upsetting).