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  1. Syiren enjoys pretending she's Miley Cyrus every time she sits on a toilet.
  2. Because Solstices are actually hermaphrodite goldfish working for the CIA. How do I change my avatar?
  3. I don't exactly have any ideas for dragons at the moment, but sure. It looks cool anyways.
  4. Don't be silly, that's not a Nebula you caught. It's an evil Nebula imitation, and you should probably abandon it before it burns your scroll. Can you breed Halloween dragons on Christmas?
  5. They don't look bad to me. The first one looks like it could make an interesting dragon, though.
  6. They're biased, narrow-minded dragons, bruh. How do I get a Holly? Everyone takes them before me!
  7. Got my first Holly. Thanks, JaneMcAsh because my AP catching skills are terribad
  8. Welp, I was going to breed my Solstices, but then I found out I bred them on the wrong day and I'll have to wait. #themagicofchristmas
  9. Path is an insane clock collector who stashes his collection in a cave in Turkmenistan.
  10. Hazel360


    I might check out the other epsiodes sometime...
  11. I feel like unleashing some Solstice x Sunsong or Solstice x Ice, but there are so many options. Q_Q
  12. Darn. I'm tired as heck, but I feel like staying up just to see if I have any chances with the AP.
  13. It looks cool, but it's a bit too expensive for me. Not like I'd be brave enough to go out with it anyway.
  14. I took a quiz and got: Hufflepuff - 15 Ravenclaw - 12 Gryffindor - 9 Slytherin - 9 men
  15. Woohoo, I got my Gold Trophy just in time!
  16. This has my support. I'm far too lazy to keep track of my descriptions and sometimes I forget to check them, etc.
  17. I'm also relieved and a bit nervous that it hasn't started yet. Keeping your scroll free can be a pain with the nice eggs that appear in the AP
  18. Hazel360


    I was bored and looking for threads to post in and came across this. Now, you'll probably hate me for this, but I tried watching the first episode of RWBY and was disappointed. I had found out about it through fanart (which I found awesome), so I decided to check it out. By the first two minutes, I was already losing interest. The acting didn't convince me, and the 3D models weren't exactly eye candy. I do admit, though; the battle scene where Ruby did the stuff with her scythe-thingy was pretty wells choreographed. But that's about it. Shoot me, I found the character designs a bit cliche
  19. I wanna do that, but I feel guilty freezing nice lineages...
  20. Make some pizza dough and mould it into a dragon shape. Add toppings and leave to bake. What happens if you bite a GoN?