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  1. Heard of it and it sounds pretty neat (it must be useful for studying), but don't have it.
  2. In an attempt to help Melomancer, I cast a spirit shield around Dynarocks which will hopefully pinch some HP off the godmodder.
  3. Merry Christmas, everyone! I'm already excited for the new Christmas dragons to grow up.
  4. Hazel360

    Holiday Music

    I'd have to go with Fairytale of New York...
  5. Take the couple you wish to breed to a fancy restaurant and see what happens. What are these so-called 'Holiday dragons"?
  6. Why would I not choose something from The Lastt Unicorn as an avatar?
  7. (is this dead?) I aim a poisoned arrow at the godmodder's heart.
  8. Lagopodous. I thought someone else would've taken it...
  9. I don't really mind, as both are pretty, but what a few already said. Hopefully, the pink Solstices will still be available. Perhaps on alternating years, which would be rather cool.
  10. Well, approximately 100% of the things I say irl are stupid, so... and some things online as well
  11. I'm kinda anxious for this year's Christmas egg to drop. Unfortunately, I'll be travelling...
  12. It's a raffle where you participate with your life instead of tickets. I neglected one of my eggs, what should I do?
  13. Hazel360


    Abortion is a pretty touchy subject, but I'll have to say I agree with it being legalised. Where I live, it's illegal for women to have them (unless it endangers their life or they were raped), which I find absurd. Women should be allowed to do what they want with their body without some law interfering.
  14. Don't be fooled by its innocent appearance; it's not an actual tree. It's the spawn of Herobrine, don't ever click it again! What happens if I click the mana shards that appear on the site?
  15. I don't find it necessary to have a page with many badges, but as mentioned earlier, it'd probably be good to have them in the encyclopedia.
  16. Or, to add to what VS said, I'm afraid you'll have to quit.
  17. I ship it! But seriously, they'd make an amazing couple *_*
  18. Swarmlord2 once cosplayed Akio Ohtori at Comic Con and got rotten tomatoes from fangirls.