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  1. Hazel360 --> Tigerkralle: Floral Crowned (OFFERED)
  2. Messy Seasonal hatchie, good for freezing
  3. ridgewing hatchie from the ap
  4. 3G Ice from Shimmer staircase, up for grabs
  5. CB female black hatchie CB green nebula @Wanderer claimed the first 4th gen one. Thanks!
  6. taken, thanks! 6G White with SAlts in lineage (inbred): Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 4G SAltkin Undine: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  7. 4g gold from bronze tinsels, preferably for a giftee but it's also fine if you keep it for yourself
  8. CB plated colossus hatchie
  9. claimed them, thanks! black capped teimarr hatchie with almost cool code ("gnome")
  10. 2G red Striped from Holly 4G SAltkin
  11. 4EG Flamingo Thuwed and a Tinsel
  12. 6G Bronze Tinsel from Solstices, for anyone who might need it. (preferably for the secret santa, but i won't mind if you decide to keep it for yourself)
  13. messy holly, ungendered @Aleoleo claimed the snow angel hatchie, thanks a bunch!
  14. Gifting: Thunder hatchie, up for grabs
  15. Claimed it! Thanks, Jazeki and LackingDragons
  16. messy thuwed hatchie enjoy, elihris
  17. @Iside took the chrono, thank you! CB pink egg
  18. a messy red hatchie enjoy, @kanya146715!
  19. Gifting messy magi hatchling