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kinvi. they/them. 21. doing my best. tri-horn pack: 151/∞

i dont use the forums that often so please contact me on discord if you need me urgently! my tag is in my profile 😆


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    discord: Kinvi#9643

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    virtual reality
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    please be patient if asking about breeding my prize! it’s a bit overwhelming and i have a lot to consider now

    heyoo a quick apology in advance!! i dont use the forums that much, so please either try to be patient with me or contact me through discord!

    anyway, heres the real scoop. i collect tri-horns!! and a couple of others, but mostly tri-horns. one day i hope i can get a cb silver shimmerscale! (update as of May 31st: i have a cb bronze shimmer aaa!!)

    let me know if i can help you with anything!! ^v^