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  1. I've been here since 2008. Just finally caught my first CB Gold.
  2. Finally saw my first flow egg. Of course naturally I missed it 😧 EDIT: And another! Too slow though. Think that's all my luck used up.
  3. Well as much I hope I'll eventually catch a CB Staterae, I really hope it makes it to the market. I don't care how much it'll cost. I've already gotten a gold and a silver from the market, what's another at this point.
  4. Oh my goodness, they're absolutely gorgeous. I think my favourite is the pharos, I really enjoy yellow/blue colour schemes. EDIT: Loving the description of the ke'maro and their looks.
  5. I believe people have the rights to be frustrated about the secret egg just as much as people are allowed to love them. I personally don't like the secret and I've never enjoyed this kind of stuff. Guess I must be "less" invested in the game, apparently. 🙄 Trying to push down one side is bad society.
  6. It's proving impossible to get these. Whatever. I'll just wait til they come to the market then I guess >.>
  7. So it seems they're hardly dropping, now. Was able to catch one at least but ough.
  8. Crystalline dragons: Meh Stratos dragons, though? Wow. I'm definitely gonna hoard a bunch.
  9. They're gorgeous but the sprite feels a little busy to me.
  10. Ah, not really feeling these. They're very average and generic looking to me, doesn't give me "halloween" vibes either. Looks more like something I'd expect from a regular release. The lore doesn't really grab my attention, spooky evil dragon that tricks you and then eats you. Okay. Witchlights do it better.
  11. Cool. The lag is going to make getting these annoying to get!
  12. My Silver Lunar x Silver pairing, one of my favourite pairs just refused each other after being fine for ages. I'm in a bad mood right now and this just made it worse
  13. Hmm... I don't care for any of these. Ah well.
  14. The Mariner pgymy is kind of... meh. Very generic looking. Much prefer the Skysilk but they're rather busy.
  15. The Aqualis dragon is so pretty! I must just hoard a bunch...
  16. At the end of the day, you do you and I can't stop you, but I wanted to try give perspective from the other side. I've had abstains and rejections with no comments (and I'm sure I'm not the only one this has happened to!) but it's like, obviously these people see something wrong with my descriptions, but I won't know because I'm not a mind reader.
  17. If the description seems good enough to you, why not just hit accept and be on your merry way? To be abstained with no comment just because you want to skip doesn't help anyone at all. Also, no. The only way to know your description is getting acception/rejection is to check up on it yourself.
  18. Aaand I'm scroll-locked once more. These will be the last Halloween dragons until next year for me! I'm hoping next year Omens won't be so hard to come by ;;
  19. Boy I'm glad I didn't notice the Market acting up. If I finally had the chance to get a Gold just to have it taken away because of a dumb glitch, I'd be incredibly irritated. It's already annoying enough trying to save up for one.
  20. Whoo boy I am glad I missed the messy Omens.
  21. Gorgeous dragons. I love their colours and appreciate they're different from what you'd expect from a Halloween dragon. But I'm sorry to say they don't really give me Halloween vibes. I do look forward to collecting some more next year though.
  22. Yeah, how about I just wait for the "middle of the week". Great idea. 😒
  23. Ugh. Eggs in the Halloween biome go too easily.
  24. I love the colours on the Aether Wyvern! So pretty. I've never been a fan of pygmies so... no comment there. Especially with the boring "haha pigeons are dumb" route taken with them.
  25. Of course there's a release when I'm super busy >>