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  1. 3 of each. These eggs are absolutely gorgeous!!
  2. Looks like TJ might've messed up on the freezing..?
  3. Oh my gosh!! The coasts are GORGEOUS!!
  4. And of course it's impossible...this new time sucks...
  5. Soooo basically it'll be a million times harder since everyone will be awake...Q~Q
  6. That's not really a funny code.... :<
  7. Just caught this gorgeous little girl! I'm so happy~! >3<
  8. Found a beautiful pink lineaged Sweetling today as well as an icey but fiery Heartseeker. Now the fun part, trying to find them mates that will compliment their gorgeous lineages! >3<
  9. FINALLY got a 2nd gen 09!! Cave lurker father, SOOOOO happy!
  10. Have one of everything BUT an 09 dragon :/ My friend managed to catch a 2nd gen goldx09 so I'm trying so hard to find a 2nd gen as well...but I can't even catch one! DX
  11. I just want one 2nd gen sweetling...ONE....Q_Q Anyone have any idea on when things might slow down a bit so it's actually possible to grab eggs?
  12. it WILL be fun to have a huge wall of V-day eggs once this finally gets sorted out
  13. Maybe TJ's working on changing the coding for taking out the limits?
  14. Nope, doesn';t seem like anyone's seen any yet.
  15. People are breeding, but they're not showing up yet...Maybe it takes a little bit for the coding or whatever to realize the V-day eggs need to go to the top?
  16. Still not seeing any of these beauties. Hopefully they show up soon! >3<
  17. I can just FEEL everyone frantically clicking their refresh buttons and DC just going "WAIT WHAT WHAT IS HAPPENING OMG" because it's not loading for me
  18. So it starts tomorrow at midnight, going into the 8th? SO EXCITED~ and no limits! I can grab all the Rosebuds I want~!
  19. Got two already....and now the site won't load D:
  20. ...well that was fast. I already got two of the new ones. o-o
  21. So what happens if your forts HP gets down to zero?
  22. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Pyros314 I'll hit back once I have snow!