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  1. Good luck Taloncat! *really glad I didn't miss anything during my own hiatus*
  2. PPPPFFFFFFFFFF well done Also, someone should PM Silver.... I PM'd her last time, that got her moving.
  3. "Cane..." the Flareon muttered by way of introduction. He wasn't too sure about this Mawile - he was never too sure about other pokemon, in general - but if they were going to be a rescue team, then the least they could do would be to help this pokemon find his way. Cautiously, he glanced aside at his siblings. Though they generally decided things by whatever at least two of them could agree on, Cane wasn't feeling terribly comfortable about this, and deferred to his older brother for judgement. "What do you think, Abel?"
  4. No, I believe Mawile is just grey and yellow. Shiny one has purple where the normal one is grey. So. No green
  5. Wait guys, what are Anise and Rue? I gathered that one was a Spiritomb, but their summaries aren't in the forum ^^"
  6. A gastrodon. Okay. Red could do this. As unsettling as her dream had been last night, it was still just a dream. Gastrodons were easy - water/ground types. No problem. The normal-type zigzagged around her comrades, working at something in her mouth. As she reached the front of the party, she spit out a seed bomb at the nearest Gastrodon, before scampering back into the group so she wouldn't get hit. [[Red used Seed Bomb on Gastrodon]] ------------------------------------------------------- Satisfied that his siblings were awake and that he had their attention, Cane marched
  7. "Augh!" Cane released Abel's ear in surprise, falling back. "Kyandi, come on, don't scare me like that! I'm just trying to make some breakfast, you guys!" The Flareon growled quietly and straightened up, shaking himself off. "I was thinking of trying to roast some berries this morning, but if you two are going to be butts, then I guess we'll just have cold breakfast again." Cane turned on his heel and stalked back to the pile of tinder he'd assembled, smirking a bit to himself. Abel may not care for hot food, but he knew Kyandi loved that sugary crunch on the outside of roasted berries,
  8. Cane woke not long after his brother had drifted back to dreamland. The Flareon was not one for sleeping in; if Cane was awake, he was awake. It was hardly of his own choice... sleep regularly eluded him since that one day he... he shook his head. No reason to dwell on his nightmares. Working himself up over a past he couldn't change was pointless - his energy was better spent changing the present for himself and his siblings. And that present wasn't going to wait for his little family to sleep the day away... The Flareon got up and stretched, careful not to disturb his siblings. He slowl
  9. Omg you brought the Eevee triplets in and it was super awesome I'm all kinds of excited x3 lemme go throw Cane in there real quick~
  10. ah yes, I forgot you have a rotating avatar yes, TPP. I love it.
  11. Okay, think I fixed it x.x whew! Should be consistent now (because h*ll amd I scrapping that intense dream sequence, I spent way too much time on that)
  12. GOSH DARN IT. Lemme go retcon that so it's the night before or something x.x
  13. Geez, I think that's my longest post yet ._. wow... not sure what possessed me to do that, but, well, I hope people weren't planning on doing a whole lot before the dungeon, cuz I sure wasn't
  14. The day before... ---------------------- Red was beside herself with joy. Just a day's journey away from Foggy Forest! Wow! A real Mystery Dungeon! Now she was really going to be a real adventurer! Knowing the challenges she'd face the next day, Red did her best to get some rest that night when they set up camp, oh she tried, she really did, but she was just too excited to sleep. She paced, she fidgeted, even practiced launching shadow balls and seed bombs into the woods, and digging around their campsite, just to expend her excited energy. The moon was high in the sky when she f
  15. Ah man, and here I thought I had a special one...
  16. Guys, I have a genderless mature hatchling Not even kidding, what the heck? This happen to anyone else?
  17. I've been focusing all my creative energies into the Nuzlocke comic I started last week. Also classes have started up again, so that's time-consuming x.x
  18. Looks like we've all been accepted Also, I just bred a whole bunch of Eevees with Synchronoise and Anticipation
  19. "Well, because I'm part of his rescue team now!" Red beamed excitedly, tail sweeping at the dusty ground. She turned around a few times before comfortably settling next to Leo. "I mean... I've always wanted to be part of a rescue team. So this is kind of amazing." She grinned over at Leo. "I'm actually doing something cool with my life!" She looked back over to Agatha, absolutely radiating energy and excitement. "I got to battle a legendary pokemon today!! This is so much more exciting than living in the forest where I grew up!"
  20. Ah, that's right, I forgot about that whoops
  21. I like that idea, that seems plausible ^^
  22. Red was already scampering over as soon as she saw Leo start to drop. Sniffing out an oran berry fallen from the tree she'd hit earlier, she quickly ferried it over to Leo. "Uhm? Oh, okay then..." She glanced over at Agatha, but was more focused on Leo. She felt a certain responsibility to him; after all, he had gotten her into a real rescue team, and it was his rescue team that she was a part of. (Also, how could she not look up to such a cool pokemon??) Red nudged the berry into his mouth; she had heard that even sleeping and frozen pokemon could eat berries, but she'd neve
  23. Sent Cane's Bio :3 That sounds super cool, Taloncat!! Also, how should we bring in the eeveelutions? Any ideas, Silver? PD?
  24. Yeah, I think you sent it and then I closed my DS before I could recieve it Well, I was looking for a couple of the other starters, but I managed to get them all from people at Magfest I also now have a really cute and cuddly stuffed Flareon x3 everything's coming up Flareon!!