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    Anywhere where everywhere is nowhere
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    "When nine and nine meet nine, the depths of reason shall stir. When the seal of creation is broken, a voice like thunder shall sound, and thou shalt know—We have arrived."


    The number one complaint about my username is that the extra x is really annoying, according to Rate The Above Poster's Name, Avatar, and Siggy. :P
    I guess that's what I get for using a common name and having to differentiate it somehow, although I did make it up when I was really young.

    ----~~Games I Play~~----

    Pokémon (inactive)
    Dragon Cave (obviously) (inactive)
    Assassin's Creed
    Final Fantasy
    Fire Emblem
    Elsword (mains are Asura, Noblesse, and Erbluhen Emotion)

    ----~~Pokémon Showdown~~----

    (inactive here)

    You can find me on Pokemon Showdown battling in these formats:

    Random Battles (Including Random Doubles and Random Triples)
    Ubers (rarely)
    OU (rarely)
    OU Doubles (rarely)

    And in these rooms:

    Other Metas

    Shoot me a PM if you want to battle me on Pokemon Showdown.


    I ALWAYS WELCOME CBS OF THINGS I CAN'T GET. One CB of each gender of a breed would be nice.
    Dinos (red, yellow, and blue needed)
    Paper Dragon (want one to go along with my chicken and cheese)
    Nice lineaged hatchlings/eggs. I don't care if they're super caveblocker common.
    PB, Checker, or Special Lineage (Thuwed, Dorkface, etc.) White Dragons
    CB/EG Blusangs or ones that aren't messy. NOT SHIMMERFAILS! PB preferred.
    Even gen shimmers
    Rares (not messy)
    CB Stripes (lower priority)
    Gold Shimmer (not messy)
    Even gens (above 6G would be awesome!)

    Favorite holidays are: Caligene, Radiant Angel, Rosebud, Solstice. I will usually try harder to get eggs of or from these breeds.

    The list may change. Feel free to ask questions!



    ----~~Additions to my Signature~~----

    I didn't draw the pics in my sig and avatar, credit goes to artists~

    All unnamed dragons are either ones I didn't get around to naming yet or ones that have cool codes.

    Dead eggs are from Vampire bites that failed.

    I took the one scroll oath.

    Duck Duck Goose additions to sig:

    I'm a ninja goose in disguise.
    Being normal? I can't imagine how awful that must be.
    If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try, TRY again, then take a break.
    I'll beat you at Mario Kart.


    Level ten! Achieved in my RP, Two Dimensions in One, at the OOC.

    Super Secret Prize: Because you took the time out of your day to read my profile, you deserve a gift! PM me with the words "what's in the box" along with the egg you'd like bred and I'll reply with an egg as soon as possible!