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  1. Have had some progress, including the finish of my starry lineage! https://dragcave.net/lineage/5diIv
  2. "Which is why I'm so glad you chose teaching. Maybe you'll be able to save teenagers from fates like mine." He smiled. "They love you just as much. But I love you most," he said, reaching over to press a kiss to her cheek. "Oh, I can't believe we missed her first shift! But I'm so excited to get to swim with her. She's probably the cutest little seal alive," he said, all adoration for his youngest daughter. ~ "Isn't she? She's a total sweetheart, too, perfectly behaved. She'll be perfect," Brienna said, beaming. "Oh, good idea. Not that I'm not excited to be your wife officially, but I'm pretty sure my mom is more excited for our wedding than we are." ~ Luna smiled softly at him, thankful that he always asked permission. After being married to someone who never asked, just took, Craven was everything she had wished for. "Yes," she said, kissing him softly before watching the two men head into the backyard. ~ "Well, it's different for everyone starting out, but that could work," Hades agreed. His chest rumbled in a chuckle as she blushed. "As reliable of a method as it is, I'm sure there are less scarring ways to teach our children to fly when the time comes," he agreed, falling into silence as she took deep breaths in her attempt to clear her mind.
  3. "I guess we'll just have to call it even, then!" Frostborn yelled back, ducking behind the wall that Rose was making. He laughed loudly as one of his pack members was knocked on his butt. "Snowrunner, I thought you were better than that!" "She's got something of an advantage!" Snowrunner retorted, rolling out of the way of a barrage of snowballs from the others and hurling a snowball back towards Ice Queen. "Good work," Frostborn said, giving her an approving nod. He poked his head above the wall, ducking quickly when Zahar shot several snowballs his way. "Now about that fiancé of yours... how would you feel about dumping a load of snow on his head?" "Nice one," Zahar said, throwing snowballs at Frostborn and Rose's wall. The snowball fight had organized itself into two teams - Ice Queen versus Frostborn. "Any ideas on how to take them down?" he asked, using his telekinesis and waving away snowballs that sailed in their direction. ~ "That will be good, at least. Though I'm sure there are a few that would rather us get married the same day so they'd only have to make one trip," Liv laughed. Jackson chuckled too. "Well, they can keep dreaming. Besides, Hope and I are having our ceremony indoors. It'll be cooler. Plus, no bugs." "That is the one big benefit," Liv agreed. "We have plenty of time to figure everything out, that's the good thing." "I'll go with you!" Jason exclaimed, grabbing a flashlight by the door as he scrambled after her. "Make sure you don't get lost and stuff." He pretended not to hear Liv and Jared snickering from behind him as he followed Moon out the door.
  4. ((I'm alive, hello! )) Zahar wiped snow off his face, sputtering. "My own fiancee!" He exclaimed, laughing. His telekinetic abilities gave him a distinct advantage in warding off other attacks and he grinned as Ice Queen joined him. "Let's show them how it's done, eh?" "I'd call your fancy ability cheating, but I've always enjoyed a challenge!" Frostborn shouted, lithely dodging snowballs that pelted at him from all directions. His mark was glowing slightly, giving him and advantage. "Make us a wall and then try to take out that pesky fiance of yours!" he told Rose, making snowballs almost as fast as he was throwing them and hitting the other members of his pack with deadly precision. He had to duck quickly under the large snowball that Ice Queen had lobbed, almost hitting him in the face. "You're going to have to try harder than that!" Frostborn yelled, throwing snowballs under the telekinetic shield Zahar was using to pelt their legs. ~ Liv looked very much like she wanted to continue asking questions but refrained, turning back to the wedding planning as Maklar listed off their decisions aloud. "Well, we know what we want, but we still have to put it all together. That's the hard part. As for the song, I'll have Rose send it to me. But I trust it's as good as you say because she has good music taste." At his comment on ring bearers she groaned and rubbed her temples. "Right, right, I remember now. Between our wedding and Jackson's I can never keep anything straight."
  5. So do I, haha! I picked up the 3g from the AP and wanted to do something with it so I figured I could at least make a lovely sort-of common Thanks!
  6. Progress! I've started 2 new projects: Copper/Lacula/Boreal - top half, 2g from bottom Tercorn/Nhiostrife/Aegis - top 2g 1 and 2, bottom half I'm still working on getting a 3g Aeria from Venturis which has been much more difficult than I thought it would be. For my starry lineage, I now have the 2g Celestial I need and the bottom half complete! Also, I had no idea that Harvests dropped in the Alpine over winter The more you know.
  7. I'm making progress slowly but surely. I have the bottom half done of my Aeria Gloris/Lihnseyre/Venturis checker, though I'm still working on getting the 3g for the top half. I also bred 3 of the 4 2gs needed for the start of my newest project, a star-themed pattern with Astaarus, Celestial, and Elux Lucis dragons. This Astaarus and this Elux will be bred and I'll have to try again with another Celestial next week to get a match for this Astaarus.
  8. Got a finish with this lovely Crystalline!
  9. Got my first finish! I really love the way it turned out. https://dragcave.net/lineage/fLdt5
  10. Zahar grinned watching her, pulling on his own gloves and scooping up some snow, carefully packing it into a snowball. He lobbed it with considerable force at Ice Queen, who had just dumped snow on one of Frostborn's companions. Frostborn streaked by, the black markings on his fur a stark contrast to the snow, and threw himself into one of the largest snowdrifts, throwing snow over all those nearby, including Ice Queen. He darted off before his victims could retaliate. Laughing, Zahar followed Rose into the calf-deep snow. "Pretty great, right? Watch this." Scooping up another snowball, bigger this time, he threw it at Falrin, who yelped, cursing, and dove out of the way. The snowball followed him like a tracking missile, smacking into his back. "Just because I no longer train you, Zahar, doesn't mean I can't best you," Falrin exclaimed, pushing himself up and ruffling the snow out of his hair. "Bring it on," Zahar said. He glanced down at Rose. "Care to join in? Falrin's quite the opponent." Sensing the challenge, several of the wolves, including Frostborn, shifted back into their human forms. "Snowball fight!" Frostborn bellowed, ducking out of the way of two snowballs and throwing three more that he had formed so quickly they seemed to have appeared from nothing. ~ "Thanks, Mak," Liv said, grinning. "I'm glad I'll have someone to make sure I don't starve between all the studying." She started giggling as Moon teased Maklar. "I prefer my chicken not burned," she said, kissing his cheek. "But I did serve as a taste tester for Jared back when he was still experimenting with cooking, so I'd like to think I could survive anything." "Words hurt, Liv," Jared said, placing a hand over his heart. "I thought you loved me." "I do love you. What I didn't love were some of your early cooking attempts," Liv said, snickering at his affronted expression. They ceased any more playful bickering as they listened to Moon. There was a collective gasp as Moon changed her appearance. Jared's jaw had actually dropped in his shock. "So we're... soulmates?" Jason asked slowly. "That explains a lot, actually." "Explains why he never shuts up about you," Jared said, grinning widely. Jason grinned back. "Guilty as charged. Can we talk more later in private?" he asked Moon. Liv beamed. "I'm so happy for you guys! Wind, you knew- Mak, did you know, too?"
  11. "Fair," Damien agreed, watching as she wrote down notes about the cake. "I understand exactly what you mean, love. Though, to be fair, some of the students very much are gangsters. Though it is quite hypocritical for them to say the things they do about their students. I think that is why you're such a great teacher. You don't judge a student based off of appearances and give everyone an equal chance to succeed." Damien smiled. "Tuck would love that. He already sees you as his mom - the others do too. If you'd like, after this I can call up my lawyer and start getting the paperwork drafted." ~ "I love that idea! Their colt is so cute. He has teeny little hooves and fingers," Brienna gushed. She looked thoughtful. "I like the dawn and dusk idea. It's not as common as spring colors and it has a special meaning behind it." She nodded. "Do you think I should be writing this stuff down? Nah. We'll remember all of it. I need to look into some bridal boutiques to find a dress. And we need a flower girl... my youngest aunt has a three-year-old, maybe she could do it? Mom actually sent me pictures the other day, I don't know if I told you - Mia just had her first shift last week, she's the cutest little puma kitten, my aunt and uncle are so proud." She pulled her phone out of her pocket and swiped through it, pulling up one of the pictures her mom had sent. "Here, see? Isn't she adorable?" ~ "My brother..." Boston said slowly, sounding incredibly confused. His eyes widened as Craven explained. "My brother or not, York deserved what he got. I certainly would never expect or ask you to keep his remains near your home. I'll make an unmarked grave for him somewhere. The last thing he deserves is a positive sendoff." Luna frowned as Ryu began to cry. "You're right, Craven, he's probably hungry. Let mama give you something to eat, Ryu, huh?" she cooed, taking Ryu from Craven. "Would you like a nursing blanket?" Daisy asked politely on seeing that Luna didn't have anything to cover up with. "Yes, please," Luna said, taking what Daisy offered thankfully. "Why don't I show you the backyard, Craven?" Boston suggested as Luna covered and began to nurse Ryu. "It's nothing compared to all the room you have, but it's still rather nice. Plenty of room for the foals to run around once they get older." ~ "Your wing was tilted too much," Hades said, swooping after her in case he needed to catch her. He watched as she grabbed onto a pine and steadied herself seemingly instinctively. He landed on a slightly lower, sturdier branch, the tree barely rustling on his landing. "You can do this. You're thinking to much about it. You just have to let your instincts guide you. It's how you managed to steady yourself in the tree. There's a reason that young dragonkin - and other winged species - are taught to fly by just being tossed off a high place. Sooner or later, their instincts kick in. I don't think I've heard of any dragonkin dying from that method. I didn't. But I was a strong flier from the start," he said. "You're a strong flier, too. I can tell, but you're too scared to let your instincts guide you. Try again, but this time, just be in the moment. It's hard to explain, but once you trust yourself and your instincts, it will click."
  12. ((I've been working on this all afternoon but kept getting interrupted... ugh)) Zahar laughed at Rose's enthusiasm. "Yes, we brought gloves, I believe they're still on the ship if one of the guards would be so kind as to run and fetch them." "Certainly, Prince," said one, bowing briefly before leaving the cave. Outside, Frostborn laughed loudly; it was a warm, friendly sound. "If a snowball fight is your challenge of choice, then I hope you have enjoyed speaking with your future husband." Grinning, he shrugged off the rock face he had been leaning against and shifted in one smooth motion, bounding forward into the snow as those that were in the cave emerged. "This far north stays snowy most of the year regardless," Zahar said. "I can take you back here again sometime. Perhaps put a vacation home somewhere nearby," he pondered. "No better place for a vacation home than the cold, if you ask me," Alpha Squall said cheerfully, watching Frostborn as he charged through the snow, nipping playfully at a few of his packmates who had shifted and were running lightly on the top. "Some may suggest the beach as a better option," Zahar said, grinning as he too watched the wolves. For such large creatures they were very light on their feet, treading on top of the snow rather than sinking into it. The guard sent for gloves returned, offering the two pairs to him. "The gloves as requested, Prince Zahar." "Thank you," he said, taking them and offering a pair to Rose. "What would you like to do first?" ~ ((we can write about Liv and her college adventures :O )) Liv suddenly shot off of his lap. "Oh! Speaking of- hold on." She dashed out of the room, taking the stairs two at a time to grab a bulky letter from her nightstand before bolting back down, skidding back into the kitchen. "I almost forgot to tell you. I got accepted to the biology program at the University of Georgia! Once I finish my bachelor's I can apply for their veterinary school." She set the acceptance packet on the counter before returning to her previous spot on Maklar's lap. She beamed at his explanation of how they were now making money. "Oh, that's wonderful! It's a very good idea, you're all so talented. Rose will make a good queen someday," she said. "We can figure out communication some other time. It'll have to be something that works for everyone. The journals could be good, almost like texting, but it's not the same as talking on the phone or voice chatting." Lilly smiled at Moon. "Sure, we can make some garlic bread. You're more than free to help if you'd like. Liv can cook to survive but she much prefers bringing food home to actually preparing it. If you want to learn more after today, you can come by whenever you'd like and I'd be happy to teach you. Liv can cook to survive, but she much prefers bringing food home to actually preparing it. It'll be nice to have someone around who actually wants to learn." "I can cook," Liv protested. "Yes, I know. But you don't particularly enjoy it," Lilly said. Liv shrugged. "Yeah, you have me there. Jared's the cook of the family." "Dang right," Jared said, grinning lazily. "Picked it up on my own, though, once I moved out. Jase wouldn't have survived without me." "I would have survived, it just would have been on ramen," Jason said, laughing. "Maybe not even ramen. I could burn water, I swear."
  13. ((Been babysitting all day, bleh. I guess after this interacting between Frostborn and Queenie finishes up we can skip to the snow playing scene)) "Thank you, Lady Rose," Frostborn said, taking the offered plate and inclining his head towards her. "You are too kind. When we hold a snowball fight, you can join my team." He grinned toothily. "I never lose." Frostborn ripped into a piece of meat, chewing thoughtfully as he absorbed her words. He swallowed his bite before speaking. "Perhaps, but you were still a child. Excuse me for not judging you too harshly." He quickly polished off the rest of the meat before continuing. "Should you choose, you are always welcome on Zeta Crystallis. As fellow shifters, Draguns are always respected, and you have the Mark. You would fit in easily." His amber eyes shone with mischief at her mention of mates. "Perhaps you should look outside those species or your own, then. The Canis Glacius have never been opposed to interbreeding despite the rarity of it. You'd find no shortage of males willing to vye for the hand of a dragun with the Mark." He finished off the rest of the food and let out a barked laugh. "I do not think the prince will be so severe on you. It is clear he respects you a great deal. And I know enough of Derga law to know that they cannot prosecute you for something that happened when you were still so young. If they did, we would likely step in. We've done so before among other species - the Mark is outlawed by most everyone, as you well know, and such cases happen more often than you might think." ~ "We can't leave out spouses," Liv said. "That doubles the number, then, to around thirty-four including Zahar and Rose. Make a separate list of those that will actually want to attend our wedding. We can seat some of them a little further away to allow my human family to be able to see and hear what's going on." She nodded and scribbled down the information about food. "Oh! Okay, well that makes things much easier. I'm pretty sure Dad knows of a good Thai place, I don't remember the name of it. We'll have to see if they cater." "I think they do," Jackson said. "I know the place you're talking about. I think I saw a sign about it once, or a flyer, or something. Hmm..." "We'll be honeymooning off-world, right?" Liv asked. "We'll need to make sure my family can get in touch with me. Something like the communication device you gave me. Do you think my cell phone could be rigged to pick up calls from Earth even if I'm not on Earth?" "Alright," Jason agreed easily. "We can go for a walk and talk about it. I can show you where they're planning on holding the wedding so you can get an idea of what will need to be done. It should still be light out then." Lilly beamed at Moon. "I'll be making Italian after a little while longer, I've already got the chicken unthawing. I've got everything I need unless you have suggestions for additional herbs or spices."
  14. Kicked off my first project by successfully breeding all 4 2gs I need! This Aranoa and this Stratos will be a pair as well as this Kingcrowne and this Stratos. Still working on grabbing my last male Crystalline before I begin my second project, but I'm off to a strong start!
  15. Had to join! The art is gorgeous and the community is great.
  16. "To those of Zeta Crystallis it is always viewed as a mark of honor," Zahar explained to Rose quietly. "Not to worry, Lady Rose, we don't have for discussion any subjects of true seriousness!" The alpha said cheerfully. "It is only our first meeting, after all." "Just some simple trade matters," Zahar said, taking a seat across from the alpha. "Of course, my father also wanted to remind you that with the law we hold against the Mark it is also illegal for your people to travel to any of our planets for the purpose of giving the Mark. We've had a couple problems with that over the past few years." "Those that are licensed to give the Mark know better than to travel outside of our home world to give it. It is illegal to give the Mark if not licensed and we want them punished just as much as you." "The main issue is that those who aren't properly trained in administering the Mark will often kill everyone who comes to them, even if the recipient is worthy," Zahar explained to Rose. "It's a delicate art." "That it is," Alpha Squall agreed. "Learning takes many years. But the end results are certainly worth it." "When the Mark is received successfully," Zahar said. "But I believe we are getting a little off-topic here." "Ah, yes! Our trading agreements," Alpha Squall said, clapping his hands together. "Let's get started on that, shall we?" ((We can ts the trade talk)) Frostborn didn't even flinch at the sudden movement, listening to her story with an unreadable expression in his deep eyes. "I am sorry for the hardship you've endured," he said carefully, "but I hope you will allow for a little forgiveness when I say that I cannot view your Mark in the same light as you. It goes against my very culture and beliefs. Certainly the way you received the Mark was wrong and very much illegal - I'm sure you know the laws preventing those who give the Mark from doing it off our home world - but you received it none the less. You are worthy of it, and among my people that grants you the highest honor and respect. I understand why it is illegal among your people and the Derga, though it saddens me that you are not given the same respect that you would be in my culture for being worthy of receiving it." ~ "So location is settled, then! We won't even have to pay to rent anyplace since it's all on our property. That will cut costs a bit, not that it matters," Liv said happily. She grinned at them. "Yes, probably best you don't start breathing fire at our wedding. That may cause some questions to arise." She tapped her pen thoughtfully against her lips. "What next? Maybe we should write out a list of everyone we plan on inviting so that we can get an idea of how much food we'll need. Probably some special spicy food for your side of the family, I'm sure they'd find our food quite bland. What do you think?" "Oh yeah, the hangover was killer," Jason agreed, pointedly ignoring his mother's reproving glare. "But what does the product of my questionable decisions have to do with your gardening?"
  17. They're gorgeous! Congratulations to both of you!
  18. ((Oh, okay. Gotcha. Sorry for no posts yesterday, was busy + it was dad's birthday. Also I double checked and Waylond is actually married already (and has a baby) so he wouldn't be with someone from the ring. You could say Strange instead since he's single)) "Oh, I see. I'll get in touch with Lian's father to get it arranged." He adopted a mock offended expression. "Was that why? Crafty little fox. You act like the few times you didn't order lemon I ate almost all of your dessert!" He nodded in agreement to her suggestion. "Strawberry would be good. Chocolate, of course, would work too. Whichever you prefer. In the case of groomsmen, I'll go ahead and let those that I want know. Probably Brentwood, Rook, Waylond, and Strange. I think that's a good number." He grinned in chagrin. "Sorry, love. Sometime soon I'll invite over a few of the ladies so that you can meet some of them. Of course, I'm not opposed to you having some non-mob friends, either." ~ "You'll look dashing, I just know it," Brienna said. She brightened at his suggestion. "I like that idea! I can't believe I didn't think of her. She's so sweet and their little foal is just so cute," she gushed. "His little hooves are just so little!" She rolled her eyes at him. "She wouldn't wear a dress - at least, I don't think so. Just a nice shirt. Wait- do they make dresses for centaurs? Is that even possible? I feel like that would get in the way of their movement." She pondered this for several moments before shaking her head to clear it. "We're getting sidetracked. What colors should we choose for decorations? I'm thinking some lighter colors would be pretty. Spring colors, even though it's not spring." ~ ((Craven interacting with Ryu is so cute. Also note that Soren is Luna's younger brother, btw)) "Oh, that will be just great, then! Maybe by that time the two will be up and toddling around. I couldn't imagine still sharing a nest with Peregrine, he's such a good sleeper but he's like a little furnace. Boston and I would sweat to death if we kept him with us. Plus, Boston kicks in his sleep, and we weren't willing to take any chances," Daisy said. Luna smiled adoringly as Craven played with Ryu, who was giggling as Craven blew on his tummy. "Ryu gets fussy at nights even though he sleeps just fine for his naps during the day," Luna said when Craven stepped out to get the toy. "We think he gets scared of the dark. But with him still pretty small it's no trouble for him to stay with us." "Aw, poor thing. I'm sure he'll grow out of it with time. They're only this little once, after all," Daisy said. She beamed at Craven when he offered the toy. "Oh, that is so sweet of you two! I'm sure Peregrine will love it," she said taking it and offering the toy to the colt, who reached out for it and immediately hugged it to his chest. The door opened and Boston entered. "You're here! I'm glad you made it in one piece. I saw the cart outside. It's so good to see you both again! Is this my nephew?" "Boston!" Luna exclaimed, smiling. "It's good to see you, too! This is Ryu." "What a handsome colt," he said. "And you've met Daisy and Peregrine already, I see. I'm glad Peregrine will have a relative close to his age to grow up with." "It will be so good for both of them," Luna agreed. "We were just talking about you three visiting us come fall." "We'd love to, as long as it is a good time for you," Boston said. "But let's talk about your present visit. I let Soren know yesterday that you'd be visiting and swore him to silence. He's promised not to breathe a word but he's very excited to see you. So if he accidentally lets it slip-" "We'll deal with things as they come," Luna said. "For now I'll be excited to see Soren again. I've missed him." ~ Hades let out a whoop when Lian successfully took off and managed to catch the wind, diving down past where she was gliding and shooting up again by her. "Told you it is easy once you get the hang of it," he said, catching an updraft and banking steeply upwards again. "The real challenge is gliding without the wind," he called, descending to soar several yards above her, out of reach of her wings. "Incredible, isn't it?"
  19. I think my first project with them will be with female Hellfires. I also like them with Crystallines.
  20. "Very thoughtful of you, Lady Rose," Alpha Squall said, he and his companions moving to sample the food once she had finished setting it out. "We appreciate your kind gesture." There were several seconds of still, stunned silence after Ice Queen shifted. She didn't even seem to notice, simply slipping out without another word. Abruptly, Alpha Squall started laughing. "My, my! It's as Frostborn said earlier, Lady Rose! It's not for strength among the dragun, but honor!" "I can trust you to keep this quiet, correct?" Zahar asked the alpha, who nodded, still chortling. "Of course, my boy. It was one of our kind who gave the Mark, after all. We won't breathe a word," he said. "Thank you. I will deal with this later," Zahar said, turning to address the party that had come with him. "What you just witnessed you are not to speak of. If I hear that word has gotten out, there will be consequences. I speak to her personally to hear the truth and deal how I see fit. Anyone who spreads rumors about this matter will be punished. Am I understood?" "Yes, Prince Zahar," they said. It was unusual to see him so grave. Zahar's gaze cut to Captain Falrin. "Don't worry, Prince Zahar, I'll see to it that my men don't say a word." "Thank you. Let's try to move on from this, shall we?" he asked. "How are you finding the food?" "Delicious! You are a truly gifted baker, Lady Rose!" the alpha boomed, and several others agreed. They were, quite literally, wolfing down the food. Frostborn was leaning against the rock face when Ice Queen exited, his muscular arms crossed across his chest. He had stayed human in order to communicate, as his kind could only communicate telepathically with others in the pack when shifted. The slight widening of his amber eyes was the only indication of surprise that he gave. "You know," he drawled, smirking, "When I said I was certain there were still draguns with the Mark about today, I did not mean right under our noses. But it is always a pleasure to meet a fellow bearer of the Mark." ~ "Okay, good. Taphita is an over-achiever, huh? She's started shifting really early, from what I remember Mak telling me the average age is. I'm sure Pitch and Stargazer are very proud," Liv said. She giggled a little at Wind and Maklar's obvious confusion but Moon answered before she could. "Unsanitary or not, it's some pretty good alcohol. Doesn't take much to get blackout drunk, though," Jason said with a shrug. Lilly squinted at him. "And how would you know that?" "I'm twenty-three!" Jason protested. "That does not answer my question! Where did you get moonshine?" Lilly demanded. "Uncle Bill let me try some last year when I went out hunting with him! It's not that big a deal. I remember the whole night." "Yes, because that's an accomplishment," Lilly said, shaking her head. "Honestly, Jason." "It was one time," Jason grumbled, quickly turning back to Moon. "Peach tree archway. I love it. Let's go do that. Preferably outside, where my mother can no longer glare at me." "Ignore him," Liv said to Moon. "Any help you're willing to offer we'll gladly accept. It's very sweet of you to offer. I like the idea of a peach tree arch. I can get you the seeds soon, we have peaches in the fridge. Soil and water are no problem." "Early afternoon will make the reception pretty hot with all the direct sun," Jared mused. "You could do the ceremony a little later instead. Closer to sunset when the lighting is nice. Then have the reception after it's dark. We could play-" "We are not playing manhunt at Liv's wedding," Lilly interrupted. Liv looked like she wanted to disagree but thought the better of it. "I like that idea, Jared. We could hang some really pretty lights and with the sun down it will still be warm but not hot. What do you think, Mak?"
  21. "Your father sounds like a smart man," Alpha Squall laughed. "Meat is our meal of choice, that is true, but I don't know of any that will say no to dessert. It is not something we have very often. Most of our meals are eaten raw - exposure to fire makes us ill, as it raises the temperature around us too much. We thank you for your kindness." "Thank you, Ice Queen," Zahar said when she made places for them to sit and rest. "If you want any similar cuts when we arrive back, I'm sure I can arrange it for you." "Both can enter. I'll step out with you," Frostborn said. "Just make sure to save a little for me, Lady Rose." The two wolves that had been standing guard outside, hearing the conversation, now entered in human form, shaking the snow out of their hair in a doglike manner. They both appeared close in age to Frostborn. "Wind has picked up," one said, his hair more silver than white. "Blowing snow everywhere," said the other. They bowed towards Zahar and Rose in greeting. "These are two more of my gammas, Starbrook and Arctic," the alpha said. "Pleasure," Zahar said, bowing. "I'll be outside," Frostborn said, leaving the cave. Alpha Squall clapped his hands together. "Well, let's enjoy some of the delicious food that Lady Rose has so graciously provided and then proceed to more serious talk, shall we?" ~ "Well, thirty to forty in the clearing. You could add more within the trees but they'd be a bit further away. It would have to be some from your family, Mak, as they'd be able to still see and hear without a problem," Liv mused. "There's also a lot of brush in that area, I don't think much harm would come from cutting back a lot of it. That would open up more room and could probably up the numbers to fifty." "Good idea," Jared agreed. "You, me, Jase, and Jack could go out tomorrow and clear some of it out, see if it's even reasonable." "Okay," Liv agreed. "Do we have enough parking for that many people, Mom?" "The front yard should be big enough, since our drive is so long. The side of the house can be overflow if we need it," Lilly said. Jared grinned at Wind. "Your wish is my command, m'lady." He opened the fridge again, pulling out a cold water bottle. "Not sure what your tastes are, so if you'd rather something else, feel free to ask," he said, handing her the bottle. "Yeah, the reception would have to be somewhere else." "There's that one huge clearing where we deer hunt all the time, it's about a half-mile walk from the pond," Jason suggested. "Easily big enough to hold a large number of people. Five hundred easy." "I like that. I don't think Mak has seen it, we'll have to show him and see what he thinks," Liv said. She looked thrilled at Moon's suggestion. "Oh, I love that idea! They'd be so cute! They would understand they can't turn into their dragon forms, right? I'm not sure the rest of my family would take as well to the idea of you as we have." "They just lack taste," Jared said, polishing off his sandwich. "Fortunately for you guys, you met the chill side of the family." "Jared," Lilly scolded. He shrugged. "It is not my fault that dad's side of the family is crazy. That much moonshine will do it to you."
  22. ((Lilly should be maid of honor, right? she's not married that I remember and matron refers to someone who is married)) Damien blinked. "Seems like you have everything planned out well already. I don't disagree with any of it, and as money isn't exactly an object..." He was thoughtful for a moment. "Brentwood will be my best man, of course, but I want to choose a couple groomsman as well. Rook and Waylond, probably. Does that mean you'll need to have the same amount of bridesmaids?" He scratched his head thoughtfully. Damien couldn't help but think he was much better at planning murders than weddings. "If that's the case, we can just have a best man and a maid - or matron, I don't know - of honor. That way you wouldn't have to worry." He leaned back in his chair, thinking. "I'm not picky about flavors for the cake as long as there's nothing lemon. I hate lemon. The cake itself will be decorated ocean-themed as well, I assume? I wonder if Lian's father would let us use the roof of his building for the reception. It's spacious, has a great view, and we'd have plenty of decoration options. Or we can look at somewhere on the docks, though I'm less sure about our options there. If you want to go the rooftop route, let me know so I can get in touch with him." ~ "Well, Mom would skin us both, so we can't do the courthouse," Brienna said, grinning. "I like the idea of the old church. The scenery around it is so pretty and we don't have many to invite so the size is perfect. We can go to one of the local bakeries back by our old home and use the toppers like you suggested." She pointed at him. "If I have to wear a wedding dress, then you have to dress up, too. But I suppose you could wear a normal suit instead of a tux. Maybe a bowtie instead of a normal tie. And suspenders! I feel like you could rock suspenders." She groaned. "Oh, I need a maid of honor. Okay, um... hm. This is a little sad. I don't know Lian well enough, and like you said, Gala and Damien are planning their own wedding. My dad has to walk me down the aisle, but I don't see why he can't be your best man, too. Sure would be useful if I had a sister. Ah, well, I'll think of something." ~ Ryu giggled as Craven shook his leg, reaching out for him. "Aw, you want your daddy?" Luna asked, carefully passing Ryu over. She sighed at those who had come out to see the visitors. "Most of them are okay. Besides, they're probably more shocked to see me than you. After all, I'm the one who ran off after her husband died. And now I'm back with another male in tow." She knocked on Boston's door. There was the sound of a crying foal from inside before the door was answered by a frazzled-looking female centaur. "Hi, can I help you?" she asked politely, rocking her crying foal back and forth. "Yes, I'm Luna, this is Craven and our foal Ryu - we sent a letter saying we were coming to visit? You are Daisy, right?" "Oh!" Daisy's face dawned with comprehension. "Yes, sorry! The time got away from me. Boston is out for groceries but he'll be back soon. I know he wanted to be here for your arrival. Please come in, I'm sure you're tired and eager to get away from prying eyes." Trailer, Luna realized, was something of an inept description of Boston's home - it was larger than she had expected, and didn't feel cramped even with all of them inside, though Luna suspected that on Boston's arrival it would start to feel quite a bit smaller. "Ryu was just born in June, wasn't he?" Daisy asked. "Our colt, Peregrine, was born in March. They can be playmates once they get a little older." "Oh, that will be great!" Luna said. "You three will have to come out and visit us sometime, it's so beautiful there, and once the boys get older there will be plenty for them to do." "Boston mentioned visiting at some point, but with your coming here we decided to wait before suggesting it. Perhaps sometime in the fall? That's always a pretty time of year," Daisy said. Luna looked at Craven. "I think that would be nice." ~ "Hmm, very true, but how can I resist?" Hades asked. He frowned a little at her suggestion but nodded. "Oh, very well. I prefer not to think about it, but I will share if you want." His tail still hovered around her even after she unwound it from her, gently touching her side in support when he caught glimpse of her crestfallen expression. "You will get better. Gliding can be difficult at first, but it's much like riding a bike. Once it clicks, you've got it, and you won't forget." He led her to the tallest outcropping, where takeoff was easiest. The wind buffeted them. "The wind will make it easier for you to glide and coast. It carries you along more naturally than just simply gliding." He took a look at her position and how her feathers dragged the ground. "I think- and I could be wrong, but I think- you should lift your wings up more. Currently they're doing the equivalent of... slouching, I suppose." To demonstrate, he let his own wings slump until they dragged the ground. "It's another muscle thing. You have to focus on it, just like your posture, until your body gets used to it and the muscles strengthen so that you can carry them properly. But we won't work on that, at present. When you're ready to take off, I'll be ready," he said, and stepped off the cliff face. He caught the wind and angled upwards, soaring above her with only the occasional, lazy flap of his wings.
  23. Hey everyone! So it's been an eternity a very long time since I last posted here - I took a break from the forums and ended up really focusing on building lineages not long after, especially checkers. However, now that I'm back on the forums, I really want to get involved with Lovely Commons again! So here I am. I'm miserably locked from the new release but once my eggs hatch I have some projects that I'd like to get started: first is Stratos/Kingcrowne/Aranoas, second is Crystalline/Sunrise/Sapo. I'm excited to start participating again!
  24. Frostborn grinned lazily. "Thank you, my lady. It is true, the dragun do not need the extra boost that the Mark provides. However, as only the truest and most valiant of warriors can survive it, the draguns viewed it as a mark of honor and the death toll started to rise as more and more tried - and failed - to receive the Mark. There were a few successes, of course, and I'm fairly certain a few of them are still alive today. However, the queen of the draguns stepped in and outlawed it to prevent further losses." The alpha laughed at Rose's comparison of them to normal wolves. "Of course, the dragun would never admit that our senses are just as keen as theirs; your earthen wolves are primitive creatures compared to us! In some aspects, we could certainly give the draguns a run for their money, but we aren't foolish enough to suggest a test of abilities." "For the best," Zahar said, chuckling. He glanced down at Rose. "Yes, we'll be moving into a sheltered area to have proper discussion; there's a large cave not far from here that is used most often to hold diplomatic discussion with our artic friends." "You are too kind to us, Lady Rose," Alpha Squall said. "Food is certainly an effective way into our good graces! And with a surname like yours, I am sure that what you have prepared is delicious!" "Shall we move into a more sheltered area first?" Zahar asked. "Not all of us are quite as immune to the cold." "Yes, yes, of course! Those of mine who are wolves shall lead the way and clear the snow, as some of these drifts are quite tall." The two who remained in wolf form turned and bounded away, sending flurries of snow into the wind. They waited for the guard who had been sent to retrieve the cooler to return with it in hand before making their way through the snow. The two leading wolves had clearly taken their job seriously; there was now a wide path for them to walk and in most places the snow was not so deep, though the drifts to their sides rose to over six feet in some places. It was a fairly short walk to their destination but quite cold and Zahar was relieved to step into the shelter of the cave. The two wolves now sat guard patiently outside the entrance. "Much better, I think," Zahar said, though his breath was visible even in the cave. The wind, however, was gone. ~ "It was a joke," Liv groaned, letting out a deep sigh. "But I'll keep that in mind. No camo." Jackson laughed. "Like Liv said, it was a joke. At any rate, I'd come back and haunt you all as the world's most annoying ghost." "How is that any different the way you act now?" Liv asked innocently, laughing as Jackson glared at her. Jason mock-scowled at Maklar. "I could be one! I'm not, but who knows. Maybe I am." "That doesn't make any sense," Jackson said, rolling his eyes. "Maybe it's like Moon said. I was a dragun in a previous life. I guess only the devilish good looks transferred over." In unison, Jackson and Liv mimed gagging. "Oh, please, you three," Lilly groaned, rolling her eyes. "Can we focus, please?" "Absolutely not," Liv said, grinning cheekily. "Mak, I love the idea of having it at the pond with the waterfall. That would be beautiful. Malachi can be our ring bearer!" Malachi lifted his head, tongue lolling out of his mouth in a doggish grin. "See, he's excited about it!" "Jared will be here soon, I'm sure. He was getting ready to head out when I texted him earlier," Jason said to Wind. Just then, there was the sound of a truck door shutting outside. "Speak of the devil and he shall appear." Jared let himself into the house, still in his officer uniform. His hair was wind-strewn; he had ridden over with the windows down and hadn't bothered fixing it. "Hope I'm not too late to the party," he said, hanging up his gun and belt before making his way to the fridge. "Didn't get a lunch break today, I'm starved. There was a robbery at the convenience store and I was there all afternoon getting statements. But they've got no security cameras, so they'll probably never catch the guy." "Well, you're here just in time to help with some wedding stuff. Mak and I just decided on a location," Liv said. Jared began making himself a sandwich. "Nah, I just came for the food- and to say hello to my favorite dance partner, of course." He tossed Wind a boyish grin. Liv narrowed her eyes at him. "Kidding, kidding. Where'd you choose?" "At the pond by the waterfall. It's where we first met," she said. "Disgustingly sappy, I love it. The clearing there isn't huge so you'll need to keep the guest list for the actual wedding pretty low. Reception is where you'll want to invite the most people." "Oh, good thinking," Liv agreed. "Thirty to the wedding, you think?" "Yeah, probably. Forty if you cram," Jared said, leaning against the counter and taking a bite of his sandwich. "We'll have to go out there at some point - not necessarily today - and stage it out. See where you want everything." Liv wrote that down, too. "Yeah. Okay, what else?"
  25. The alpha looked amused, letting out a barked laugh. "Yes, we'll show you some good fun, as long as you don't freeze first!" He ruffled his hair, sending snowflakes flying through the air. He seemed to have a perpetual grin on his face, and not a fake one- he was genuinely jovial. "I thank you very much, Lady Rosemary! We are a proud people. On our world survival is harsh, but there is beauty in the struggle. It seems some of your fellow humans have found the same beauty that we have." At Ice Queen's words, Alpha Squall laughed. "Yes, I don't doubt it! No doubt you could freeze some of my gammas in their tracks." Still chuckling, he turned back to Zahar. "I have brought my son with me for you to meet- I felt it only proper, considering you are a prince yourself. Not quite so intimidating as meeting the king." "We'd are honored to meet him," Zahar said. It was rare for a future alpha to be introduced before they took the title. "Frostborn," the alpha called. The only wolf with black markings stepped forward, changing smoothly back into a human shape. He looked almost identical to his father, though his eyes were amber instead of blue and his face lacked the lines of age. Swirling black tattoos crawled up his arms and across his chest mirroring the markings on his fur. Like his father, he was clad in only pants and boots. "Prince Zahar," he said, inclining his head. "Gamma Frostborn. Meeting you is unexpected in more ways than one. It's not often I see such markings," Zahar said. Frostborn grinned, spreading his arms. "Oh, these? Yes, they're quite rare. I know of only four others in my pack who possess them." "Don't boast, Frostborn," Alpha Squall scolded. "Perhaps on second meeting you can explain why you are worthy of the Mark." "Why don't you explain, Alpha. I don't believe my fiancee is informed of this aspect of your culture?" "In that case, I'll allow my son. He is the one who has them, after all. But save your story for another time," the alpha said. "The Mark of the Berserker," Frostborn said, cracking his neck. "The abilities of beast given to man." His tattoos changed color, glowing bright white before fading. "It's outlawed among the Derga and dragun, for its mortality rate is high. Here, however, the pure of heart and deed may take the risk and receive the mark. Most do not survive. But for the rare few, we are given the advantage of the wolf in our human form. Strength, speed, senses, durability; all are increased when we enter the state. I will be the first alpha in five hundred years to possess the Mark." "I congratulate you. I know you will do well, when the time comes," Zahar said. "Let us hope it is not for quite some time yet," Alpha Squall said, grinning. "I must say I am quite proud of him. He will make a good alpha." ~ "In that case, we can decide next time we meet to plan," Liv said, making a bulleted list of everything that needed done. She did not look particularly put-out that Wind had invaded her privacy. "I will not argue with you. You know yourself - and your customs - far better than I do. Though it would be fair, I think, to at least tell Jared what he should expect. If he is serious, he deserves to know." Liv turned back to her planning. "I like the idea of using regal colors - reds, purples, golds. What do you think? Of course, we could also go the alternate, country route and wear all camo. Your call." "Absolutely not," Lilly said. "You are not saying your wedding vows in hunting clothes." "It was a joke!" Liv protested. "Where would I find a camo dress, anyway?" "I could help you look," Jackson offered, grinning. Lilly leveled her eldest son with a glare. "Do not encourage her." "Yes, ma'am." He held his hands up in mock surrender before leaning across the table to whisper, "Don't worry, Livvy, I got your back. We'll find you a camo dress even if it kills me." "If you trick her into wearing a camo dress, I'll kill you," Lilly mumbled, shaking her head. Jackson simply grinned and withdrew, snickering, to his seat. Jason nodded in understanding. "I see. Yes, you're right. Every culture has a myth about dragons. It only makes sense." A look of dawning realization spread over his features. "Wait- does this mean bigfoot is real?" "No! Bigfoot doesn't exist, Jason!" Liv exclaimed, lobbing her pen at his head. "Quit trying to scare me out of the woods!" He ducked just in time, laughing, and the pen clattered to the floor. "It's not my fault you were gullible enough to believe it." "I was six!" Liv seethed, "and I had nightmares for months!" "If I say I'm sorry, will you forgive me?" She sniffed. "Too late for that. I'll get you back, Jason, just you wait." "Yeah, yeah. You've been saying that for years." "Maybe I'm just making sure you're complacent," she said. Jason snorted. "And maybe I'm a dragun. Bring it on, Livvy." ((The sibling chaos is just so much fun to write))