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  1. I know her in RL, so I can explain Erika pretty easy to her. I'm not sure if she'll come, but I was asking just in case. I don't think I can return here, it's a little too much for me. Heh, I actually kinda missed you guys. See ya around the forums, I guess. ^-^; Thanks!
  2. Alright, I know I've been gone for... Many many months, but that's because of my parents and getting banned from the internet. Is there any way a new person could take over Erikiteru for me if she's still there? Don't hate me for asking, I'm just curious and my friend might be interested in RPing... *shrug*
  3. Mother of unholy gods... What in the name of powered dounuts did I miss?!?!
  4. (OHMIGOD. IT'S DEAD. SO DEAD.) Tamah "You may choose one partner to go with you." He said to the hatchling. "I'll let you pick, since I have other things to do. You will leave at dawn tomorrow, understood?"
  5. That would be nice. (Man, I hope this isn't spam)
  6. I'm begining to think my idea wasn't that great. This RP barely appears on the first page, so many new ones keep kicking it down. We barely have any members too...
  7. Technically, I am grounded from Fanfiction until my school grades go up. And they're doing quite well so far. Hopefully my progress report might give me my privlages back. We'll have to see.
  8. "Cleip." Tamah said. "Well then, Cleip, I have a job for you. I need you and another hatchling to go to this area that I suspect is Peacemaker camp." Tamah explained his plan to the hatchling and told her what she was to do. "Got it?" He asked. ((I was too lazy to have him repeat the plan, so just go back and read what is was if you forgot.))
  9. I meant putting pics of my character on DC and stuff. But I'm too lazy to do all that... Really? Y only? OH COME ON!!! DARNIT.
  10. Oh god that sucks! Yeesh, shinies sure are sought after aren't they? Here I am just trying to catch every pokemon I like and train it... Speaking of which, does anyone know where to find a Purrlion?
  11. I wish I knew how to do images like that so I could show you guys how gay colorful my character looks.
  12. *looks back a few posts* *brain explodes* Well, now I know how I react when people tell me they're pregnant...
  13. The present began rushing at Clair and she soon realised what happened. In the horror and confusion of her nightmare, she had blasted fire at the wall, knocking several rocks loose. She shook her wings, sand and pebbles rolling off, before getting off Lotlyn and facing the blue dragon with slit eyes. "Nightmares." She simply said, standing tall. She didn't care if the pale dragon got hurt, so long as Lotlyn was okay, she didn't worry. Lotlyn seemed fine and Clair let out a sigh of relief. 'Get a hold of yourself.' She thought. Amarusu felt dizzy, to say the least. After the rumbling stopped, she open her eyes. Everything was blurry and she had a bad headache, still to say the least. Blinking several times, she looked up at the dragon that held her, her round eyes showing hints of curiosity. "Opa?" She said.
  14. Sylveon is just, I don't even know. I wish it could learn Fly. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. HELICOPTER RIBBONS, ACTIVATE! Wap, wap, wap, wap... Yeah... ._. Man, I am itching for a battle. Mainly one with a friend of mine, but she has to build up her team first. Anyway, if anyone would like a battle, preferably no EVs because that team is still not ready, PM me. I have only found ONE shiny ever. It was in my Ruby game. I was heading for that town with the rock-type gym and I was running through the grass and bam! A shiny Zigzagoon appeared. Needless to say I flipped out, and threw all my poke balls at it because my Pokémon probably would've killed it if I attacked. I caught it, and now it just sits in my PC doing nothing... I need to do something with it...
  15. Okay. Well, Skip is knocked out and that just leaves Erikiteru and Tasimi for me. I would if I knew what to do, I have writer's block as well.
  16. Uh... I dunno if any of my character have been used so... But I would hope they have. I'm kinda eager to see you use Erikiteru or Tala use Tasimi. But that's just me. 441 pages... Yeesh...
  17. Yup, yup! A lot of those might appear from a character named 'Fracktail'. Hm... Leave Tamah to me. I may not post often, but I'll have to wait for DL to post anyway so, yeah.
  18. (Wolfe! I'm just glad you're back! Also, I hope this isn't too drastic.) Wrapping her tail tighter around her crystal, Clair let out another blast of fire at the beasts. They hissed and scrambled, fleeing from what they thought would be good prey. 'Good riddance.' She thought smugly. There would be no beast to over power her! Boom. Boom. Boom. Rrrgrrrgrrrgrrr... Clair's wings drooped, and she slowly looked behind her. A large, powerful, towering beast stood there, staring at her with it's tiny eyes. Clair started to hyperventilate and she looking at the beast's jaws. Her heart stopped. There, hanging limply in the beast's jaws, was Lotlyn. "No..." The beast roared and lunged for her. "NO!!!!" Clair awoke from her startling dream, letting out a large blast of fire that slammed into a wall of the cave. The cave rumbled, and smallish rocks began to fall from the ceiling. Instinctively, Clair looked around for Lotlyn, still terrified from her dream. She spotted the pink hatchling, and threw herself over to her. Clair used her wings to shield Lotlyn from the debris. Her heart was racing and panic was in her eyes. She had no idea what was going on but she felt the need to protect Lotlyn. Amarusu looked up at Lyrith. She blinked, not understanding what he was saying. Was he telling her to get out of the feathers? How absurd! Amarusu's thoughts got interrupted when a brown and blue hatchling blasted fire at a wall, and rocks began to fall. Amarusu looked up, and saw a rock heading straight for her. She barely had time to react before the rock collided with her skull, knocking her down. Pain wracked her body as the rock rolled away, and her vision blurred. She blinked a few times before closing her eyes.
  19. -Fracktail- "Hm... Such fine specimens..." The large paper dragon was staring at a mushroom with white spots and a green one with white spots. "If I eat the red one, will I get bigger? If I eat the green one, will I gain an extra life?" He wondered out loud. He pondered on these thoughts for a few moments, before squishing the mushrooms. The grand dragon let out a rumbling howl of crazy old-man laughter, which sounded like rattling papers. He looked around quickly, which caused many of his paper scales to fall off, before flying towards the lake.
  20. ((I would like one very much. Um, I dunno...))