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  1. I tend to try and get a mated pair of caveborns for most dragons. Once I've gotten that, I like to consider myself a sprite collector. I try and get one of each of the sprites of each dragon. I also like breeding off interesting lineages for either the AP or here on the forum. Me and two other friends tend to breed and/or catch dragons we're missing for each other. I'm trying my hand at a few lineage projects at the moment, as well as experimenting a little with breed only's and vampires/zombie/neglected, but that goes slowly as I really hate seeing dead eggs/hatchies on my scroll. I also really enjoy making up names for my dragons, and finding neat codes. I also really like watching the creation process for new dragons here on the forum, and I can't wait to add their sprite to my scroll.
  2. Recently went and saw Pacific Rim and fell in love. Decided to name a few of my dragons after the Kaiju that attack Earth. I got: Yamarashi (My favorite) Taranais Insurrector Mutavore Hundun Hidoi Baby Kaiju (chuckling) Biantal Raythe (Surprised about this one) Tailspitter I do have a number of the others as well, but they all have "Kaiju" as a suffix.
  3. Hot. And moist. It rained last night out of no where. And we hit 116 degrees (F) today ;n;
  4. A friend of mine (who isn't on the forum) recently got You must be Ned Stark's *** as well as You have your mother's eyes on a mated pair. We both thought it was absolutely hilarious.
  5. Managed to get a blue opal, a green opal, and two of the mixed colors. I've already got babies promised to a few people Can't wait to see the sprites! Thanks TJ and Spriters!
  6. ((I'm sorry guys, my sister is in the hospital. Give me a little bit and I'll post something))
  7. I'm allergic to most of the plants that grow in my area OnO I also have recently discovered allergies to bananas (the tissue in my mouth sloughs off), dairy, and chocolate. It's quite ridiculous.
  8. So I got really curious and googled up how to make cake with potatoes! Lo and behold chocolate potato cake I'm gonna try it out after my next grocery trip.
  9. Wait, you can make flour out of them? I knew you could get starch from them, but flour too? Welp, I'm off to try and make this.
  10. It had been a bit of a busy day for George. He had been only able to nap for a few minutes before the first customer came in and woke him up looking for some text book. It was about mid-day now, and he felt his stomach growling. He flipped over the sign and headed out, heading for a deli he'd been told of recently. He entered the deli and saw several faces of overly curious customers turned toward a couple who seemed to be deep in a rather awkward conversation. lovers' spat, He thought to himself, and went to order something and sit down. He thought he knew the guy. Possibly one of the uni kids who came to buy books. Didn't concern him. He sat down and dug into his sandwich.
  11. I was pleasantly surprised, most of the other female monarchs had been taken. I got "Maria Theresa"
  12. ES Oblivion- Getting ready to lay siege on Kvatch. We walked into the front gate and found that the game had somehow spawned everything twice. We all died in a zerg rush of scamps.
  13. George stumbled blearily down the steps connecting the porch of his apartment to the back alley behind his store. Groaning and rubbing his eyes, he shambled around the building to the front where he pulled out a ring of keys to unlock the door. The previous night he had stayed up rather late with a bottle of scotch and one of his newest books. As he entered the building, he flipped the sign by the door to the open side. Dressed in suit pants and a tee-shirt, George hadn't noticed the rain. He noticed now, and was fairly wet at this point. A stream of curses left his mouth as he attempted damage control by quickly dashing behind the counter where it was tiled. He thanked what ever larger power was out there that he had left a towel there from the last time it rained. He quickly dried himself off and sat down, the towel hanging from his neck, and fell back to sleep.