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  1. Bright-Breasted Wyvern, Turpentine, Lumina, and Vampire.
  2. Oh I forgot about that one. Thanks Sock!
  3. I've just come back from a year's break. Could anyone please fill me in with all that's new besides new releases? For reference the last post before I came back (which was a couple days ago) was on Oct 31 2015.
  4. http://dragcave.net/lineage/BUrnn Please turn red owo
  5. Does anyone know how long these are still going to be dropping for? >.> 26 min I'm guessing?
  6. Definitely support it, but mainly for people with tighter schedules. Halloween is usually busy for many people. Work, school, parties, and treat-or-tricking with your kids/siblings. q__q
  7. I'm a little sad about the hollies It's going to take some getting used to for me to get used to the new sprite. But I do love the new horse sprite
  8. I care more for lineage than names. :3 I don't mind silly names/caps too much.
  9. After a few months of the new skin, I gotta say I like the simplistic old skin a little better and would use it over the new one.
  10. Showed my support last year and still supporting this.
  11. You don't need to plan in advance for 2g holidays, unless you're trying to get specific 2g holiday pairings. Otherwise I wouldn't worry too much and if it does seem 3g's + holidays are burying them check the departures thread in the trading section. Usually members do give away 2g holidays they offer to breed or they caught from AP they don't really want.
  12. Need a liiiiiiitle help preparing for upcoming Christmas breeding. I need a few 2g Canopies x Tri-colored Snow Angels if anyone could breed a couple. I currently have room for 2 eggs if anyone's wondering. ^^
  13. My first release were opals and I caught my first CB Golds and a CB Silver while hunting for them after the initial rush c: I was a little late to the Fleshcrowne/Bleeding Moon release
  14. Little inactive me has found a paper in the AP o3o http://dragcave.net/lineage/LeaMn I was about to use as trade fodder, but I kinda like the code even though it's not perfect.
  15. I'm okay if it doesn't really affect gameplay. I'll just list some no/yes/maybe's I would never want players to be able to pay for: - Any dragon, let it be rare, common, extinct, or holiday. (This is like an absolute no) - Instant growth of any kind. - More overall slots - Refusal resets (so players cannot blame TJ for purposely making it intentional to profit off) - Changing a dragon's code - Anything to do with breeding (IE greater chance at rare/common, lower breeding cooldown etc) - Being able to see the actual images of dragons in biomes - Stealing names - Buying dragons in the wild - Increased BSA odds (IE Earthquake, fertility, bites, etc) - Auto-approved descriptions - No cooldown on abandoning freshly caught eggs from biomes - Unfreezing - Killing no longer takes a slot - Guaranteed revives - Guaranteed GoNs - Multiclutches - Curing/preventing sickness I would not mind if players could pay for: - Changing adult dragon genders (as long as the dragon has never bred) - Changing forum/scroll name - A supporter badge (this comes whenever you support the game through any type of donation) - More kill quota (limited up to 7) - Skins - Absolutely free teleports - Encyclopedia info MAYBE: - Access even if game is under maintenance? It's a few minutes, but I wouldn't doubt someone would buy this if it was possible.
  16. 10g PB EG White. I'm going all the way to 12g, right now I'm aiming for 2,048 CBs for the base by 1/1/2016 then the 2g's should take up the whole year. After that it'll take another whole year to finish up 3g-12g. I have no idea how many CBs I have atm (1,500+ I believe), but I'm counting them today to keep track ~
  17. I think it'd be neat to have for convenience, but not something that we need adding/right now. ;/ I'm up for it though ~
  18. Caught a CB Red Copper in Alpine when I started from Volcano biome and biome skipped. It was right in the middle of eggs in the Alpine too. ETA: Just noticed that a week ago I've been on DC for 2 years. Time sure does fly by X__X
  19. Congrats on the beauty! @Harle: Good luck with your raffle
  20. We've already limited prize trading and I still don't see reason for limiting it further, ESPECIALLY the wants. I'm okay with threads banning certain trade HAVES, but a WANTS restriction is a no-no to me :/
  21. 90-95% is from trading. I actually probably just raised 50ish on my own from an egg...
  22. Raised 1,000 CB Whites since Encyclopedia came out ;3;
  23. I blocked the AP during Black Friday (planned them to appear on that date) for 5-6 hours (more likely 6) with my PB whites from 2g-7g and then bred remainer of the whites (CBs) that didn't have another CB White mate to CB Desipises. I don't recall how much I bred or how long it took me to breed. I know people were biting some eggs because I saw some offspring come out as vampire adults. Anyways I'm against this. I would hate not being able to massbreed my whites whenever I reach a certain point of my collection or if something nice really happened and I wanted to massbreed my whites. And no, I do not breed them out to the AP with messy lineages. Seeing as others addressed that mass breedings can help ratios, it can hurt it as well, but generally with the mass breeds I've seen a lot of commons/uncommons. I know AFTER I bred my whites I've been getting reports from people that have IOUs to me telling me, "After x release I haven't been seeing them lately", "I'd have more but I haven't seen whites in a while, they seem rarer", etc. As for me a few weeks ago I was hunting for CB Whites for an hour straight and only ended up getting 1 while netting 5 CB Magmas. After trading all the CB Magmas for CB White IOUs I had one IOUer (total 4) tell me that they were glad they did the IOU. While hunting they also caught multiple CB Trios/Rares while hunting for CB Whites. I have been planning on breeding again, but after getting those messages from my IOU trades I refrained from doing so.
  24. Well the number can be changed of course and it was just an example. That's a little strange though I had thought golds were in a drought. It's just that the number wise it doesn't matter on how many breeds are in cave, but rather on player activity. It doesn't necessarily rule out droughts of golds, but in my opinion I think it is a much more stable and reliable supply of golds hitting in cave. ETA: To make it even more clear you can set it to 10,000 players/1 meaning 10,000 golds in one month. Just needs to work out the kinks and overall other stuff related to it like other breeds being factored, cave blockers, and the shuffling system, etc. o3o