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    --Please note my IOU section is extremely outdated especially the IOUs to me.

    I am always willing to help people if they accidentally mis-influenced their egg by accepting the egg on a one-way and then sending it back in a one-way link. By doing so it cancels out the first influence and allows you to re-influence. I will be requesting to do two-ways if I'm locked and cannot accept a one-way. After I help I ask you to please pick up the egg ASAP and transfer back over my egg if we did a 2-way. If I end up hatching it for you I will most likely not help you again. A couple of people I've helped in the past is Teyha_Faye and Siliskor.

    My biggest lineage goal right now is a 12g PB White project that I currently have around 1400/2048 CBs for the building block. I aim to get to 2,048 by the end of 2015 and to get all the 2g's hatched by the end of 2016. By the end of 2017 I should have a 12g. :) It's a big project, but I will complete it ~

    Wishlist: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=137455&view=findpost&p=7833186

    Always looking for:
    - CB Whites

    ~~~~ This Space is being used for CB/PB White IOUs owed to me ~~~~

    clara954: 102/265 CB White hatchlings
    AltanaSabelle: 145/145 CB White Hatchlings
    Twol8Sue: 124/124 CB White Hatchlings
    Sorenna: 120/120 CB White Hatchlings
    Mage Kessu: 105/105 CB White Hatchlings
    Undine: 88/88 CB White Hatchlings
    Remislady: 82/82 CB White Hatchlings
    PiccoloRose: 42/42 CB White Hatchlings
    Joannalola: 33/33 CB White Hatchlings
    TerminallyPisces: 33/33 CB White Hatchlings
    PrincessLucy: 23/23 CB White Hatchlings (Thank you for lots of extras!)
    ChristineBragg: 23/23 CB White Hatchlings
    Sabrina: 23/23 CB White Hatchlings
    Isil89: 21/21 CB White Hatchlings
    MessengerDragon: 21/21 CB White Hatchlings
    Gilraen: 16/16 CB White Hatchlings
    Lilali: 15/15 CB White hatchlings
    MorysRipper: 11/11 CB WHite Hatchlings
    Sbilcat: 11/11 CB White Hatchlings
    Sage19: 10/10 CB White Hatchlings
    Lady_Lunevis: 5/5 CB White Hatchlings

    **********IOUs Owed/completed *from* me**********
    Ceiryu: CB Blue Opal COMPLETED
    Singalana:CB Neotropical & CB Magi COMPLETED
    Nakuru: CB Royal Crimson COMPLETED
    Alayajoy: CB Ice Female Influenced Hatchling COMPLETED
    Kitari: 16 CB Pillow Hatchlings COMPLETED (79 hours)
    Eos: 3 CB Autumns (from early season)COMPLETED
    Totts: CB Ice COMPLETED
    Zly: 4 unbreedables COMPLETED
    sandsoftime: 2g PB Gold & 2g PB Silver COMPLETED
    Shirozuka: 2g Gold. Gold Male x Female Halloween COMPLETED
    J3551ca: 2x 2g Soulpeaces COMPLETED
    Locab: CB Bleeding Moon hatchie COMPLETED
    IgnisEtGlacies: 2x CB Blusang COMPLETED
    Zeiky: 4g Gold shimmer COMPLETED
    Spark-Dragon: CB Tan Ridgewing COMPLETED
    J3551CA: 1x 2g UV, 1x 2g Shallow Water, 10 CB Reds/Pinks ALL COMPLETED!
    Reckful: 4x PB Silvers COMPLETED
    fifi: 3x CB Blusangs + 2 Unbreeds COMPLETED
    aqua17: 16x CB Hatchies of her choice COMPLETED
    Thomasgold19: 25 CB Luminas COMPLETED
    AlyAngel: 1x Female/Male CB Dark Myst Pygmy COMPLETED
    BlueMint: 2g PB Gold
    MageKesu: 2g PB Silver COMPLETED
    Sidmar: 2g Gold x Grave COMPLETED
    DarknessDragon197: Any 2g Metal COMPLETED
    JavaMom:4g Sunrise from Silver x Sunrise COMPLETED
    XYH69: 2x 2g Springs from Spring x Silver COMPLETED
    *Lindariel*: 3g Prize Swap COMPLETED
    Crithach: Next Offspring from Bronze Shimmer x Blusang x Tan Ridgewing checker COMPLETED
    Hisa: 4g Merry x Nebula COMPLETED
    MiAni: 3g Prize COMPLETED
    Annuisa: Paper COMPLETED
    rrattts: 6x CB Pink Female Hatchies COMPLETED
    Alicit: 3x Cassacare/Carmine Wyvern Hatchlings (0/3)
    Oragon: 4g Shimmer offspring from YenLi x Blusang COMPLETED

    Lilysally: CB All-Numbers code! COMPLETED
    Clara954: CB Silver COMPLETED
    Mischieftigertot: CB Silver COMPLETED
    Nanah: CB Neglected COMPLETED
    Elfa: CB Gold COMPLETED
    Captain_MasonM CB Gold COMPLETED