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  1. no win for meeeeee :< please don't hit me
  2. comes in with a machine gun that shoots frozen peas THIS IS WAR
  3. How many times do I have to tell you? Don't hatch eggs in the spaceship!
  4. hhraamakgri Hating him, running and adapting, mere animals kill great royal imbeciles. ijdufeie
  5. I am a male balloon dragon with a kid. Horsemeat My first name belongs to a green Stripe with a red Stripe daddy and a white Stripe mom. My middle name belongs to a Purple dragon.
  6. i decided to make a sprite from scratch. It has no shading yet. Please don't hurt me. The only shading i have done is for drawings and pokemon splices. It's feet bottoms are straight lines because it's standing on an invisible flat floor. I derped the tail by accident.
  7. Oh. people say the perfume looks like plague doctor? I think Spritzee looks like a flamingo too. Make it evolve into a ghost/fairy. Or dark/fairy. Or ghost/dark. Or ghost/flying. I don't know.
  8. Also, in Skyrim, i'm a noob, and those Falmer keep pwning me with a bow. Where do you get torches? My dude's in the town past Riverwood. I got sidetracked, ignored the main quest, and ran around getting kicked into orbit by giants. You know those hut-like things with the arches (i think, but maybe i forgot) next to this stone fort thing with bandits and such? There's a giant camp near there, and you can get chased by a mammoth and hide in there, and they'll never get you. I was going to loot the mammoth after it died, but then this giant came running after me so i ran away. PS: It's near the town after RIverwood. What is it, Whiterun? Isn't Whiterun the town after? I don't know.
  9. Roblox is like computer legos. I have an account (Terebinth), and i'm a noob. I'm currently trying to learn about the game. I don't think i have any Robux.
  10. You know what's sad about Oblivion? You can't get all those fun Paralyze ingredients and such after you blow up the Oblivion Gates. The fire, the spikes, the blood, the dead people. It was epic! The bad guys are always cooler than the good guys. I also loved my Argonian. Around level 20, master at acrobatics, and could probably stroll all the way to Skyrim and take down a giant with one shot of a bow.
  11. Guys, I wanna get Yveltal. Oblivion Wing all the way! Also, the perfume thing looks like a flamingo, and the cotton candy thing looks like a dumb puppy. The squids will eat your face.
  12. I think I'm a collector. I just like to get pretty dragons. I want a vampire dragon, they're cool.