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  1. Aww thank you!! I love it~ I really like the pose and colors I still gotta color your wolf but I'll note you when its done ^^
  2. aw thank you :3 I can draw either one of them, I just got alittle lazy when getting around to the DC dragons But I can draw a black wolf no problem ^^ Did you want the cyan stripe on the fur around the eye,going above or through the eye?
  3. Adult please What kind of dragon or other creature would you like me to draw? for examples, I post most my art here: http://sharkmoon17.deviantart.com/gallery/30737757
  4. I want to request(Drawing): Just a simple male Hellfire Wyvern,maybe with some flames around it. You don't have to do a background and can be any size you see fit ^^ If you want I could also draw you a dragon in return ^^
  5. I sadly have class on Halloween T~T but maybe my teacher will be generous and let us out early..doubt he'd cancel class lol. Otherwise I would have liked to wear the werewolf I'm planning on making, or recently I played with the thought of making old school Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. We shall see Either way I hope I get the All the chocolate x]