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  1. 47,816 @purplehaze I participated in this a while back under the name jsward322 though. Changed my forum name after my hiatus!
  2. I’m not really that technical. However, with the AP messing up like this, people’s hatchlings and eggs such being lost to the void, it’s concerning to me that this might be something akin to an integer limit getting close? Kinda like how if a Minecraft world approaches the 64 bit integer limit, it starting glitching.
  3. The glorious Endyr Ser- wait that wasn't my username on here. Jsward322 has returned! I changed my forum name. It's been a good year absence, but I am back and happy to be back.
  4. Been a long time since I've came here- since last year I think? So I have a ton of artwork that I'd like to share!
  5. Unive fled and Beatta gave chase, leaving everyone behind. Soon enough, Unive disappeared from Beattas sight and Beatta just realized a deadly mistake- she lost her bearing and is now lost in the mountainous forest. The flux was getting darker and darker... Beatta stood there, stunned. She was in the middle of the deepest part of the flux forest, alone.
  6. All honesty, I've been working on Beatta's story (when I have the inspiration to) so it's fine! I hope you get published, and I hope you return to this rp.
  7. ((Bumping this back from the dead as well))
  8. (How about re bring this bad boy back from the dead eh?)
  9. Also if anyone decides to join from the old Renegade army- all of that is false pay no mind to it. Insan might be in this but maybe not. (Due to her time travel powers) Also Beatta isn't born yet. Zephrine probably is in the Brinnian kingdom as a young boy. Entity won't be. Katie will not be how she was in the first one. EXPLANATION: Archangels/angels can't die unless killed. Enderians stop aging at age 20 but can die from starvation, heart failure (any organ failure that kills humans really.) water, allergies, and of course being killed.
  10. So uh I'll be explaining the world here so uhh,, *nervous sweats* Also post off topic/ ideas for the rp here, or chat around. Character sheets should be sent here!
  11. Endyr Serifi, an enderian formed an alliance with the Archangel, Katie Perhson, after being kicked from the Enderian kingdom, by the Council of the Elders. She began fighting for peace through the land of Rona, along side of Katie. Together, they created an army. The Renegade Army it began to be known by. Synonymous with the words protectors and peace, they helped out rulers and kingdoms alike with any ailment or another kingdom. They built their main base away from all of the kingdoms though.It is on an island in the northernmost ocean in a plains. But with all great periods of peace, they end with someone's greed. After a hundred years, Katie is sick of being second to Endyr and begins forming a plan to take her down, no one the wiser. Slowly, she begins turning people against Endyr, using the fact she's related to the ruler of the Brinnian Kingdom by being the King's first artificial spawn. Endyr trying to keep everything calm after a few people start shouting that she's a brinnian as well as enderian, dismisses the claims, in a nervous manner, unintentionally making things worse for herself. ---- You are a member of the army, either in on the plan to take her down, an innocent recruit or army member, or on Endyr's side. Post character sheets in the OoC! Which can be found Here
  12. I'm a straight A student A piece of my art got into the Huntington Museum of Art
  13. Okay so I'm having trouble. I have an HP Omen laptop (brand new) with windows 10. I can't find the option to disable the touchpad. Can someone help me..?
  14. My anxiety will be on edge this week. I'm so terrified about failing this ACT. A waste of $50 that my family could have used for something else can go down the drain and I'm so scared... I don't want to mess up.
  15. It's discord entirely. I was informed by this through discord, the monstercat forum actually. The mods are great. Amino, Wattpad, Patreon, and 4chan (ironically) are effected too.
  16. 440 Haa I'm sick on valentines day. Can barely hear (double ear infections) but happy Valentine's Day!