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  1. Have: 3rd Gen Bronze Tinsel/Garland perfect checker. Want: Bloodswap, or other prize perfect checkers (gold F tinsel preferred, but not a must) https://dragcave.net/teleport/8be1fb7831e6acd09cc9c77822c4f98c trade accepted Thank you!!!
  2. I also am having issues getting past the first page of text. I am on Chrome on a PC.
  3. Wow there is an issue. I too am seeing a third egg in alpine. Plus there are no eggs in the other biomes now. What is going on?
  4. I was freaking at first, but they are still gaining views. So all is good =)
  5. I am going to chime in here. I am not going to change my name ever. I have been xenolion on multiple boards far too long =) Visible history or no? Visible history - yes for visible even if it is just a list. For the reasons stated by others. However no for the permanent redirect. Maybe set a time limit for trades and the like. Permanent reservation of previous usernames? If there is going to be visible history this will be a must. If you don't someone else can pick up the name and cause confusion. Limits on usage would definitely be a thing. I would say one time change only. You don't want to open yourself up to anyone changing names like their underwear.
  6. Have 2nd Gen Arsani/Silver hatchie https://dragcave.net/lineage/lDxcp Want 2nd Gen Heartstealer/Chrono (not related to mine - pm codes to be sure) 2nd Gen Heartstealer/Striped River (see above notes) 2nd/3rd Gen Radiant Angel/Undine (not related to mine - pm) 2nd Gen Arsani/waterhorse 2nd Gen Heartseeker/red Nebula (Not related to mine - pm) 2nd Gen Soulstone/pretty 2nd Gen Valentine 09/Red (not related to EEtrm, jLkos, HiACM or EaYwC) Also looking for 2nd gen PINK sweetling, Valentine 09, and Rosebud lineages with something that is easily continuable. Since I have CB of my own now!!!
  7. Thank you TJ for bringing back the old holidays (Not just Valentines, but all of them) Now I can make pretty lineages without having to beg people!!! I really love the holiday biome as well. I don't have to worry about misclicks.
  8. @Ext3h First of all thank you so much for EATW. Honestly there was no better place to trade. Like others it was my go to for trading and hatching. Just like AoND is for lineage help and hatching. I am saddened by the news that you are closing it, but understand completely. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it.
  9. Found this valentine kin in the AP. I cannot continue it, so I placed it here. https://dragcave.net/teleport/50f7de65f1b5f...2c1a7f2230770ad
  10. Updated for 2017 Forum name:xenolion PM link: see below List of Valetines I Can Breed: See https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oTD...dit?usp=sharing List Below CB Heartseeker, Arsani, Radiant Angel, Heartstealer, Mutamore 2nd Gen (name of dragon, breeds, name of dragon) Fiery Valentine Valentine/Red Fiery Lieben Sweet Thang Sweetling/Ribbon Look and see a ribbon for me sweet in Ribbons Sweetling/Ribbon Sweetness Dance Sweet Nacho Sweetling/Speckle sweet-strawberry Sterling Sweetie Sweetling/Silver major sweety Nio'd in the bud Rosebud/Niostrife Graceful Rosie Nio Fairy rosebud/niostrife Alerimos Love Rose Colored Sunrise Rosebud/sunsong Treasured Days Rosie sunrise Rosebud/Sunrise Sunrise on Roses Healing Rosie Rosebud/White White rose on Valentine Florimelle Spring Rosebud/Spring Spring of Rose Spring in Roses Rosebud/Spring Spring of Rosies Drizzled Chocolate Heartseeker/Stripe Amotekun Chocolate Striped Romance Heartseeker/Stripe Chocolate covered Stripe Mawage stripe Heartseeker/Stripe Chocolate Amotekun Chocolate Stars Heartseeker/Red Nebula Rojo chocolate Godiva nebula Heartseeker/red Nebula nebula match Heart Mender Heartseeker/Olive Heartbroken Olive Dibs on hearts heartseeker/Swallowtail swallow seeker Prince Shadow of Love Heartseeker/Shadow Chocolate Kirkton Mr Pew Pew Heartseeker/Shadow Shadowy Chocolat Seeker of Solstice Heartseeker/Solstice Solo Sander Solo heart Heartseeker/solstice Xmas Chocolate solstice Bhen'gi Heartseeker/solstice Hearts of Sol Chocolate Upee Heartseeker/solstice Chocolate sol For Love of Chocolat Heartseeker/Horse Purple chocolate wings Moonlit Heartseeker Heartseeker/Moonstone Heart of Lu'nah Chocolate Freeze Heartseeker/Winter snow covered chocolate Heart of Confusion Heartseeker/Despis Despis Seeker Blackened Khen'ji Heartseeker/Black Heart of Charis tour god Heartseeker/white Healing Bhen'gi Adonis White Heartseeker/white blanco amor Loving Eventide Arsani/Royal Blue TOoBs Nainsie Moon Arsani/Royal Blue Royal Mag'ai loopy Alea Arsani/Royal Blue Hi Up Royal Mira's Striped Love Arsani/Stripe Stripes of Arsani Love by Thunder Arsani/Thunder NY Thunder Sparked by Love Arsani/Thunder Cheesy spark A blu Valentine Arsani/Blusang Cornwall Love Long Rocky Road Arsani/Stone Stone of Valentine Pinky moon Arsani/moonstone Sandy Bouquet Icy Valentine's Day Arsani/Ice Stalactice Heart Lovely Malic Arsani/White Love of Mag'ai Love of Mag'eus Arsani/White White Arsani Radiant Frosty Radiant Angel/Frostbite Radiant frostbite Radiant Elsa Radiant Angel/Frostbite Bitten Engel Angelic Imperial Radiant Angel/Undine Angelic Undine Radiantly Naiad Radiant Angel/Undine radiantly undine Piccolo Storm Radiant Angel/brown copper Radiant Copper Inger gift Radiant Angel/Solstice solstice Radiance Radiantly Solstice Radiant Angel/Solstice radiant sonnen radiant during solstice Radiant Angel/Solstice Sunny Solstice Angelic Aglarond Radiant Angel/Solstice Joyful zapped Engel Solhverv Radiant Angel/Solstice Sonnenwende Engel Radiant from JBH Radiant Angel/Solstice radiant solhverv Radiant under Mistletoe Radiant Angel/Mistletoe Una muerdago Kisses of Radiance Radiant Angel/Mistletoe Angels Mistletoe Ray of Valentine Radiant Angel/Mistletoe Radiantly kissed Radiantly Crimson Radiant Angel/Royal Crimson Royal malaika Stolen Xeno Heartstealer/Chrono cleaned scales Stealing Spy Heartstealer/Chrono Heart of Viego Time Stealer Heartstealer/Chrono Passionate Durelen Stolen Xeno Heartstealer/Chrono 62Rdt Stealing R2DTew Heartstealer/Niostrife lovely Nio Heart River Heartstealer/Striped River Stealing River 3rd Gen Sweetness Ribbon Sweetling/Ribbon adorable snack Dance of Loves Sweetling/Ribbon Strawberry Ribbon MKSherlock's Rosalie Rosebud/White Kenai Rose white rosy Rosebud/White Gentle rosy silent Valen Rosebud/Niostrife Alerimos Fairy twilit Tea Rosebud/Niostrife graceful Nio Coming up Rosies Rosebud/Spring Spring of Roses Wiosna Rose Rosebud/Spring Florimelle rose Striped Dream of Love Heartseeker/Stripe up00X Chocolate Allegra Heartseeker/Stripe Striped chocolate seeker HOOti Heartseeker/Horse nemil chocolate Mare's heart Heartseeker/horse running chocolate drizzled stripe Heartseeker/Stripe Honey Huey Chocolate firework heartseeker/Red Nebula iHUbU Got Heart Heartseeker/Shadow Cordial Shadow Lung Leander Heartseeker/white Sweet Anghvit Blackened Arsani Arsani/Black Darkened Arsani smurfy Arsani Arsani/Stone stoned blossom Arsani Pig Arsani/moonstone Pastel Arsani moon for love Arsani/moonstone Valentyne Moons 21Tyz Radiant Angel/Solstice 0BooK List of Valentine's I need: 2nd Gen Valentine/red any gen swap for the lineages above 2nd Gen Arsani/Almerald 2nd Gen Mutamore/diamond wing list of kins from valentines I need 2nd Gen chrono/heartstealer 2nd Gen Green or blue gemsrone/heartstealer 2nd Gen GON/heartstealer 2nd Gen undine/radiant Angel 2nd Gen Ice/Arsani 2nd Gen Blusang/arsani 2nd Gen Stripe/arsani 2nd Gen silver/rosebud 2nd Gen White/rosebud 2nd Gen Niostrife/rosebud Updated 01/08/2017
  11. I am not a fan of spirals, but for this I will make an exception!! https://dragcave.net/lineage/Xg5NP
  12. I did get my first gift from my SS!! Yay!
  13. add a code Forum Name: xenolion Scroll Name: xenolion Code wanted: Karen or Kyrie Variations Accepted: For Karen caps variations, 4 instead of A and 3 instead of e, for Kyrie caps variations, 1 instead of i and 3 instead of E Preferred Lineage: no preference? but the cleaner the better Reward available?: yes, depending on how the code is.
  14. I am starting to work on my Giftee. Send something already, but need alt vibes sent LOL. I have not heard from my secret santa yet, but it is early.
  15. I think for the true spirit of the contest that the Storm is the best choice. It is not limited to one biome, is breedable with all dragons (not just certain ones). The GSD's are only blocker in one cave and have limited breeding.
  16. I am so happy to see other with one of each on their scroll =) I, xenolion, swear that my Aegis won't change ever. Christmas Lion 15 - Will be pacified Angered Aegis 15 - will be enraged
  17. I do look at the holidays, more out of curiosity than anything else. I can understand people getting upset about them dying, but there is nothing I can do. I am just happy to see ones that are loved and used in future lineages.
  18. Forum name: xenolion PM link: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...E=04&MID=204470 If this does not work click on the PM button below =) 2017 update - Due to unforseen circumstances, I am not participating. (Nothing bad, don't worry. I am working 3rd shift for a coworker who had surgery and it is killing me.). However if you want a second Gen please PM me List of Christmas Dragons I Can Breed: Click here for full list https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MuL...dit?usp=sharing In case you cannot see it. CB My 11 Gift Magi Mele Kalikimaka Magi Merriexmas 12 Wrapping Wing Fatherxmas 12 Wrapping Wing Winter wonderland 13 Solstice O Holy Night 13 Solstice Weihnachten 14 Mistletoe BAVOR Mistletoe 2nd Gens (meaning you will get 3rd gens) Christmas Dragon| Lineage | common mate Z Angelic Stripe| Angel/stripe| Snowy twist Joyful World| Angel/white| ElaWN Look and see a ribbon for me | Ribbon/sweetling| Sweet in Ribbons *bloodswap only Dancing by Proxy| Ribbon/Pink| Handsome with Ribbons Dancing Elena| Ribbon/BBW| venomy Ribbon Neles Red Ribbon| Ribbon/red| Festivus Lord Golden Magi Wyvern| Magi/Gold Wyvern| Christmas Flirt Magi of harvest| magi/harvest|Harvest of Christmas Tree Magi|Magi/Imperial Fleshcrowne|Xmas Hiccup Swinging Wing| Wrapping/Winter| Wrapped Winter Present Draped in Red|Wrapping/red| Red Hot Santa red wrapped dragon| wrapping/red| Wrapping wish Wrapped Stripe| Wrapping/stripe| Striped xmas Mr Noel| Wrapping/stripe| striped santa subu streak| Wrapping/stripe| wrapped in Stripe 2nd Ornamental Aura| Wrapping/Tan Ridgewing| Justine Wrapping knockout solstice| solstice/carmine| carmine soley solstice Radiance| Solstice/radiant angel| Inger gift 3rd Gens meaning you will get 4th Gen Stripes of Angel| Angel/Stripe| Angelic Twist 3rd wrapped xmas| wrapping/stripe | Noel striped List of Christmas Dragons I need: -Solstice & Royal Blue (2 2nd Gen) also accepting higher Gen checkers -Solstice & Speckles (2 2nd Gen) also accepting higher gen checkers -Solstice & Radiant Angel (1 2nd gen) also accepting higher gen checkers -Solstice & regular magi (1 2nd gen) also accepting higher gen checkers -Mistletoe & Radiant Angel (2 2nd Gen) also accepting higher gen checkers -Mistletoe & regular Magi (1 2nd gen) also accepting higher gen checkers -Ribbon & Horse (1 2nd gen) also accepting higher gen checkers -Angel & Stripe (1 2nd gen) also accepting higher gen checkers any wing color -Any gen checker unrelated to the list above of haves (always looking for new blood) List of Common from Christmas dragons Dragons I need: -2nd Gen winter from Yule buck -2nd Gen Pink from Yule buck -2nd Gen teimarr from Snow Angel -2nd Gen Harvest from Snow Angel -2nd Gen Lumina from Snow Angel -2nd Gen Breasted wyvern from Ribbon (2) If I get any of the above I will add them to my breedable list =) I love doing this so if you can help or if you want to get any, just let me know. **Edited 11/17**
  19. Please shoot a PM if I need to change anything =) I want to sign up! Forum name: xenolion Scroll name: xenolion Wishlist: 1. any CB metal (Gold/Silver), no preference =) *This is a dream, but not necessary* 2. Any lowish Gen stair prize (6th or lower preferred, not picky) *If it is a line I have and exact one of, I may give it to my husband.* 3. any Gen Green nebula/gold wyvern checker 4. an egg from the favorite dragon on your scroll – if unbreedable or too rare then your second favorite, basically anything you want to breed =) 5. 2nd Gen stripes, any color 6. Any checker, preferably not too rare so I can continue it =) Breeding abilities: I only have 1 cb gold male, I do have lots of cb xeno’s and lunar heralds. I love stripes and can do holidays/common 2011 and up. I will be willing to try for the Alt vines, blacks, and Undines. Catching abilities: I suck at catching rares, but can do commons. Trading abilities: depends on the trader. Some are really nice about trading for a secret santa. I don’t have a lot of what I consider rare things on my scroll.
  20. My hubby test bred this for me since I am locked. I think I like it!! http://dragcave.net/lineage/cYF3n w/turpentine
  21. I am a Wisconsin lady...need I say more? I love cheese. I live just down the road from a cheese factory, their string cheese and cheese curds are the best. At Culvers I always opt for the cheese curds instead of the fries =)
  22. I love Checkers. There are a couple that I am working on now. http://dragcave.net/lineage/ckkF5 - This one came about because I saw the gold and nebula checker and I don't have the patience/collateral for CB golds. http://dragcave.net/lineage/3A6LG - What can I say stripe obsession One I want to do, but not started is the Speckled and Olive.
  23. I use the Dino cave skin primarily because I love purple. Will it's disappearance make me quit DC, no. I like having the options of other skins though. =)