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  1. Red and Green Gemstone! Love these the most so far.
  2. Yet another great event! My dragon got paired with a red dragon though, not to happy about that, but oh well. Thanks TJ,Spriters and others
  3. Happy Valentines Day, DC. Happy Birthday to me C:
  4. Congrats to all the winners!
  5. This event was definitely fun! Thanks to everyone who was involved!!
  6. Usually you don't have to do anything extra, but this year you had to earn your 14 raffle tickets, which I presume you already have done. Usually there is 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, and then honorable mentions. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, normally get Shimmer Dragons, while HMs get Tinsel. Though it could change this year entirely with a new prize dragon.
  7. Beautiful Alts.. Happy new years everyone!
  8. I believe that happened a looooong time ago.
  9. Mmm, lovely adults. Though their descriptions don't confirm that they were the dragon that was opposite of the Guardian of Nature!
  10. Can't wait for this.. It's so beautiful so far.
  11. Would be something fun to test out, good observation.
  12. I too thought the same thing, left a post on the main thread but it was drowned out by people getting adults. I just bred an Undine & Water, and I've already bred a Undine x Undine.
  13. That is just speculation, I highly doubt that in order to get a yellow variant you have to breed with a gold.
  14. Has anyone else's hatchlings gendered yet? Mine have; I may have adults within the next two/three days.
  15. Both of these sprites are beautiful, maybe a BSA because of the high magical abilities said in their description..? Though I have a feeling the Yellow is breed only, or rare only. Maybe it's acquired when bred with a particular dragon from the Coastal biome? Ah, by the water spirits in the description, they are referring to Naiads, or nymphs.
  16. Ah, make sense.. Hopefully breed only imo.
  17. 4 of my eggs turned out to be the green variation. I have 2 more eggs, I hope one will be yellow, as the yellow variation seems rarer then it's green counterpart. Regardless nice s2 stages as well. Adults should be here soon, I hope. Oh and has anyone actually gotten a yellow variation?
  18. I spy with my little eyes fancy alts
  19. The hatchling seems familiar, the thing I'm thinking of is a hybrid though, but the colors match it perfectly.. Nope; Turns out I was wrong! The dragon I was thinking of was the Sugarpony Dragon, which is still on the completed list.
  20. Maybe, just maybe. Though I'm hoping it's alts or something. If it is a joke or troll then I'd still be happy, never know what TJ has up his long sleeves..
  21. Haha! I knew I was right when I mentioned he may be trolling us.
  22. These eggs look familiar, I might've seen them in a thread on the completed list a looooooong time ago. Though the rumor that there is a few different eggs may just be TJ trolling us, haha.
  23. Got three eggs, 2 from one biome, 1 from the other. I think I'm gonna wait until things cool down to get more.. Cheers to another release, thanks TJ and Spriters.