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  1. @Silverwinter oh jeez, oh boy,,, thank you! that means a lot @ewi122 that's a really lovely compliment, thank you so much aa, sorry, i didn't see your request until just now. that's what i get for going awol, i suppose. that prompt sounds really sweet and relaxing, so after i do a bit more work on art i'm obligated to do i'll give it a shot anyway boy do i have quite a bit of art to post here sorry, i didn't mean to leave for so long http://56.media.tumblr.com/f564f79fd2f697b...h1ueo1_1280.png space boy http://56.media.tumblr.com/a93e5be4977e08f...h1ueo1_1280.png quardian #1 http://56.media.tumblr.com/6ca1a3f1c8635b5...h1ueo1_1280.png terrible landscape practice http://56.media.tumblr.com/4c46d865dd0a069...h1ueo1_1280.png tundra sketches http://56.media.tumblr.com/392c074f65d6d95...h1ueo1_1280.png punchy mushroom http://56.media.tumblr.com/c89987211cfa68b...h1ueo1_1280.png friend birthday art http://56.media.tumblr.com/39a5455227dcaf2...h1ueo1_1280.png stress doodles https://56.media.tumblr.com/9e8797b0b1fcac5...h1ueo1_1280.png guardian #2 and two batches of busts that i sold on FR: https://i.imgur.com/TuSQ742.png tundra twins https://i.imgur.com/xfV2ljR.jpg ridge triplets
  2. wedges this under the door https://i.imgur.com/8WdxQSp.png
  3. hey sorry for not posting in like a century, sickness + the crushing reality of life has been kickin my ass and i haven't had the energy to do much art here's some scribbley witchsona https://i.imgur.com/EcqiVDq.jpg https://i.imgur.com/3RdxHJi.jpg they can animate clothing and they're cold all the time
  4. i'm going to an outpatient program to help me with Brain Stuff and i've mostly spent my time there drawing on every scrap of paper they give me there's a lot of it, but this is the only one i got around to scanning edit: don't forget the kid edit ii: shoot sorry here's one more thing
  5. d-did someone ask for anatomy crits oh boy oh man i looove chattering about 'natomy I can try to list out some stuff, but if you want more in-depth analysis it might be best to talk to me in like a chatroom or something, I'm no good at most other forms of communication this is also all my perspective, so feel free to ignore me! although i try to base as much as i can off of real-world animals - first and foremost I generally draw dragons with a keeled sternum, unless it's a lighter wyvern build (in which case i go for a more bat-like/pterosaur-like pectoral girdle) because it allows for a better anchor point for the pectorals as well as allows for bigger and beefier flight muscles to fit. Taken most of my inspiration from birds because they are buff as heck. - i have lots of feelings about wings, but i'll try to spare you the intricate details. the main thing is that i draw the first and second wing finger fused together, because that's generally how it appears on bats and it helps keep the leading edge of the wing curved, which helps with flight stuffβ„’ - this isn't relevant to wings but it is relevant to balance: the more vertical a hind leg is the more weight its bearing. this is especially relevant to the calf. lots of people draw animals standing but with legs that look like they're crouching, i.e. the calf is almost horizontal to the ground. most large quadrupeds have very straight-up-and-down hind legs. here's a scribbly thing i drew up last night (lots of stuff is off sorry) your dergs are good so far though πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ you've got the right idea i dig that painting of the green wyvern a lot too like wow
  6. day 2 and 3 of expression challenge, sad and unsure respectively (although they would make more sense flipped, i dunno, i didn't do so hot on these ones sorry) the parade of bean animals is just a bonus
  7. boy have I got some art for you! here we go 1. I started/finished watching OPM and it's good, let me tell you 2. more of my faves 3. part of a switcharound thing i'm doing with some of the BSC crew (me, doc, mage, & lady) 4. yep 5. I did another FR dragon bust instead of more important things, if you wanna buy it/the accompanying dragon go right ahead. 200kish treasure or an equivalent value of gems/apparel/other stuff 6. expression challenge! i love teeth in case you can't tell (the prompt was "happy" so naturally i went for "sort of unnervingly smug")
  8. oh geez those are some precious beatrix potter cats I really dig painterly/blocked-in art πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ it's so soft and visually interesting
  9. wip of nar's progens because she is so sweet and generous potential warning for body horror? sortof? mostly teeth and mouths and scribbly stuff (what's more horrifying is how bad it is frankly) but I thought I'd link it just to be sure --- anyway happy holidays, I hope they were pleasant and as stress free as possible I haven't been doing much art because it's christmas and I've been spending time with family/doing other things, so I don't have all that much to show you, sorry also truth be told I only posted those two drawings as an excuse to plug the fact that I got a phone with a forward facing camera i am going to take,,, one million selfies,,,, and no one can stop me they may not be art, sure, but look at them anyway (ok this one isn't a selfie and it is a very strange thing to demand other people to look at but whatever I grew this hair myself and I want to show it off, dang it) because I am a parasite that sustains itself by consuming the raw attention of my peers @lady oh geez you're so welcome! I'm glad I had the opportunity to draw them, they're cute as heck (which reminds me I'm 95% done with eirene I need to finish that right away) @nar oh boy thank you, i'm trying to up my lineart game because it is a little bit weak goblin child is really very terrible and troublesome, but they're cute so I'm not sure about the sizing honestly, it's all sorta ???? in my head I was real tired when I drew them goblin child is v small, though they are probably not that small
  10. @Odeen: yeah I'm pretty good at communicating effectively and in a friendly way, putting people at their ease, and making lots and lots of friends, aren't I oh geez oh dear thank you! that means a lot, especially since I consider drawing people (especially faces) one of my major weak points anyway here is more of this tiny little person, which i will say was an exercise in drawing folds but is really just gratuitous fluff
  11. aaaah I'm very excited! I hope I've made this clear in the past, but just in case I'll say it again: I like your art so much it's good πŸ‘Œ πŸ’― πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ I'd request something, but I don't want to hog any space so instead I'll sit here and admire from afar
  12. oh geez oh boy your art is really nice! I especially love your traditional stuff, people who are work with traditional media are wonderful and they blow my mind. I wish I wasn't broke as heck because I want to give you money.
  13. @fangtail I appreciate your enthusiasm, but you only need to ask me once c: I may be very forgetful and have difficulty with attention and motivation, but the beauty of this thread is that these posts will always be here to remind me of things to draw in case I'm feeling up for it also the fandom will only die out when I am stone cold and in the ground @mage uh, yes??? yes please???? I would love it if you drew them some things: (sorry for the page stretching, since the last image is transparent I can't resize it with imgur or it'll look bad and I'm too tired to open up photoshop again) - first one is of one of lady's monster girlfriends (i'm still working on eirene pls forgive) - second and third are draw asks from my art blog if you have a teeny tiny request you can submit it there and I Might One Day Get Around To It but No Promises - the last one is from today and I drew it because I'm so tired all I want is sleep I drew some other stuff, but frankly I can't be bothered to upload them right now
  14. @sapphire: *i shuffle over, whistling nonchalantly. my eyes shift from side to side to make sure the coast is clear. a single drop of sweat trickles down my brow. as soon as the exchange is made I quickly retreat, fading into the darkness* well apparently now was the best time for me to experience... a whole lot of art block I'm sorry, I'll try and redraw him when I'm in a less weird mood they are not dead, only taking a nap (which may be a freudian slip on my part since all I want to do at any given time is take a nap) @lady: yessssss monster girlfriends! I will absolutely take a written ref lay it on me @fangtail man my motivation to do undertale art is really... variable... (as is my motivation to do anything, but for fanart this is especially true) I might some time in the future, but requests aren't really a priority for me at all ;; except OC related requests because I prioritize them above literally everything, even my day to day needs
  15. hghhgk this felt like a lot more stuff when I was drawing it oh well?? a mix of WIPs/doodles/etc. those two busts were art done for dragons I'm selling on FR the SD has been claimed but the guardian is still up for grabs (winks heavily) PSA: (I've already told my crew this but I'm gonna say it here too because I am a GLUTTON) if you have an oc/sona/whatever and you'd be comfortable with me drawing them, please press them gently into my hands (post their ref here or shoot me a PM/ask/whatever) I love other people's characters I get a kick out of 'em and I have virtually none myself so I can't... really draw my own
  16. *runs into the thread, sheafs of paper clutched in my small, oddly sweaty hands. i trip, fall face-first onto the ground. the papers fly out of my arms and scatter in all directions, floating through the air like terrible butterflies* "c-click on the image to see the full size," I stutter, my face still pressed into the ground. (hey I have an art only tumblr now if you just want to see art and not all my blathering)
  17. oh geez oh boy I'm so bad at taking compliments aaah t-thank you! that means a lot now that I am a pile of dust, let me show you another pile of dust (too soon? sorry) aka Cool Fish Lady aka Undyne I love her so much, she is great It's a WIP so there are a lot of fiddly things I need to fix, but I'm really pleased so far. I like worm's eye perspective a lot. It's a really fun thing to play with. play Undertale also follow me on tumblr dang nah it's cool I get it do what you want
  18. hey guys, guess what? I have a tumblr now! wow technically I've had it for a while, but I'm going to (fingers crossed) use it now Please follow me, I swear you won't regret it. I'm really funny and good at things. here are some weird dogs, and a WIP of a commission (it's a 450x450 pixel piece it is going to take the remainder of my natural existence for me to finish it) As an addendum, if you have a tumblr and you want me to rest my peepers on it, shoot me a link! Even, or maybe especially, if you've never talked to me before. I'd love it.
  19. here's my yearly allowance of teen angst: current mood: garbage can i'm fine i'm fine it's fine i feel fine never been better i feel fine other things: rabbitkid don't worry about it horrible animal mashups: your guess is as good as mine could be loosely defined as "cute" if you squint a little hasn't figured out what it wants to do with its life, is still living with its parents, can't hold down a job, desperately trying not to give in to apathy angry rodent here's a fun game, try and figure out what animals these terrible gestalt entities were made out of yeah that's it I don't have any more that's all the art sorry
  20. Well, that proves how much I pay attention Ux the sentiment is still the same, though. I use a rotator for my avatar, so yeah, it cycles through a little gallery of icons. (the website I used is called signavatar just, uh, in case you wanted to know) nah, it's fine, Ill just sit right here on the floor it's so comfortable I promise
  21. Oh man, hey! Welcome back to the forums. I don't have a request, I'm just gonna sit here and admire your art.
  22. misc. WIPs (click for full size) @dragontamer44722 If you ever want to turn it into something, I give you blanket permission to do whatever you want with it. @Nar thanks, love <33
  23. @dragontamer44722 If you want to make it a concept, go for it. I don't have the energy or drive to do it myself, but it would be a Neat Thing. fanart of my #1 faves from Order of Tales, which is a really good webcomic, you should check it out. Also read Rice Boy and Vattu. Rice Boy first, then Order of Tales, then Vattu. Or however you want to do it, I'm not your mom. They're all set in the same universe/on the same planet, but they're self-contained stories, so you can jump in anywhere. I have a lot of miscellaneous sketches, but I don't know if any of you would be interested in seeing them ;; they're all vent art? in a way? I've been having a lot of bad anxiety attacks at night, so I tend to draw my way through them. My room is littered with unfinished half thought-out art. they're all kindof along the lines of screaming derg (blue crayon, on the back of old chemistry notes)
  24. @Zen_Cross thanks, man! I'm pretty fond of it myself crossposting from ToO forums because I can't be bothered to write something new: