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  1. Posted this in the wrong thread for a second, whoops! But what ever, decided to check out Dragcave again. Looking through old post, cringing a lot but also seeing what old friends I've made from this place was a good refresher to see how far I've come since then. Just coming back to this small but wonderful community has raised my mood, hope everyone is having a good day to anyone who is reading this.
  2. Posting here again on the same page. It has only been two days after the other post. But I am feeling worse. I've tired to reach out and have been ignored. The people who once said they would help me with this aren't and I'm just at a loss for on what to do. It's this major loneliness that dejects me... My lack of social skills and now a lack of friends. I'm lost and see no path.
  3. I've been putting off on posting a thing here because I thought I could provide all the support for my self, I was wrong. Way horribly wrong. I've been having to deal with a hardships and well I cannot handle them anymore. I try to be stoic for so long but I just couldn't handle it anymore and a few days ago I just broke out. Because of my stupid choices I've lost most of my online friends to who I could talk to often and just blabber with. I keep doing self sabotage all the time I just am trying not to but it is so hard now. Recently my 'friends' in real life got together and told me to buzz off. I did nothing ever to harm and I never did harm them. One of them commented to me they would rather commit suicide then be around me for another hour... I've never felt so terrible before. I've been suffering isolation so long now but nothing seems to happen when I do reach out other then being told to "Man up" or "Toughen up" "It will pass". I just feel there is a stigma around guys showing any emotion or weakness and these radiate from me. I don't do any self loathing at all I'm quite content with my self but I'm starting to wonder where my flaws are and what causes all of these prolonged periods of time of isolation and neglect from my peers. I just want a friend, a real friend. I've heard of some guys having to bottle their emotion for 30 years. I could only do it for 3 months. I'm at a lost I just need some help... I'm sorry if this post is all over the place it is just my typical writing fashion and I'm being scatterbrained about it. There's so much more I want to say but I don't feel like sitting here for 3 hours ranting. Hopefully this isn't just a speaking to the void or something.
  4. Well I wasn't able to catch one. Congrats to everyone that did.
  5. Also saw one, it was the third one I've seen.
  6. Welp. I guess I'm have to catch some stuff or bred something to trade for one.
  7. I wasn't able to catch a single one, shame. But these are some pretty sweet looking dragons!
  8. I cannot understand why some of my "friends" will disappear for months on end then come to me when they feel at their worst, why do they treat me like I'm some disposable person they can just ignore and or have me around only to feel better about them selves? Why can't people just stop spreading rumors about me being a Rapist or that I'm some kid that is gonna shot up the school? I would never do such a thing. I'm just different from you guys. I've tried to be friends with you but use me and then reject then proceed to say such vile things? I'm a human to with feelings to. I'm not subhuman, you guys are subhuman if you feel the need to do these things to anyone.
  9. Currently depressed. Just feel the verge of losing it...
  10. Oh my... I'm lucky to not be near any of those but my cousin lives right in town where some of these guys will meet. Why do people feel the need to promote such vile behavior?
  11. Hello, Crock here. Trying to get out of my lurking habits and getting back to post on these forums. I've always felt these forums as a safe heaven for me where I can chat with people that actually put effort into conversation. So hello to everyone! Just sucks to see that my friends that used to be here are gone now.
  12. You did what you felt like you should have done, there is nothing wrong with that in this scenario. He broke the rules you laid which was wrong on his part. Hopefully things go on better for you soon and don't feel bad about it.
  13. Lonely as usual. Also wanting to stride for confidence.
  14. Looking for a little bit of advice that may help with loneliness and some good ways to cope with it. I've tried a lot of the common advice along the lines of trying to reach to other people and talk to people with hobbies such as mine but it seems hard to talk to them sometimes. Sometimes I feel a little scared to say something because I may not be 100% sure about it and I don't want to say something stupid, no one does. Currently I'm in high school and there's the problem of everyone is hanging out with people that they have known for years and aren't very accepting to new people. Hopefully this post makes enough sense as I seem to ramble a lot which is a another issue within it self.
  15. Currently GTA5 quite a bit and Dark souls on the side. I need more video games.
  16. Sky is clear. Humidity is normal. No chance of rain!
  17. O&S were sort of easy for me only because at last moment I started going the buff path with sorcery. But the Bed of chaos, NOPE.
  18. Feel bad for necroing a old thread a little bit. But I beat the game a few times now and I just bought a near mint condition copy of Demon soul's, spiritual successor of Dark souls. Otherwise Dark souls is a very nice game I'm a pretty big fan of the lore. Gonna remember a lot of the bosses for a long time (good and bad reason's). The combat is great and the game has so many ways to play it. The PVP is kind of meh when starting out as most of the people left doing PVP are very good and makes it have a huge learning curve. I feel like I'm writing a review for the game right now.
  19. lovecats99 was killed by The Legend. (plz get reference)