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  1. I'm all for the inventories of each user to be viewable for this passed Halloween event. In order for people to see the sprites that the artists made for the event and for users to appreciate those sprites, there isn't a doubt in my mind there will be inventory listings some time before Christmas.
  2. No to new prizes. I'm neutral on the metal mints. Yes to a new in-cave Brass dragon. And yes to a new in-cave dragon that looks like water or glass. [ Just a heads up: Current dragons relevant to Water | Metal | Mana | Mineral | Carbon | Star: Desipis / Prizes / Gold / Silver / Copper / Xenowyrms / Pyralspites / Lunar Heralds / Fire Gems / Gemshards / Magma / Ice / Golden Wyvern / Nebulas / Sunrise / Sunset / Sunsong / Risensong / Setsong / Bluna / Undine / Spinel Wyvern / Geode / Shallow Water / Celestial / Moonstone / Sunstone / Diamondwing / Ember / Fell / Frostbite / Striped River / Water / Seawyrm Pygmy ]
  3. Please offer me a 2G Aegis from Perma-Pacified Aegis x Chrono and/or a 2G Solstice from Chrono? I will IOU any amount of any or all of my dragons' offspring. I tried to breed 2G Spess from SA Omen + CB F Gold: no refusal, no offspring, but they're good to breed again in a week as per IOU. I have all of these yet to breed (and more):
  4. Locked but have: 4G Yulebuck (FjEeM) from 3 SA + ((((Trade Link))) And I will IOU any amount of any or all of my dragons' offspring for: 2 CB Yulebucks & 1 CB Holly. I tried to breed 2G Spess from SA Omen + CB F Gold: no refusal, no offspring, but they're good to breed again in a week as per IOU. I bred one I have to offer and I can't breed anymore until I get unlocked, BUT... I have all of these yet to breed (and more I've chosen not to add here as not to clutter this post any more than this): CB Scroll Limits of: Snow / HeartSTEAL / Soulstone / Mutamore 3G Down Stair 1 SA (Caligene x Gold) 3G Down Stair 1 SA (Blue Desipis x Chrono) 3G Up Stair 1 SA (Penk x SW) 3G Down Stair 1 SA (Penk x Neb) 4G Down Stair Silver Shimmer (Jewel x G-Copper) 2G Bronze Tinsel from Caligene 3G EG Desipis 4 SA (Green/Blue Desipi, Blue Mistletoe, Teal RA) 3G EG Gold 2 SA (HeartSEEKER + Ribbon Dancer) 3G EG Marrow 1 Darksweet, 1 SA (Vanilla Snow Angel) 3G EG Gold 2 SA (Black RAs) 3G EG Magi 1 SA (Grave) 3G EG Silver 2 SA (Caligenes) 3G EG SW 1 SA (Purple SW) 4G EG Silver 3 SA (Caligenes + Purple SW) 4G EG Pinksweet 4 SA (Brown/Pastel Sweets + Pink/White Rosebuds) (please forgive me I don't yet know how to do this as a hidden content list)
  5. I have 1 2G Witchlight from Soulstone (link) I would like 1 2G Marrow from HeartSEEKER If hatchling, preference is male
  6. ok got it to gladys. everyone hold CTRL then tap F5 while your character is in gladys house if the mac version of hard refresh didn't work for you.
  7. My problem is GLADYS not giving the quest dialogue. The furniture stays put. I followed the instruction to refresh inside her house and I still get the same greeting. I refreshed inside her house and the dialogue was still a non-quest greeting.
  8. FOUND GLADYS!! It's in the map where the sledding quest is! And where GENA says: "Boo! Hah, I got you good." It's the house to the left of her! 8D Well I'm having the same parcel-giving issue by method of spacebar. I checked out the other buttons and yep no mailbox. There's nothing else I know about what to do next.
  9. Can't find GLADYS. PM me where that character is please?
  10. Spatio takes the cake on shape but Shadowwolf6 takes the cake on shading. But just remember that that large, round piece there is dragonwinxzodiac's! ^.^ Please let Shadowwolf6 do some shading on Spatio's sprites plz plz. /.\
  11. I solemnly swear that I, Serliek will never view bomb other players' dragons and I will not add any eggs or hatchlings to any hatcheries without the owners' express permission. Uploaded to my sig: http://i59.tinypic.com/v445yx.png
  12. I, Serliek, agree that if it has a face, it has a name. Uploaded to my sig: https://i.imgur.com/TQ6c9Jo.gif
  13. --------------------------------------------------------------- Scroll Name: Serliek My Scroll: ~Serliek's Scroll~ Method of Listing Storm Dragons: Scroll Sorting --------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: I'm new to spreadsheets so the method of listing will remain as scroll sorting until I can manage a proper spreadsheet for my Storms. My favorite Holly from the list of donations is: ~The Holly x Nebula Spiral~ But does that mean the Holly gets taken off the other person's scroll and put onto mine? And if I choose the other option to get a Holly will it be a CB? There has to be some small chance of getting a Holly from the AP that looks like that one on the donations list tho. And if the other option is to get a CB Holly I think I would take the CB Holly so that I can be the one that starts a line like that. Well anyway opinions change and it might take a couple years to make myself that line if I get a CB Holly from this contest. If anyone can help me decide before it's too late please PM me about it. Thanks. ~Serliek