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  1. It looks like once you're defeated, the info on dragons is unlocked (as well as more dragons for the next round). Stats in spoiler for Green and Red dragons: It looks like the number of attacks on the base before it's defeated is:
  2. Very nice! Still sort of figuring out the minigame, but it's fun so far! Crossing my fingers I can FINALLY get a full set of omens this year. I still only have 3 CB's. (The first year they came out I abandoned most of the ones I caught so that others who missed the day could pick them up from the AP later. But then the biomes stopped dropping them before the event was supposed to end so I couldn't replace the ones I abandoned and only ended up with one to keep for myself. And then last year it seemed like hardly any were dropping in the Halloween biome, and the best I could do was trade for two more).
  3. Um, so I didn't learn until later in the game that the chess squares could be placed under other objects. So I spent the last hour of the game putting snow under everything. But now that the game is over, the snow COVERS everything?
  4. Yay! I didn't do much hunting from the AP, since I was too eager to finally get to breeding. I wasn't able to trade for a 2G gold from snow in time to breed a 3G this year, but I picked up someone else's 3G snow/gold in the AP, so I've got a nice checker to get me an early start for next year! I'm very happy I was able to get a 2G alt vine from an enraged aegis (after a dozen trades) to make an impossible-to-continue 3G enraged aegis x alt vine. My other aegis is permanently pacified and it's unlikely I'd be able to trade for all the parts I need to make a 4G of the lineage, but I'm very proud of getting it as far as I have. Just need to morbidly wait for something on my scroll to die so I can turn the baby enraged.
  5. Bred several of my reds with PB/EG lineages. Probably not enough to qualify as a real mass-breeding, but hopefully it helps anyone who needs some before Xmas!
  6. Just to confirm: Are numbers treated like letters when it comes to dragon names? I have a hatchling I wanted to name so I wouldn't accidentally abandon it, so as I usually do when I haven't thought of a name yet, I named it with its own code. But I got an error saying I used an inappropriate word. Took a while for me to figure out, but I guess it treats the letter "7" like a "T"? Dragon in question. Are there other cases of numbers being treated like letters?
  7. I didn't breed anything just for the AP, specifically because I'm concerned over how long the AP stays clogged afterwards. Since you can't stop people from massbreeding, I agree the only solution is probably to restrict multiclutches to 2 (or perhaps allow 3-4, but only as extremely rare cases, like <5% of breedings). I'm currently just picking up eggs, hatching them, and dumping the hatchlings back into the AP. I can't freeze anything anymore, and I can't keep them if I want to cycle through more. In good news, I'm seeing more people in the hatcheries than before, which is great!
  8. 913, holy cow! I did see a couple of the alt-children come through. I managed to pick up the siblings from my one shadow walker breeding. What are the odds! I'm keeping them as extras in case the one I kept decides to refuse later. (pssst: even if you don't have space to pick up eggs in the AP, visiting a hatchery to give views will go a long way to helping the AP backup clear out faster!)
  9. Unfortunately, if you post an ER trade, you just have to sit there and watch it. My request on those is usually "Egg goes to the best offer in the next 10/15 minutes." The time pressure usually leads to a couple of offers (and it's attractive since offerers know that they only have a short wait to see if they won the trade or not). Or like Natayah suggested, post it in the forum and make people PM you for the link.
  10. Really cool hatching sequence on the new eggs! But it seems like they need a ton of views to hatch (I have some with over 500 unique views, and they still haven't hatched)
  11. Since you can't transfer CB prize eggs or eggs bought in the market, it's impossible to bounce them to remove an influence. When I finally buy a CB silver, I plan to influence it male since I don't have a male yet. I hope I'm paying proper attention at the time, since it will be my one shot to influence it correctly.
  12. The bottom of the eggs reminds me of candy corn (like the wings of the grave hatchlings). Threw 16 new releases into the AP, got a full set of 8 for myself. I won't make the mistake again of depending on next year to get a complete set of CB's.
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    You are very welcome!
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    You don't have to be on the site at 3am in order to win. If you clicked the "enter raffle" button, then you got entered into the raffle. 3am is when the announcement goes out on whether you were lucky enough to win a dragon or not.
  15. This is a reminder of how important it will be to make sure you catch your new Halloweens as early as possible! If you are catching and releasing to the AP for people who missed coming on Halloween day to catch, don't abandon any until you know the biomes are still dropping eggs! Last Halloween there were a lot of people were expecting to be able to catch eggs in the last hour before Halloween ended, and there ended up being no drops. Anyone who was waiting to the last minute to get eggs missed out. A lot of people abandoned their eggs before checking to see if eggs were still dropping. I almost did. (That's probably at least partly why so many people are desperate to get omens this year; they abandoned their eggs for other people to catch, and then ended up with few or none themselves).
  16. When the Halloween biome was moving briskly, I would see an average of 1 omen in every 5-minute drop, and at least 3 eggs for all the other breeds.
  17. *cough* It would be really nice to have a lot more Omens dropping. Most people aren't interested in clicking on the other CB's anymore, so the biome gets stagnant a lot. I've been hunting for hours over the course of several days, and haven't been able to get one. They've been so scarce that people are asking for a CB gold/silver for just a pair of CB eggs.
  18. The story thing was fun! I thought it would be relatively easy to catch CB omens since they seemed to be falling thickly on day 1, but now I'm not even seeing one on most drops. I might have to settle for just one so I can at least have 2 CB males.
  19. I bred 2 omens with male truffles; I test-bred them before the season and really liked how they turned out. I also bred one with a female hellfire of course, and I have one more that I plan to try breeding with a purple siyat.
  20. Very happy to see the Halloween biome is back! The only thing I need to feel complete is to get 4 omens (I only had space for 4 last year, and want to get a full set of 8). But since the biome is so busy I'm just going to focus on breeding today (and I managed to egglock myself with an electric somehow???). I have a lot of breeding goals this year, so I'm not going to have much space to pick up stuff 😅😅
  21. If you are saying that you simply want a generic notification that your trade offer was not accepted, then I support. If you are saying you want notifications of the EXACT reason the trade wasn't accepted, then I don't support. If your offer wasn't accepted, then it wasn't accepted. I don't think knowing the reason why is going to fix things, especially since it's prohibited to try and re-connect with trade partners through the current trading hub, and detailed notifications could open up the original trader to harassment. For example, I often put up ER hatchlings for trade. I have no idea when they'll grow up. Sometimes they grow up within 10 minutes of me putting them up, and before I had a chance to pick an offer. If the offerers knew that the trade was cancelled because the hatchlings grew up, one of them might take revenge on me for being careless enough to offer hatchlings for trade in that situation. I've had my scroll viewbombed by people whose offers I didn't accept, and I'd like to minimize chances for vengeful people to attack me again because they disagreed with my trading choices. If people are concerned that their trade is languishing because the original trader hasn't been logging in to their scroll, perhaps there can be a button added to trades that says "I'm still considering" and that way all the offerers can be alerted that their trade has been seen, and the trader is still active and maybe they shouldn't cancel just yet. Also, I wouldn't mind occasional reminders to check on my open trades. If I get one offer on a trade, and it's an OK-ish offer, I might wait to see if anyone offers something better. But if nobody does, then the notification bell doesn't go off again, and I might forget that I have open trades I need to check back on. I feel badly about forgetting, but it's easy to forget they exist if there hasn't been any recent activity on them. But if specific messages detailing why the trade was cancelled are sent out to offerers without my consent, I may give up trading entirely.
  22. My unreasonable demand is to be able to post anonymously in the trading hub, so that people can't viewbomb my scroll as revenge for a declined trade offer.
  23. I'm only planning to turn CB's into zombies this year, since I don't have any biome tombstones yet!
  24. The ONLY noticeable sprite update that made me like the sprite more than before was the silvers. For a rare dragon that was supposed to be desirable, I think it's fitting that they should look bright and fresh. But in general, I really prefer that the sprites stay the same, or only have teeny, tiny, unnoticeable updates. I like a lot of the simplistic designs. I love a lot of the sprites that people here are saying they want changed. There's a lot of sprites I don't care for, but I know other people love them, and I would rather those sprites stay as they are so the people who love them can stay happy. A lot of the newer dragon designs are very "busy" and it's hard to make out details. Low-detail dragons (which tend to be older) are preferable to me, and much more visible in lineages. I would like to keep simple designs as they are, and people who prefer the newer sprites can collect those. The new dragon releases after I joined the site were the fleshcrowns and 2-headed lindwyrms. Nice sprites were already coming out. But I liked many of the older, simple designs more (I've never cared for the lindwyrms, despite how smooth they look). My attachment to pre-2013 dragons has nothing to do with nostalgia (there's a lot of the older designs I DON'T like), so to say that all new members who join are going to hate the older sprites is disingenuous.
  25. I would like to be able to buy a prize, mainly because the ONLY CB prize I would actually enjoy would be the silver shimmer. That's the only sprite out of the six that I like (I don't care about prizes for the rarity; I just see them as another sprite. One that I'd like to build lineages with like I do with any other breedable CB dragon). It's currently extremely improbable that I would ever get ANY prize, but I only have 1/6th chance of that to get the prize I actually want. And since I can't swap it for someone else's prize egg, I'll be stuck with whatever I'm bestowed. I know that probably sounds...entitled, but I think it would be sad for me to get a prize I can't appreciate, while someone else who could have won it and been able to enjoy it, ends up with nothing. Being able to get the actual sprite I want, even if I have to save up two years' worth of shards to do it, would be worth it.