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  1. This year's valentine is an all-male breed, right?
  2. After i got the Rose from Zombro i only sent that flower.. God i should learn flower languange.
  3. Avatar scale, gemstone, mana crystal, a Vine dragon's vine, THE WHOLE TREE, A FRIGGIN SNAKE dragons pls, you have one job.
  4. Horse dragon ma boi. Also pygmy is so cute dang it i want to keep him.
  5. I wish i could send some cards in japanese.
  6. Is it okay to send humorous messages instead of romantic ones? Cuz my sent cards are full of jokes.
  7. I... I'm trying to think innocently here.
  8. DANG The Mage Echo is the coolest by far. too bad you can only collect it once.
  9. Galsreim's flowers are... one of a kind aren't they? Oh also looks like there are some dragons that only will give you flower once.
  10. Frost And Flame Symphony.
  11. I want to participate! Forum name: Zacktim4 Scroll name: Zacktim4 Wishlist: 1. Any Holly 2. Red, Purple, Or Yellow Dino 3. CB Gilded Bloodscale 4. Any Gold Shimmerscale 5. Any CB/Lineaged Horse 6. Surprise Me
  12. Yeah, this is about decision and emotion... Poor dragons T.T
  13. Mine is some alt blacks, i got it from Black AP Hunting. it popped out randomly
  14. if the stones are bigger than geodes... how could a big stone breed a little geode? or even stone x sweetling?
  15. if a dragon egg needs 50 years to hatch, so why do the chickens have the same time amount?
  16. A Combo of mint, moonstone, and silver is up for grab. Claim Me!!
  17. i took it, i need some silvers thought ^^ thank you anyway.