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  1. I'll take care of this goodboi. Thanks!
  2. How big's the chance to win again? I won a Gold Tinsel like 3 years ago. Or multiple win isn't possible?
  3. No, i don't. But i had a hunch that that is a word and might mean something haha
  4. Dumped this epic boy just now. If anyone ever find this guy, congrats.
  5. Ahahahahah i really love these infinity gem themed dragons. Especially the space dragon.
  6. ...near the point of extiction.
  7. From the glassy hatchie's description, this species seems to be another hot-loving temperamental dragon like Spitfires.
  8. Whoa, you don't really wanna grow up eh?
  9. OMG, hogwarts-inspired dragons. Yes!
  10. The new sprites are totally awesome, i must say.
  11. Tatterdrake's description reminds me with Honey Badger.
  12. Got this absolute beauty bred by @Cokuruscana. Really like it. Thank you.
  13. now that's interesting. mine always either no eggs or not interested.
  14. Anyone tried breeding Ember with Falconiform yet?
  15. This one. This one. This arrow-lineaged Thuwed This almost pure-bred Thuwed. And the probably the best 8th gen thuwed ever exist. Whomsoever breed them, i deeply thankful to you.
  16. Oh hey this is actually pretty cool. if only.
  17. Honestly, does anyone think that Kingcrowne, Fleshcrowne, and this Floral-Crowne are somehow belong in the same Genus?