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  1. I just had a dream where I was at a wedding. They had a pool that was apparently ocean deep and was attacked by a great white. Only one tooth pierced my arm so I pushed the shark away. I didn't even get to keep the tooth. >.>
  2. Is there any way to catch view bombers?
  3. I finally got some male dragons! all CB :3
  4. Searched for my real name. I'm a Sunsong Ampithere!
  5. I'm a collector and, once I have a breeding pair, breeder. I'm trying to get one of every species I can possibly get at first tho.
  6. Not really a congrats... But every dragon of mine is female, and the only male is a drake. /)_- On the brighter side, I just hit 5 gendered hatchies!
  7. The AP is my friend. :3 Almost every dragon on my scroll that came from the AP is CB. Lol
  8. I just received my green copper from angelicdragonpuppy! Thanks so much! http://dragcave.net/lineage/acpUS
  9. Journal- This clan has only just been established and already we have hatchlings jumping around. Pyress is having trouble keeping them from disturbing the three eggs that aren't ready to be exposed to others yet. Garde has been entertaining the young hatchlings with legendary tales of combat and glory and honor... Except for that one drakeling. I believe it is an Ochredrake, so we cannot do much with it. Perhaps when it matures, we can give it a territory of its own on clan land that is away from our cliff-lair. ...perhaps. Make a drake reserve so we don't have to deal with the little pseudo dragons. Ugh. - Albinessa, Alpha of the Etymil Clan
  10. Tried to get a vine. Got a CB Pebble instead.
  11. I'm allergic to mosquitoes (to the point I can get half dollar sized lumps if I don't manage to ignore them by sheer force of will) and some kind of grass that grows everywhere here in the mountains. If I touch it for too long, I get all red and scratchy and it looks like Freddy Krueger paid me a visit, minus blood. On a more humorous note: I'm "allergic" to idiots.
  12. I found this cutie on the AP! :3 I'm not kidding. I found it on the AP, despite what its lineage shows.
  13. Classic: Fire Not-so-classic: Darkness Periodic: Silicon due to technology running on it, and Thorium because Thor is my patron norse god. General: The element of Surprise!
  14. Holy balls, someone knows that world! *worships* I also decided that Grayhawk or Athas would be amazing too... Athas assuming I was prepped for desert travel
  15. I would want to live on Qo'noS because I would prove I am as capable as a Klingon in combat and worthy of honor. Plus, I could explore the galaxy in Star Trek. Either that, or Earth in the Star Trek universe so I could be a member of Starfleet and explore the galaxy while battling other races.
  16. I'm surprised I got Liwyah, Garde, and Pyress. Apparently people aren't fond of using etymology of words to name things!
  17. Ievan Polka by Loituma Dragostea din tei by Ozone (known to most Americans as "Numa Numa") Oh, and the Elfen Lied theme, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann theme, and the Japanese theme for Digimon Data Squad (known as Digimon Savers in Japan). I can only sing parts of Ievan Polka, but as long as I have the music going, I can sing Dragostea din Tei
  18. My favorite weather is chilly (not cold) and a light drizzle. I just hate the heat in general.
  19. Here's a link because the site doesn't like Imgur My first few eggs and already I have hatchling glitches! Yaaaay!
  20. I'll try to avoid inbreds, but if I pick one up, I won't really give a hoot. Lol Might make an inbred lineage.
  21. I, Oriolous, agree that if it has a face, it has a name. Because naming is important! ...I probably am going to ignore lineages because under normal circumstances, I don't care about lineages and I won't likely breed my dragons unless I need to get vastly different alt-forms (like Silvers). Unless I get an awesome/important lineage.