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  1. Patience is the key, young Padawan.
  2. Don't worry. Opals won't be like crack. ...maybe.
  3. I was at it for 3 hours. Patience is key :3
  4. I have forgotten to thank TJ and the spriters for the new release. So... Thanks! :3 *huggles his new eggies*
  5. Aaand it will be difficult. :3
  6. lol alright. *goes back to lurking, wondering if Opals will be rares*
  7. Huh? That doesn't make sense how you wrote that.
  8. Ooh. That would have been amazing. Blues DO drop in the Coast, but blockers prevent them from being seen. Just saiyan.
  9. I didn't screencap a mysterious egg in the AP and probably made everyone think I'm insane. ...oh wait, I AM insane. still wish I screencapped that egg though.
  10. grats on getting two of each. Hope they gender properly for breeding pairs!
  11. At least wait for the hourly drop. That's how I got my first one.
  12. I caught one of each of the new releases. I'm satisfied for about a week.
  13. They won't be! But depending on how mine gender I could probably breed them for ya when they're all grown up.
  14. That's why I only aimed to get one of each instead of two.
  15. D: Do you have a vamp to try and force a rejection? ETA: GOTCHA! I caught my blue opal!~ I'm done for about a week. lol
  16. Awww. That sucks. I was gonna experiment this drop but Alpine is just there. ._. The blues are ticking me off now.
  17. In theory the Coast is available for blues. Try there first!
  18. I was kinda hoping to see some CB Metallics during now, but I can't be expected to have amazing luck, eh? I never have and never will. Fate hates me like that.
  19. Dang it. I would have taken that Gold instead of an Opal had I seen it.
  20. Hourly drops seem to make it easiest to grab it seems. But keep trying.