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  1. I got a zero, this didn’t seem particulary challenging to me for some reason.
  2. I got a Mint Egg, thank you to whoever I was paired with!
  3. I got a 10/10 on my presentation of a photographer in college! ^-^
  4. I was born in Russia so I have to say Russia. I live in the United States now and have been to Alaska, Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Colorado, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Connecticut, Maine, Delaware, Maryland, New Hampshire, West Virginia and Chicago. I have been to Montreal, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Vancouver in Canada. I also have been to Ireland quite recently both Northern and Southern. I also happen to be a photographer so I love to travel and hope to travel a lot more in the future. ^-^ Also, I know I am missing two states but for th
  5. We share a birthday! My birthday is quite eventful as March 14 is a multitude of holidays one of which is International Pi Day. I share the same birthday as Albert Einstein. Steven Hawking died on March 14. I share a birthday with Simone Biles! Alot happens on March 14 but those were the coolest things I knew. Found a extended list on wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/March_14
  6. Honestly I just need a hug right now, I have been having what seems like a snowball of medical problems lately. I started out with a bacterial infection in my stomach, while on the treatment for that I had a nasty cold for about 2 weeks, then had to be on a steroid to reduce the ibflammation in my lungs caused by my asthma reacting to the cold and am now needing to go see a specialist because of heavy nausea and sharp pains in my stomach area. =( All my life I have suffered from pretty chronic or severe illness and I just really want to catch a break.
  7. I just saw a Lunar Herald with the code SH0oo, Missed it twice
  8. Scuse me but I need all of your paper dragons. =3
  9. Christina Grimmie who is sadly no longer with us. 😿She was and still is my idol though.
  10. Just voted, tough choice! I had to go with the corn maze though. Good luck to everyone ❤️😃
  11. False, I joined in 2009 TPBM has seen a castle in person.
  12. Idk if this dragon wants its mamma or it will be a mamma. https://dragcave.net/actions/M4mmA Just recently got into code collecting, that is my most recent one.
  13. The “Titanic” sign outside of the Titanic Museum in Belfast, Ireland. I believe the piece of metal actually came from the ship wreck itself.
  14. Depends on what you call close to the coast, I am about an hour and a half drive away from the coast.(so yes?) TPBM has been to Alaska
  15. I have not, but as a photographer I really want to. TPBM has travelled to Russia. :3
  16. True, will be again at the end of the month. TPBM likes cupcakes =3
  17. I want that Carina! -runs away with it-
  18. Don’t categorize cats or dogs as unusual TPBM has read the Warriors series.
  19. You seem to have a lot of prize dragons, I shall take a couple for my collection, thanks!
  20. I had to post this when I found these egg in the ap. Im an RV https://dragcave.net/actions/lmnRV I also found this CB Electric https://dragcave.net/view/CBele
  21. I have not done jury duty actually, please do not jinx me! TPBM has a collection of some sort