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  1. (What are you confused about? Inactive characters? And as stated above, use brackets) "WARRIORS GET OVER HERE!!" A loud shrill voice peirced the air like a knife, ringing through the ears of the young frill dragon. She gritted her teeth in irritation and paced around for a breif moment, her talons digging into the soft soil below. "What does she want?" Frithra asked irritably. With agonizing slowness, she stalked over to where the black dragon sat. She swung her head from side to side, her frills flaring for a breif moment. She just hoped that she was clear. She did not
  2. I'm so sorry i've been inactive lately. I will get to posting as soon as I can, and delete some the messages from my inbox. You have been accepted.
  3. "Yeah... maybe we can test them out more tomorrow." She gave a small, but reassuring grunt. She let her head sink down to her paws below and gave out wistful sigh. She closed her eyes slowly, her breathing falling into a rythimic pattern as her side rose and fell. She gave one last glance at Zion, a small smile breaking over her features as sleep crashed upon her like a wave.
  4. "It was." She stretched her neck forward and nuzzled Zion. "Come on, let's go inside. I'm getting a bit tired." She flicked her tail and padded over to a corner in the cave, twiswting her kneck to the side to look at Zion. "You comin'?" She added.
  5. Hey, guys, i'm still here. SpiritWolfe has been gone for a year now and she hasn't replyed since. I can't use Rue until then. I was thinking if I could make a new hatchie so I could continue in the RP, but I don't think you are all really accepting new characters now.
  6. If these other hatchlings are making a nest, i'll need a nest too. Frithra leaned down, and tugged on a patch of grass. Her teeth sliced and gripped the slick, green material, cutting it clean from the ground. She raised her head, the vegitation hanging from her lips like whiskers. The sharp, minty scent of the grass wafted into her nose. She could taste the spicy plants brushing up against her tongue, making her eyes water. This stuff is horrible. Oh, why? She shook her head, letting some of the loose tufts of grass fall to the ground. Nevermind. I need to make my nest. And quick.
  7. I said it's 3-4 days now. Not two anymore. You can PM the sheet. The egg needs to start at the birthcave.
  8. Soul let out a small chuckle and nodded at Zion. Without another word, she bent down and teared into the rabbit, taking small chunks of meat and picking at it with her teeth. She felt the satisfying crunch of flesh and she savored it as it slid down her throat. "That was wonderful. Probably the best I ever tasted." She shook her head to get rid of the strips of meat hanging from her mouth and swiped her tongue over her lips to clear the blood.
  9. "Okay! Next up, the warriors will be trained by me, and the spitfire, Thece. Please stand in front of Thece, I will join you shortly," I'm a warrior. I must go with them. Frithra stood up from the bonefire and looked around silently, eyes slitted as she trudged through the cold snow, feeling the warmth of the fire leave her back. She stood in front of the spitfire, letting out a huff of air and watching as it dissolved into the cold of the morning. She glanced up at Tahai, an expressionless look crossing her face, yet her eyes burned with the depths of feircness. They had this bewitc
  10. I have a question. How did Thece get on land? Let alone even survive?
  11. Ukert glanced up, spotting the distinctive sickly dark green smudge in the backround. Her eyes focused and narrowed for a brief moment before she could make out a Neglected hatchling. Wait- that's a surprise. What is he doing here? She twisted her neck around and gazed around. Her eyes finally settled on Tahai. She followed his gaze and noted the way how he was looking at the young hatchling. She gritted her teeth and nudged the Spitfire, shooting him a look. "Don't stare. Look as friendly as possible." She quitely advised him. Her eyes turned back to the neglected hatchling for a moment
  12. ((The time-skip will start once everyone gets to sleep. Yea, and we're still in the same day that Christine hatched. And i'm also glad your enjoying it.)) It's so tempting to eat these now... oh I can't wait to dig in. How about you Soul? Soul stopped in front of the cave for a brief moment, inhaling the scent of the other hatchlings. 'I can't either. Maybe we can eat for a few moments...' She eyed the dead bunny in her mouth, the salty tang of it's blood in her mouth tempting her to eat it.
  13. Frithra silently slid down the slope towards the fire, wing rushing past her face and snow stinging at her underbelly. She flung herself down at the ground and crawled torwards the other hatchlings, flexing her claws and moving with ease. She circled around them and sat a little way from the others, eyeing them suspiciously. Just keep it cool. Try and play it nice for now. Best not give out too much information. You don't know them anyways. She took mental note of this and slowly hunkered down next to the fire, feeling the it's warmth on her back as she listened intently to the announcer,
  14. ((If you are still confused, then allow me to make things a bit brighter. The real life time has NO effect what so ever on the RP. The RP does not move with real life time. You have to remember, it's not day-time until everybody's characters get to sleep and I or someone else announces the timeskip. Until then, the sun shouldn't even be out. Some of you are still confused about the time the hatchlings mature. The hatchlings have to mature in 3-4 days now. Not 1 day. Not 2 days. That's just it, no exceptions.)) Soul's face turned red, even her whole body seemed to flush. She smiled at Zi
  15. Frithra shivered violently, the crisp cold stinging air of the morning sun wrapping itself around her frigid, delicate body. Need to get warm... need warmth... She sat there, stuck in the snow as ice slowly began forming around her legs, making her even weaker and more prone to frostbite. If she didn't move soon, she'd probably freeze to death. Finding her strength, she trudged forward through the snow, taking long, shaky steps as she sought out the place for warmth. Please... just any... warmth. Any little ounce of warmth... She looked upwards, the scent of burning wood, coal, and ash burni
  16. Maybe Frithra wouldn't actually provoke him, but just talk to him, ask him a few questions, look him over. andpokehim
  17. Not If Frithra Provokes Amok First. :3 Uhh-herm. That is, if someone interacts with Frithra before she sees him and gets the chance.
  18. Strange scents filled the air, crisp and clear. A long line of dragons danced and stretched in front of the young hatchling until it almost seemed to dissapear completely out of sight. The air whistled and howled all around her, snowflakes flickering and swirling all around her. She raised a paw and batted at the snow, feeling the satisfying crunch of matter as the air was filled with a powdery white substance. She lifted her snout towards the sky, jaws agape in curiosity and wonder. A snowflake swivled down from the sky, landing on the bridge of her snout, inches away from her nostrils
  19. The hatchlig stood up on wobbly hind legs, slowly breathing in the solid fresh air, her pupils dilating as she looked around, breath coming out in raspy puffs that dissolved into air. She slowly took in the world around her. Blurred shapes lay in front of her, a smudge against the backround as they slowly took shape in her brain. The dim lights of the cave danced all around her, casting shadows on the dusty floor, revealing her glistening dark green hide. A shadow loomed over her, twisting in the dark light and peering down at her, eyes twinkling softly. "It's a girl. She's h
  20. ((I agree with Jass. Also, arn't the forms supposed to be PMed to Tiga? I don't understand why people post it in the IC. It just causes spam and confusion.))
  21. ((Georgexu, you can't just time-skip like that. Not everyone's ready.))
  22. "I wonder if it's a boy." "Oh, I do hope it's a girl!" "The egg looks so beautiful." "I agree." Eyes slitted against the darkness, the small hatchling pushed forward with her hind legs, testing the smooth round walls around her. Claws scraping against the slimy gooey surface, the hatchling leaned forward, snapping at the dark barriers the encased her. "It's moving!" "I hope it survives." Muscles tensing with held in energy, the hatchling let out one last kick, the walls of the egg shattering on impact. "It- she's alive!"