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  1. "No... that certainly was... uhm..." Nicolas made a small gulp. "Noticeable." Seeing Crystal frightened made Nicolas panic, seeing that the hostile enemy is nearby. It almost made his heart skip a beat. What could he do? He may have his powers, but he wasn't even sure to use them effectively, having just received them. "I wished maybe more people could've come to help us." he thought as he took a step back as well. He really didn't think he was prepared for this, this... killing a monster thing. He never killed anything in his entire life, after all! Maybe a few bugs here and there, but a creature bigger than a kitten? That's something he isn't sure he could handle. He was also unsure on how many hostile enemies could be laying around the store. Crystal might've spotted one, but were there more? And if they got caught, would they die? Or will he and Crystal somehow be converted into...? That thought made Nicolas blurt out a question. "Hey, do you think that thing is controlling these humans...? I-if these zombie dolls are actually humans or something, do you think it'll try and turn us into those... things...?" he asked nervously, his hands tapping on his chocolate bar. He wanted to eat something to calm him down. Shifters can't turn into those puppets, can they?
  2. =3=; I waited because I was worried I might disturb something out of pure paranoia. Sorry
  3. Much to his disappointment, the woman didn't really respond to him, like Crystal. It was expected, but he wanted an unexpected moment of the woman and him to happen. Although perhaps it might be better for the woman to ignore him. After all, the people here might attack if he got their full attention at them. "Nicolas, her eyes aren't moving." Crystal whispered to him. "I mean, her head is, but they're like doll eyes..." Nodding, Nicolas sighed and turned to face Crystal, not wanting to look at the already creepy woman and getting even more uncomfortable at this place. "I'm starting to be a little fearful of this store.." He thought as he grabbed a white chocolate bar from the candy section. Since all the other "humans" are more like puppets dangling on a string, him and Crystal seem to be the only actual people here. It made him feel rather isolated and unnerving. He wished more people would've came. Then he could feel more safe and have an easier time with this area. "Well, at least she's with me." Staring at the girl, Nicolas let out a slightly calm sigh of relief, reminded that he was not totally alone. "I'm going to be honest with you. This place is freaking me out. I mean, are the people here even people? What's wrong with that woman?" Oh, if only Nicolas knew too. Then he'd feel less concerned of them. They seemed harmless, but the way the acted were like dolls, almost as if their controlled. Neither Nicolas nor Crystal would know when they'd attack, and how they worked. Could he break them? Would they bleed out like normal humans? Are they even humans? The questions that formed in his mind were quickly pushed away again, however. The boy did not want to deal with the anxiety, so therefore he will not deal with the doubts in his mind that made him feel anxiety. "Maybe we should find someone else. Right? Maybe they're not all like this? Meat aisle?" "Sounds unlikely..." he muttered softly from his breath, narrowing his eyes at the woman he attempted talked to, along with several other people that were shopping in the distance. "...But sure, why not?~" forcing a small and cheerful smile, the teenager looked over at the aisles. "They better not serve human meat though, I might get sick." he joked and made a weak chuckle. "Seriously, I hope I'm completely correct on this one."
  4. "So I have an idea... Why don't we ask around a bit for the item? You know, wording it like we want people to talk about hauntings, but not really because they might think we're nuts? Kind of like that." Raising an eyebrow at that statement, the boy gave Crystal another confused look. "So... how do we approach them..? We can't just... go up to them and ask how their day was, right?" he said, eyeing at the female Crystal had attempted to talk to. What was he suppose to do to try and make the woman speak? It seemed like they were robots that were not programmed to banter, only to shop. He made a groan, trying to think what he could say to make it seem subtle yet relevant to the topic. Perhaps maybe he should try to introduce himself? Or maybe he could ask the people here on where one might find the right supplies. He'll have to try, since he was currently the only person with her, and he needed to make a better impression for himself. "Alright, I'll give it a try though... and sure, I'll buy the Almond Joy for you, just I guess... lemme see how great I am at talking to the zombies." he said. Walking up to the same woman Crystal had talked to, Nicolas took in a deep breath and looked at her nervously. "E-excuse me, d-do you know... Uhm..." he looked back at Crystal nervously, his words quickly stumbling. "...Y-you're familiar with this place, right?" finishing his sentence, he bit his lip as feelings of embarrassment entered in his thoughts. He was expecting to sound much more confident than what he was being. He wished he could reverse time and made himself look more charismatic and gentlemanly, not a stuttering fool. "I'm kinda new here, Uh.. well.. I was ho-hoping you can help..?"
  5. Truthfully, Nicolas wasn't paying attention to Crystal's actions at all. He'd been too busy pondering which bag he should buy. Instead, he merely looked at her with a confused expression, gave her a shrug and stared at the Mounds bar that she held in her hands. "Ahh... does she like that kind..?" he thought. Maybe he should buy that for her, seeing that it might be a good opportunity to perhaps "impress" her, somewhat. Not in a romantic way, of course. Shes probably way out of his league anyway, being some sort of pro-shifter and... something. He should have the extra change, digging through his pockets for the cash he had stashed. "There's no one there!" "Eh... what did you see, Crystal..?" Nicolas asked as he pulled out his dollar bills, still eyeing at the candy bar she had in her hands. The teenager hoped it wouldn't be a hostile monster they'd have to deal with. He'd probably lose his new collection of sweets otherwise. That was a big no-no in his mind, especially if he had them paid already. "Jeez... I hope we won't have any difficulties confronting it if starts to actively hunt us down..." making an internal sigh, Nicolas decided to push his current thoughts on the matter away for now. He should be focusing on candy and Crystal right now, the potential threat can come after he's chosen his sweets. "Hm... How much do these cost..?" the boy muttered as he checked the price tags.
  6. "This is... interesting." Nicolas stated as he stepped out right after her. How strange for a dimension to be taking in place of a grocery store. He had expected that maybe he'd land into more... dangerous looking areas. Like a dark cave, or a haunted house.. or somewhere that's scary looking and had little to no light. Not something like this. Plus, it looked so modern looking! Everything in this place looked almost as if it was from a regular food store. It just needed some happy sounding music to go with it. "I think Shadow made a mistake..." said Crystal as she turned to face the entrance of the store. Nicolas was inclined to believe her, there didn't seem to be anything off from the store. That is, until he noticed the group of people that were shopping there didn't seem to be very human-like. More zombie-like, seeing as the same group of people were coming back right after they bought something. That was really off. Like, really, really off. Crystal seemed to be uncomfortable with this, her face showing signs of being frightened and worried look. Something that was understandable to do in weird setting like this. "All right, so this can't be Walmart. So... act normal, but don't treat it like it's Walmart. Um... where to start?" Perking up, Nicolas immediately flashed a smile to Crystal. "Why don't we try the candy section?" he was feeling a need to eat some junk food. He might as well take advantage of this setting and buy some here. "I wonder how different the food will be here..."
  7. At least I'm not a failure Jeez, do you have a grudge with albino dragons or something?
  8. This rash is out of control This had me smiling
  9. Oh come on! I wanted the shadow walker to be my dragon's mate, she's been staring at his cave all day, and now this golden wyvern kicks her out and tries to make my male get more shinies? *head desk* Other than the frustration of trying to make my dragon date the one of the holiday dragons, this is pretty fun!~
  10. Ultraviolent Heart Attack No idea why its funny, but...yeah.