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  1. Don't worry i probably dont have the right consol for it anyways.
  2. I love Annie Chun's! Their miso noodle bowl is to die for.
  3. Dried cuttlefish. Octopus. Squid. Mangosteen. Dried fish. Beef liver. Menudo.
  4. I thought the giant electric jellyfish thing from the Zora's Sapphire quest on Zelda was kinda creepy.
  5. Jumped into a ravine on Death Mountain. Near the cave entrance of where the Gorons live coming from Kakariko Village.
  6. Zelda: Orcarina of Time. The scenery is pretty, the quests are fun, the side characters are amusing, the music is easy on the ears, the weapons are cool, and they even throw in a horse. Also there is never a shortage of things to kill.
  7. Forgive others even when it's hard to because no one is perfect.
  8. Orcarina of Time is my favorite. The scenery is awesome, the music is beautiful, the endless enemies keep it fun, the cute list side quests, and the simple fact that I get a horse won me
  9. You know you've been playing a game too long when you have vivid dreams involving you tagging along with the main character and they address you by name. Or you can imagine vividly the smells and sounds.
  10. Top 10 Pet Peeves 1. Religion 2. People who trash someone else's ideas just because they don't agree or the idea wasn't presented with "perfect grammar." 3. People who think it's okay to make fun of someone when they don't type/chat/talk in perfect English. 4. Elevator Music 5. Unnecessary paperwork 6. Unsharpened Pencils 7. Having to read cursive. 8. The feeling/sound of canvas or canvas-like material. 9. Right-handed scissors 10. Reading/watching/listening to a series out of order.
  11. I like fog. I think it's fun to walk through when it's dense. I remember when I was still in grade school. I left my house to walk to school and when I got to the top of hill that lead to the first cross street there was this dense white misty fog. It was cool on the skin and although it was kinda eerie it sort of gave me this strange rush.
  12. My favorite is the lionfish. I just think they look really cool.
  13. I'm afraid of heights. I hate having to climb tall ladders or to go upstairs with a heavy laundry basket. You won't get me on a high dive or get me to dive out of an airplane. The weird thing is that I have no problem riding IN a plane.