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  1. I don't even RP....I stay faaaaaaaaaaaar away from that because my RPs are personal and only meant for my eyes and friend's eyes and plus the storylines are for adults 18+ But ya...it just mostly cause trouble. I personally haven't had any negative run ins, but if I do they can enjoy the nice snug spot on my foes list
  2. *boop* http://www.chickensmoothie.com/Forum/membe...rofile&u=481060 I love Chicken Smoothie so diverse, fast, and crazy! trade me or talk to me whenever you like
  3. Right there with ya I only get a handful of these references >_<
  4. And how often do the random treats pop up?
  5. I'm sorry but, stealing names is really rude
  6. What banner? X_X I don't see a banner :/
  7. Fair weather or hot I live in Texas, so the weather's bipolar it starts getting hot near the end of April. That's when i'm a happy camper Thunderstorms are risky since I live in tornado alley...I hate tornadoes, plus they make my cable go berserk and there's a risk it may knock out my internet/power :/ I friggin hate the cold ...It makes me depressed and I don't wanna do much except stay in my bed...
  8. Oh is there anyway to add more slots for eggs? :I
  9. Where's the firey egg coming from?
  10. I don't like camping never have, never will. Its too dirty for me :s No toilet No proper cooking appliances No shower/bathtub Bugs...ew :X I hate bugs >_<
  11. Did you put a reason as to why you wanna join? if so, what did you put?
  12. Are there any new creatures dropping in the stream? I could've missed something... And where do these Vetus creature come from?
  13. Mine's the name of an actual My Little Pony http://mylittlewiki.org/wiki/Twilight_Pink
  14. Do I need to join in order to view the adoptables? Because everytime I click this link: http://squiby.net/adopt/all I get a blank page :/
  15. Anybody willing to genderswap this guy?
  16. 1. My body...i'm the most hideous thing on Earth :'( i'm fat, I wear glasses and my ethnicity adds on to the problem :/ 2. My luck. I am severely unlucky 3. My ethnicity...I could do so much and be so much more if I were Caucasian. Plus I would have more confidence and self esteem (even my big bro knows...which is sad :/ ) 4. My living situation...seriously the majority of high school kids at my school would kill for parents like mine :/ I don't want to be around people, especially PARENTS, that smoke marijuana 5. 6.
  17. Twilight_Pink

    Glomp Gifting

    I wish to glomp somebody c: but I don't know who (or if anyone would want a dragon from me XP)
  18. Marilyn Manson And Green Day Followed by My Little Pony (which is a real drag with collecting considering i'm jobless )
  19. Cats are best creature ^^ and I swear they're gonna take over the world one day
  20. Cats they don't embarrass you like dogs do
  21. Ponies My Little Ponies to be exact ^^
  22. I hope this thread isn't dead and can you request more than 1 Warrior Cat sprite sprite? I want to request a ''Wildcat'' sprite! Username: Twilight_Pink PM sprite or post here? PM OC or real cat? real cat Cats Name: Bluestar (and Hollyleaf if possible) Cat Type: Wild cat Gender: female(s) Pose: Bluestar sitting down with her tail wrapped around her feet (Hollyleaf lying down) Expression: Bluestar with a regal look, maybe slightly seductive (Hollyleaf happy) Color fur: Blue (Black) Eye Color: Brilliant blue (brilliant green) Fur Marking None Extra's Give them a slightly bushy tail :3
  23. Heterosexual both in reality and fantasy