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  1. LoZ: OoT // When You Leave And Saria Asks Why. I Cried For HOURS Halo: 4 // Cortana's 'death' Cabelas Legendary Hunts: 2011 // Brothers Death
  2. Oh Man I Have A Lot Of Ships - John <3 Dave Dave <3 Jade Karkat <3 Jade Gamzee <> Karkat Kurloz <3 Meulin Meenah <3 Aranea Feferi <3 Sollux Sollux <3 Aradia Karkat <3 Nepeta Terezi <3 Karkat Terezi <3 Gamzee Karkat <3 Dave Karkat <3 John Rose <3 Kanaya Mituna <3 Latula Ms, Paint <3 Slick Mario <3 Peach Daisy <3 Luigi Sonic <3 Amy Elsa <3 Jack Roxy <3 Dirk Dirk <3 Jake Jane <3 Dirk Will Edit Later ~
  3. Twilight Zone Turn Off The Lights - Panic At The Disco
  4. Sariasong Cause I Can Never Pass Up A LoZ Reference
  5. Here's A Few: Oblivion - I Was Once Hunting Deer With A Sword And I Had Slain One. But It Literally Started Moving And Spazing With It Tail Stretched Out Like 2 Feet. Sims 3 Pets - My Sim Went To One Of Her ‘Good Friends’ House And When Walking On The Steps She Disappeared Into Fog With The Stinky Bubble Floating Around. Fallout: New Vegas - Well When My Dad Played There Was A Certain Location When A Dead Body When Blow Up When He Fast Traveled. Halo 3 - My Friend And I Where Playing On Editor When She Was In A Vehicle And I Slung Her Off The Map.
  6. Once had X but I've lost it at a friends house. I'm working on buying a new one once I get the money.
  7. Vaas - From Far Cry 3 Leon - Resident Evil 6 ZACHARIE - OFF BATTER - OFF Ellie - Last Of Us Daxtar - Daxtar.. Master Cheif - Halo